Articles from 2009 & 2010

From 2010

  1. Bavis, R.W., E.F. Dmitrieff*, K.M. Young*, and S.E. Piro*. 2010. Hypoxic ventilatory
    responses of rats and mice after perinatal hyperoxia: does the level of hypoxia matter?
    FASEB Journal, in press. [INBRE cited]
  2. Bavis, R.W.*, N. Pradhan*, N. Nawreen*, and D.F. Donnelly. 2010. Carotid body O2
    sensitivity during chronic hyperoxia and after recovery in normoxia. FASEB Journal, in
    press. [INBRE cited]

From 2009

  1. Carroll, J.L., I. Kim, H. Dbouk, D.J. Yang, R.W. *Bavis, and D.F. Donnelly. 2009.
    Time-dependence of hyperoxia-induced impairment in peripheral chemoreceptor activity and
    glomus cell calcium response. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 648: 299-306.
    [INBRE cited]