The Seawall Beach Project

Thu, 07/15/2010 Р12:03 | by mduvall

The Seawall Beach Project is an ongoing coastal geologic research project conducted at Seawall Beach and adjacent areas in Phippsburg Maine by faculty and students in the Bates College Geology Department. Seawall Beach, the largest undeveloped barrier beach system in Maine, is adjacent to the Bates Morse Mountain Conservation area, a six hundred acre coastal property managed by the college for educational purposes and scientific research in coordination with the Nature Conservancy and the St. John family. The Bates Morse Mountain Conservation Area also works in collaboration with the Small Point Association, owners of Seawall Beach, whose mission is to preserve the wild, unspoiled character of the beach, its ecology, and its endangered species habitat.

The Imaging and Computing Center provides imaging, mapping, analysis, and data management support for the project.

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