On Campus Employment

On-Campus Work for Students in F-1 Status

If you are a student in F-1 student status at Bates College, you may be eligible to work on campus. On-campus employment means simply that you are paid by Bates College and working on the campus.

During academic terms (early September to mid-May), on-campus work may total 20 hours per week, including work that is part of your financial aid award. Off-campus work is counted toward the term-time limitation of 20 hours per week. During your annual vacation (usually mid-May to early September) and the intersession (approximately the last week of December through the second week of January), on-campus work may be full-time, provided you intend to register at Bates in the semester following the break.

On-campus employment requires you to complete forms at the Payroll Office at 215 College Street. Please bring all of your documents. If you do not have a social security card, you will have to apply for one once you are offered a job.