How to Write a Check

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  1. Check number
  2. Date check is written. Write out month, day, year, i.e. January 23, 2012
  3. Payee – The person or company you are paying. (Department of Homeland Security)
  4. The amount in numbers i.e. 380. 00/100
  5. The amount in words i.e. Three hundred eighty and 00/100. This is very important and checks may be returned if it is written incorrectly.
  6. Signature
  7. Bank numbers (You will probably never need to know this)
  8. Bank routing number and account number. Useful for when you are paying bills online using your checking account.

Special Considerations

  • Make sure an address is written on the top left side of the check. If the address is not pre-printed on the check, you should write it in yourself.
  • Your check will be read by an OCR (optical character reader) scanner, not by a person. The algorithms may reject your check if it is not written EXACTLY as above and your OPT application will be returned to you for non-payment. For example, do not write “Three hundreds” (with an “s”) because it is more than one hundred. This has happened.
  • In the “For” or “Memo” line, please write “USCIS I-765”