Math 214 Survey

I'd like to get to know each of you a little better. I sometimes struggle to learn the name of every student during the first few weeks of class. Learning a few details about you will help me achieve that goal.
  • Interesting Facts

    Tell me two interesting facts about you that will help me to distinguish you from your classmates. DO NOT TELL ME how tall you are, the color of your hair, the color of your eyes, etc...I don't need you to tell me things that I can see with my own eyes. Tell me something that I would never guess about you, such as: you spent the summer working on an alpaca farm, you skipped short term last year so that you could thru hike the Appalachian trail, etc.
  • Other Stuff

    The stuff below falls under the category of stuff that I'm curious about. Who knows, I might find a way to take the results and work it into the class.
  • Have you ever taken a statistics course before. If so, where and what kind? (e.g., AP Stats in high school, Working with Data at Bates, Econ 250 at Bates, etc.)
  • What are your reasons for taking this class? (i.e., for the math major, for the minor, general interest in the topic, etc.)
  • What is your favorite book?
  • On average, how many books do you read a year for pleasure?
  • What is your favorite movie or TV show? Feel free to provide an answer for both!


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