Research Services Staff

Research Librarians

Christina Bell, Humanities Librarian

Christina BellAreas of particular knowledge – Classical and Medieval StudiesAsian Studies, EnglishEuropean Studies, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Latin American Studies, PhilosophyReligious Studies, and general humanities

Meet with Christina: consultation form; email:; (207) 786-8323; at Research Desk Mon. 10:00-1:00, Tues. 6:30-10:00, Thurs. 1:00-4:00

Laura Juraska, Associate College Librarian for Research Services

Laura JuraskaAfrican-American Studies, American Cultural Studies, Anthropology, and Gender and Sexuality Studies

Meet with Laura: consultation form; email:;  (207) 786-8324; at the Research Desk Thurs. 10:00-1:00, Fri. 1:00-4:00

Christine Murray, Social Science Librarian

Christine MurrayEconomics, Education, Politics, Psychology, Sociology, US History, social science data sets and general social science

Meet with Christine: consultation form; email:;  (207) 786-6268; at the Research Desk Mon. 6:30-10:00, Tues. 10:00-1:00, Wed. 1:00-4:00

Christopher Schiff, Music and Arts Librarian

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Areas of particular knowledge – Art and Visual CultureDanceFilm StudiesMusicTheater, Rhetoric, and copyright

Meet with Chris: consultation form; email:;  (207) 786-6274; at Research Desk Tues. 1:00-4:00, Wed. 6:30-10:00, Fri. 10:00-1:00

Pete Schlax, Science and Data Librarian

Pete SchlaxAreas of particular knowledge – Biology, ChemistryEnvironmental Studies, GeologyMathematicsNeuroscience, Physics, Astronomy and science data.

Meet with Pete: consultation form; email:;  (207) 786-8328; at Research Desk Mon. 1:00-4:00, Wed. 10:00-1:00, Thurs. 6:30-10:00

Interlibrary Loan Staff

Perrin Lumbert, Interlibrary Loan Assistant

ph: (207) 786-6471; email:

Zack Handlen,Interlibrary Loan Assistant

ph: (207) 786-6471; email: