Protecting Your Information

A. At the office:

  1. Never give your Bates password to anyone. It can be used to look at confidential information beyond email.
  2. Log out or reboot your computer if you leave it on over night.
  3. Log out of email after you are done or even better, reboot the computer especially if it is a shared computer.
  4. Lock your computer if you are stepping away from your desk for any long period of time. [windows = press control/alt/delete simultaneously, macintosh, please consult locking Macintosh help sheet.
  5. Use a paper shredder to destroy sensitive paper communications.

B. Passwords:

  1. Should be 6 or more characters long. A mix of letters and numbers at the very least. Preferrably including a special character like !@#$%^& if the system in question will accept them.
  2. Not easily figured out like birthdays, pet’s or children’s names, phone numbers, social security numbers or license plates.
  3. Don’t use the same password for every internet site you visit… if it is compromised, you’ve lost security everywhere.
  4. Don’t use your current Bates password on systems outside of Bates. Feel free to recycle an old one that was wickedly difficult to type, but that you still remember.
  5. Memorize all of your passwords. Don’t keep a copy in your purse or wallet. Please don’t tape your password to your monitor, or to the bottom of your keyboard, or keep it in the top drawer of your desk.
  6. DO change your Bates related passwords to match your current Bates password.
    (Dreamweaver, Bates Gmail, Google Calendar, Sophos Updater)

C. General tips:

  1. Don’t carry your Social Security card in your wallet or purse.
  2. Buy a cheap paper shredder and destroy sensitive documents that you would otherwise just throw away.
  3. Be very careful of Social Engineering. Unless you make the initial contact, do not give out any personal information especially credit card numbers, Social Security numbers or passwords over the phone.
  4. If you feel you need to give someone your information (Social security number, mother’s maiden name, PIN, password) then call the organization at a number that you looked up or that is in the statement that they mail to you.
  5. Request from the major businesses that you work with that they do not share your name and address with their business partners.
  6. If you own a non-Bates laptop, password protect it and record all Serial Number information in case of theft.
  7. When throwing away or donating an old computer, make sure the hard drive is erased and all sensitive material is deleted