IMF eLibrary campus trial

IMFWe already have access to some IMF publications in print or online, and to most of their datasets: International Financial Statistics, Direction of Trade, and Balance of Payments.  But this trial opens up our access to all their publications including two more datasets: Government Finance,and Trade and Investment.

In addition, eLibrary allows one to:

– have a single set of credentials across all their web sites

– perform searches across all content and set up to get alerts for any future updates

– annotate publications and save them to “my eLibrary”

– download publications in several digital formats: PDF, ePub (for iPad, Sony, Nook and other readers), and Mobi (for Kindle)

– tables within publications allow you to copy/paste portions or all the information seamlessly into Excel

Let us know what you think as we consider permanent access to this resource, just email ljuraska at