Operating System Support Policy For Personally Owned Computers

This document outlines the Operating System Support Policy of Bates College Information and Library Services (ILS) for Bates College students, faculty, and staff for personally owned computers. Our policy is broken down into three sections:

  • Supported Operating System’s at Bates College
  • Extent of Operating System Support
  • Obtaining Operating System Support

1. Supported Operating Systems at Bates College:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home*
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Macintosh Operating System 10.X

* Access to some Network Services may be difficult.

2. Extent of Operating System

ILS will provide limited assistance for Operating System support on personally
owned machines. Our support will primarily focus on the ability to facilitate
access to Bates College network resources. We will assist with the following:

Direct Physical Connection*
(On Campus)
for Students
Dial-In Connection*
(Off Campus)
for Students, Faculty and Staff
Configuration/Installation of Network Preferences Configuration/Installation of Dial-Up Networking Preferences using
Bates owned Dial-Up Numbers
Internet Connectivity Internet Connectivity
Public Printer Access
Network File Sharing
Network Storage

* We can not guarantee connectivity since every situation may be different
and dependent on other factors beyond our control.

All other questions regarding the use and operation of Operating Systems should be directed to the software vendor, ISP (Internet Service Provider) or the vendor’s web site.

3. Obtaining Operating System Support:

3.1 Help Desk Services

The ILS Help Desk will serve as the initial point of contact for all questions
regarding Operating System support at Bates College. ILS Help Desk will provide
basic assistance with the installation, configuration, and connectivity to Bates
College network resources. If installation problems occur that are beyond the
scope of support for the ILS Help Desk, a higher level of technical assistance
from the Operating System vendors, ISP’s, Purchased Service Contracts,
or ILS Sales and Service will be recommended.

3.2 Vendor Support

Support may also be obtained from Operating System vendors, ISP’s, or other
service contracts.

3.3 Sales and Service

ILS Sales and Service will provide troubleshooting assistance with the installation
and operation of system software above the assistance provided by the ILS Help
Desk. There will be a fee associated with the assistance from ILS Sales and Service.

Revised—May 26, 2005