Systems Development and Integration Projects 2012-2013

High Impact Campus Wide Projects

  • DegreeWorks for Degree Audit – September 1, 2012
  • BDMS for Admission – October 1, 2012
  • Axiom for pushing Common Apps (replaces NOLIJ) – October 1, 2012
  • Talent Management for Performance Development – August 21, 2012
  • Feed Banner course data for students and faculty to Google calendar – September 1, 2012
  • Upgrade current events management system R25 – December 31, 2012 May be a replacement will cause extended timeline
  • Banner Self Service for Development Officers – August 15, 2012
  • Address Verification with Runner – October 1, 2012
  • Library Web Site Redesign in WordPress – September 1, 2012
  • Hyperion 11
  • Decide on and begin implementation of a portal
  • Implement confidentiality agreement across campus for users on VPN


  • Finish Recruit Purge
  • Self Service Pages for managing the reading process for imaged documents.
  • Load data from information request (web) forms directly into Banner
  • Work with Admission and Student Financial Services to merge reporting structures


  • Expand use of workflow to other offices: Human Resources, Admissions, Financial Aid, DOS, Advancement – Grants Management

Dean of Students:

  • Design, code and deploy an on-line Academic Performance Warning form
  • On-line Dean’s pages showing all pertinent information about students
  • Implement a way to read prox in ID cards to indentify students of legal age
  • On-line Housing Lottery


  • Implement ReportExec for Incident Reporting and Dispatch
  • Re-implement e-security system
  • Finish Boss Cars Implementation

Human Resources/Payroll:

  • Identify and implement (?) new applicant tracking system for staff and faculty positions
  • Streamline the on-boarding and termination process
  • Create an on-line student employment card – September 1, 2012


  • Complete re-implementation of Banner Advancement
  • Replace SQL Server Datamart
  • Update Report of Giving based on re-implementation
  • Implement comprehensive audit system
  • Create dashboards for Board of Trustees and Management
  • Updates to Volunteer system
  • Support the report catalog redesign work
  • Re-write iModules feeds as web services
  • Update pledge reminder system
  • Add events to Advancement Self Service
  • Planned giving data into Banner
  • Athletic rosters into Banner
  • Feed for Wealth Management

Projects for Information and Library Services:

  • Implement new proxy for Library
  • Upgrade OAS to WebLogic
  • Upgrade Red Hat
  • Upgrade all SQLServer to 2011
  • Secure an off-site hosting service for emergencies for
  • Implement Project Tracking software for SDI
  • Work on Web presence
  • Automated account maintenance (our next step in identity management)
  • Identify credit card vendor for the College
  • Upgrade elections code to DIY
  • Automate Web Help Desk Feed
  • Build a Mobile App
  • Inventory system for CTES
  • Banner Security reorganized to streamline requests
  • Self Service Finance
  • Direct Deposit of A/P checks for employees

Dean of Faculty:

  • Grants tracking system = Phase 2
  • Look at Randomization
  • Honors Thesis tracking system
  • Put committee reports in hands of DOF staff
  • Surface faculty workload courses for year 2 on Garnet Gateway for planning purposes
  • Course evaluation modifications
  • Upgrade Mt. David Summit Application


  • Major modifications to Major, Minor, Concentration Declaration systems to support tracks within majors
  • E-transcripts
  • Catalog rebuild
  • Investigate catalog outsourcing options
  • Re-work randomization result pages (EP/NO)
  • Grid fixes
  • Give access to class rosters to appropriate non-faculty (AIs, AAAs)
  • Web petitioning

Communications and Media Relations:

  • Off site hosting for Bates web site

 Student Financial Services:

  • Re-format account detail by term behind Garnet Gateway
  • Create on-line Request for Refund form
  • Create on-line Federal Direct Student Loan Authorization form


  • Catering system

 Dance Festival:

  • Rebuild registration system

President’s Office:

  • Modifications to Trustees Drupal site