Fair Access to Network Resources

Information and Library Services (ILS) network administrators monitor the Bates network to assure that network services are available to all.

In accordance with the College’s Computer Use Policy, we work continuously to identify computers using more than their fair share of the Bates network or Internet resources and take steps to limit their impact on others. Using available technologies we limit the impact of computers whose use is interfering with the work of others.

We reserve the right to take the necessary steps, including limiting or shutting off network or Internet access to groups or individual computers, in order to make the resource available to all. Limits imposed on individual computers will remain in effect until the user takes corrective action and notifies Bates network administrators at netadmin@lists.bates.edu that the problem has been corrected.

Users may contact Help Desk Services at 8222 for assistance in removing programs or taking other steps to reduce the impact of their computers on the campus network or the Internet connection.

Revised—August 21, 2008