Facilities, Infrastructure and Technology

The Facilities, Infrastructure and Technology team will explore the following questions:

  1. How can we shape our physical environment in order to sustainably serve our mission in a changing educational landscape?
  2. How can facilities, infrastructure, and technology support our curricular and co-curricular goals?

Facilities, Infrastructure and Technology Members

  • Chair: Nathan Lundblad, Associate Professor of Physics
  • Staff: Scott Tiner, Assistant Director for Digital Media & Event Support, Information & Library Services

Team Members-Faculty

  • Aslaug Asgeirsdottir, Associate Professor of Politics
  • Ryan Bavis, Professor of Biology
  • Dennis Browne, Associate Professor of Russian
  • Carol Dilley, Professor of Dance
  • Kathy Low (Ex Officio), Professor of Psychology; Associate Dean of the Faculty
  • Adriana Salerno, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Nate Tefft, Assistant Professor of Economics

Team Members-Staff

  • Kevin McHugh, Director of Physical Education/Athletics
  • Camille Parrish, Lecturer, Learning Associate, Environmental Studies
  • Andrew White, Director of User Services, Information & Library Services
  • Pamela Wichroski, Director of Capital Planning and Construction, Facility Services

Team Members-Students

  • Nikolay Stambolski ’17
  • Molly Chisholm ’17