Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones are authorized for a limited number of Bates College employees based on the responsibilities associated with their positions. Eligible responsibilities include:

• Substantial travel for the college making use of college office telephones impractical.
• A requirement that the employees be away from their office (on- or off-campus) a significant proportion of their time and to be in constant contact with the college or its clients.
• Providing significant support to college operations outside of normal college hours.
• Being available for college emergency calls anywhere, any time.

An iPhone may be issued only to employees whose responsibilities require the functionality of such a device a significant proportion of their time. This does not include incidental or voluntary use, such as checking email from home, or the convenience of the employee. The iPhone is the only smart phone supported by the college.

Department heads must determine the appropriate level of cell phone support that is needed to meet the business needs of the department, and must approve the expense. Because of the added expense, authorization for an iPhone requires approval by the appropriate Vice President or Dean.

Shared phones

A limited number of cell phones may be purchased by departments within the college as emergency on-call or shared phones for departmental check-out. Such cell phones are provided for Bates College business use only. The device and all billing or other records associated with it are property of the college. The department will review the detailed bills for these devices, monitoring the business nature of the usage and the need for the phone in the department.

College-owned phones issued to individual employees

A college-owned cell phone will be issued to employees whose positions are eligible according to the criteria outlined above. Employees whose departments require, in addition, a high level of integration of email, calendar or other functions will be issued a college-owned iPhone. Authorization of an iPhone will also require approval of the appropriate Vice President or Dean. The device and all billing or other records associated with it are property of the college and subject to review by college personnel. Reasonable personal use of a college-owned phone is permitted if it does not entail a direct cost to the college or violate other college policies.

General policies

The college recognizes that most employees will occasionally use their personal telephone or personal cell phones for business purposes. The college will reimburse for personally owned telephone or cell phone charges only on the basis of an itemized bill identifying the business purpose of each call, and only if such charges result in extra out-of-pocket expense to the employee. The college will not reimburse an employee for a monthly contract cost of a cell phone or smart phone. Employees who use their personal smart phones for college business must set up a password to protect the information stored on the device from unauthorized access.

Information and Library Services manages all cellular devices and contracts for the college. The college will not directly pay a provider for private cell phone or iPhone charges, nor reimburse a department for a cell phone contract that is not arranged by ILS. All cellular contracts will utilize a Lewiston, ME telephone number. The college will not take over a private cell phone contract from an employee.

Employees are expected to reimburse the college for added costs of personal use of college-owned cellular devices or for any costs associated with optional services that are not required for work, such as games, ring tones, text messages, picture messages, etc.

Employees may not use college-owned cell phones or iPhones while driving a motor vehicle. If a phone call, text message or email is essential, employees are required to pull off the road to a safe place in order to make or receive the call, or to send or receive a message.

The college also may arrange with one or more service providers for discount prices for employees’ and their family members’ personal use. The cost of such services is paid by the employee. Human Resources provides the most up-to-date information on these options.

Employees should note that this policy is subject to change without prior notice.

Revised – April 2014