Tutor Job Application

If you are interested in becoming a tutor for the Mathematics & Statistics Workshop you must complete this online application form in addition to completing the application through Handshake.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • We want to be able to refer to you by the proper pronouns from the moment we meet. So, if you are comfortable sharing, please let us know your pronouns.
  • Relevant Background & Experience

  • Please list the math, stats, and/or DCS courses and any courses within your major (if not math/stats/dcs but still involving quantitative skills) that you have completed, the grades received, and whether or not you feel comfortable tutoring at such a level. Note: when applicable, you may list courses from other institutions such as AP courses or transfer courses. Click the "+" button to add additional courses.
    CourseGradeWillingness to Tutor? 
  • Please list all relevant experience, including previous work for ARC & the WLC, your major department, and/or individual tutoring.
  • Please give a brief explanation for your reason for applying to become a MSW tutor.
  • Are you willing to help students in the use of the any items listed below? Select all that apply.
  • Please list all courses within the following departments for which you are currently enrolled: Math, DCS, Statistics, Econometrics, etc. You may also include any courses from other departments which might apply, such as economics, physics, or any other quantitatively-laden course. If you are completing this application during a semester or summer break then please list courses for which you are registered for the upcoming term.
    YearSemester/Short TermCourse NumberCourse Name 
  • Please provide the names and contact information of at least two professors (or staff members) that may be contacted regarding your application to be a tutor. These references should be able to speak to your ability to support specific courses.
  • Select all options in which you are interested--even if you may not be assigned the given role during your first semester of work. Keep in mind that new hires are expected to work at least one semester during daytime drop-in hours. Likewise, experienced tutors are given preference for evening drop-in shifts and attached tutoring jobs. Those interested only in tutoring local middle and high school students should select the "community tutor option".
  • Do you have a Bates Work Authorization issued by the Student Employment Office? (Note: If you do not already have a BWA, then you will need to get one before you begin work. Obtaining a BWA requires completing payroll paperwork.)
  • MSW employees are required to attend a variety of mandatory training meetings. Would you be available to attend a half-day training session on a Saturday or Sunday during the first month of the semester?


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