2017-2018 ILS Goals


2017-2018 ILS Objectives

  1. Strengthen and expand internal and external communication, with a special focus on engaging the Bates community
  2. Strengthen and expand integration with the institutional plan
  3. Build partnership with Digital and Computational Studies
  4. Complete planned infrastructure and development improvements on time and on budget, including Banner 9 upgrade
  5. Strengthen and expand CBB and other external partnerships, including potential IT sharing across CBB
  6. Continue to strengthen disaster preparedness, risk reduction, information security, records and data management


Teaching, Learning, & Research

  1. Contribute to support and development of Digital and Computational Studies
  2. Promote and expand use of institutional repository (Scarab) to include faculty scholarship and other materials
  3. Revise and reconfigure our curricular outreach program for Archives and Special Collections, with an eye toward making it easier for faculty to connect their courses with our collections
  4. Continue evaluation and evolution of Imaging Center (to include relocating microscopes to Carnegie, re-purposing microscope suites, re-organizing photography studio, establishing VR/AR Studio, revisiting staffing)
  5. Continue to explore and promote curricular uses of technologies that reinforce connections between and among ILS facilities (including 3-D modelling, 360 video, drones, GIS)
  6. Begin raising faculty awareness around scholarly communications
  7. Begin “Scan & Deliver”, a new ILL service which will fulfil local requests for our own microfilm and print periodicals
  8. Complete systematic review of electronic collections use
  9. Oversee migration of CBBCat to hosted service & implement the new Sierra functionality
  10. Identify Open Access initiatives we can financially support and develop a specific budget line
  11. Implement Shared Shelf for campus image collections
  12. Contribute to development and launch of Diversity BookFinder
  13. Focus instruction program on the following: prevention of phishing and ransomware attacks; secure use of Google Drive; development of self-service FAQs


Campus-wide Impact

  1. Upgrade to Banner 9
  2. Rewrite our Identity Management software
  3. Implement preferred name/username
  4. Work with HR to evaluate and implement new system for employee recruiting/onboarding/performance
  5. Work with Admission and Athletics to implement Front Rush
  6. Continue infrastructure upgrades to support a high performing and highly available network along with higher bandwidth demands, including
    1. core network components
    2. Netapp storage
    3. campus fiber plant
  7. Develop a service catalog framework for all ILS technology services
  8. Continue to develop service-level agreements and policies for Help Desk Services, including regular, actionable metrics to determine staffing needs and schedules
  9. Work with Facilities and constituents on STEM and DCS space and infrastructure needs
  10. Scope future needs for the phone system
  11. Implement Connect2 software for media equipment inventory and checkout
  12. Assess accuracy of software licensing tools and make recommendations for improved reporting
  13. Implement Intercept X for network-level ransomware/malware protection


Management, Partnerships, & Facilities

  1. Establish ILS internal communications task force
  2. Establish a library futures discussion group
  3. Work with CBB CIOs to identify common points for potential collaboration
  4. Work with student focus groups on key issues raised in 2017 MISO survey
  5. Work with BCDC on the idea of a panel of Librarian/Archivist alums for a Purposeful Work event
  6. Promote more inclusive programming/ signage/ outreach work with the BobCat 1st program, First Year orientation, and OIE
  7. Establish campus records management committee
  8. Work with Facilities Services on the Ladd Terrace project
  9. Improve signage throughout Ladd
  10. Complete shift of books on the second floor to allow for growth in specific collection areas
  11. Update the classroom/event space maintenance plan, including the annual budget allocation
  12. Develop strategic plan for storage needs across all collections