Copiers and Microform Readers


  • Photocopiers are located on the Main floor near the Help Desk.
  • A Mac-Gray card is required for operation.
    • You may purchase a card in the library or in Chase Hall across from CHC office.
    • The card costs $2.00
    • Initial purchase of the card must be made with a $5.00 bill.
    • The price of the card includes $3.00 worth of copies.
    • The card may be recharged at anytime with a $5, $10, or $20 bill. The machine does not accept $1 bills.
  • Each copy deducts $0.10 from the Mac-Gray card.
  • Change is not available at Ladd Library.

Microfilm and Microfiche Readers

  • Microform readers and printers are located on the Ground floor of Ladd Library.
  • Printing is free.
  • Different strength magnifying lens for the ultrafiche is available for checkout at Circulation.
  • Ask for help at the Audio or Circulation Desks.