Access LibrarySearch+

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What is LibrarySearch+?

LibrarySearch+ is a discovery, full-text search that combines in one search most of our extensive online and print content in a single unified index.  Besides CBBcat catalog content, it includes over 90% of the journals we subscribe to, many of our article-indexing databases and newspaper articles, and allows the user an option to include many open digital collections, repositories, and other open access archives into their search.

Particularly advantageous for:

  • beginning search by a novice researcher
  • eliminates the confusion of which specific database or subject category to start
  • interdisciplinary searching
  • overwhelming number of full text in the results
  • powerful full text searching by using specific phrase or well-defined search terms
  • “going beyond the library” option includes scholarly digital collections on the web in your search

Features of LibrarySearch+

  • Google-like searching
  • find a variety of resources with one search – books, ebooks, journal articles, images, newspaper articles and more…
  • search results can be easily narrowed by using the facets – content types, subject terms,  date, library location and more…
  • can limit to scholarly/peer-reviewed sources
  • preponderance of full text results and, if not, provides a link to Bates360 article linker or interlibrary loan option
  • search interface optimized for smart phones
  • search results can be viewed in six commonly used citation formats and exported to EndNote
  • RSS feeds are automatically created for any search you run and you can subscribe to a feed to get easy updates to your searches

What’s Not in LibrarySearch+?

Though extensive, there are some library resources not included in LibrarySearch+.  For comprehensive or discipline-targeted searches, the indexes listed in our Subject Guides should be consulted.