Retired Faculty and Faculty Members on Pre-Retirement Leave

  • A computer workstation and standard technical support (including printing and other network services) will be provided for retired faculty members and faculty on pre-retirement leaves who continue to maintain an office on campus.
  • When possible, faculty members in these circumstances will continue to use the computer workstation already assigned to them prior to their retirement.
  • If their computer workstations are slated for replacement during the pre-retirement leave, ILS will provide a replacement whose performance is sufficient for the duration of the pre-retirement leave.
  • If a faculty member does not maintain a campus office during pre-retirement leave, a laptop can be provided, depending upon availability. The laptop must be returned to the College at the end of the pre-retirement leave. The laptop will receive standard technical support during the pre-retirement leave.
  • At the end of pre-retirement leave, all College-owned computing equipment must be returned to the College, unless prior approval has been obtained from the Dean of the Faculty.
  • No at-home computer support is provided for College-owned home computers, whether it is an ILS supplied machine or one purchased by individual departments or grants. Faculty members may bring College-owned home computers to Computer Sales and Service at 110 Russell St. for troubleshooting and repair.

Revised—April 9, 2004