My Library

  • Use the My Library link to log into your patron record.
  • Use the “Search the Catalog” link in your patron record to enter the catalog.
  • You now have the choice to save searches.
  • Once you save searches, there will be a “Preferred Searches” link in your patron record. Use that link to perform the search at a later time.
  • Remember to logout of your patron record when you are finished searching the catalog

E-mail Alerts

E-mail alerts are sent on the 10th day of each month. You will receive an e-mail containing titles cataloged the previous month that match your search criteria.

To use this option:

  • Click on the “Preferred Searches” link in your patron record.
  • Click the “Mark for E-mail” box to the left of each search you want the system to run.
  • Click the “Update List” button.

Maintaining Preferred Searches

There is a limit to the number of searches you can save. Use the “Mark for Remove” boxes and the “Update List” button to remove searches you no longer need.

To turn off the e-mail alert for a particular search, click in the “Mark for E-mail” box, then click on the “Update List” button.