Google Groups – Owners

Here is a list of common questions and resources for Google Groups. To access Google Groups, login to your email via Along the top, click on the Groups category. To administer your group, click on My groups and select a group that you own. At the main group screen, click on the Manage button in the upper right corner.

  • Adding Members
    • On the left menu, click All Members.
    • Click Direct Add Members
    • Enter all the email addresses you wish to add.
  • Removing Members
    • From the All Members screen, select the check boxes for the members to be removed from the list.
    • Click the Actions button and select Remove from Group.
  • Modifying a Member
  • Message Archives – To turn on or off the ability to archive all group messages, click on the Information category along the left menu > Content Control and uncheck/check Archive Messages to the Group.