MSW Remote Support

While classes are conducted remotely, the Mathematics & Statistics Workshop (MSW) will continue to provide support to students in mathematics, statistics, and programming in DCS courses.  Students are asked to sign up for appointments to participate in video chat tutorial sessions.  Information on services of the MSW and how to sign up for appointments may be found below.

Make a Remote Tutoring Appointment

Students can schedule appointments to meet with a tutor for a video conference appointment using the MSW Remote Support scheduler within Google Calendar. All appointment times are stated using (GMT-04:00) Eastern Time – New York. Each 30-minute appointment slot is labelled with the name of the tutor as well as the courses they support. For example, a slot labelled with “Ogy (D105, E250, M105, M106, M205, M206, Pol310)” means that Ogy is happy to work with students in any of the following courses DCS 105, Econ 250, Math 105, Math 106, Math 205, Math 206, and Pol 310.

The appointment calendar can be viewed in either “Day” or “Week” mode. The buttons to select the mode are found on the far right side of the calendar page. We recommend viewing the calendar in “Day” mode. Note that appointment slots are distributed across the 24-hr day to accommodate students across many time zones.

To ensure that tutors have advance notification of an upcoming appointment, we ask that students sign up no later than 10pm the night before a morning appointment and no later than 10am the day of an afternoon appointment. If students attempt to sign-up for an appointment without sufficient advance notice then the tutor may no longer be available. So plan ahead!

We ask that students sign-up for no more than 2 appointment slots per day to ensure that all students have access to appointments.

After students sign up for an appointment slot, the tutor will send a video chat invitation prior to the meeting time.  For those students who want additional friends to join in the video tutorial then we ask the student to notify the tutor in advance.

Course identifiers are shown in parentheses below.

  • DCS 105 Calling Bull in a Digital World (D105)
  • DCS 210 Programming for Data Analysis and Visualization (D210)
  • Bio 244 Biostatistics (B244)
  • Econ 250 Statistics (E250)
  • Econ 255 Econometrics (E255)
  • Math 105 Calculus I (M105)
  • Math 106 Calculus II (M106)
  • Math 205 Linear Algebra (M205)
  • Math 206 Multivariable Calculus (M206)
  • Math 215 Mathematical Statistics (M215)
  • Math 219 Differential Equations (M219)
  • Politics 310 Public Opinion (Pol310)
  • Psych 218 Statistics (P218)
  • Soc 206 Thinking Sociologically with Numbers (S206)

Setting Up to Go Remote

Need help getting set up for remote learning? Not sure where to find the right apps? The Math & Stats Workshop will provide remote tutoring using many of the same tools you might use for remote learning in your classes. We suggest GoBoard, a digital whiteboard, for those wanting advanced whiteboard features not available in Zoom or Meet.

Zoom’s tips for student online learning.

Video Conferencing & Digital Whiteboards

  • Zoom (desktop client, iOS, Android) – video conference, recording, screen sharing, built-in digital whiteboard, export whiteboard transcript, text chat interface. Click here for Zoom set-up details or a brief tutorial video.
  • Google Hangouts Meet (in G Suite, iOS, Android) – video conference, screen sharing, closed-captions, text chat interface. Click here for Meet set-up details.
  • GoBoard (in web browser, iOS) – digital whiteboard, video conference, export pdf of whiteboard transcript. Built-in tools for accessing Desmos Grapher, Wolfram Alpha, LaTeX Equation editor, and more. Note: you must use Google Chrome for the web browser version of GoBoard, it does not work in Safari or Internet Explorer. Click here for a brief tutorial video.

Access to a Virtual Desktop Environment

Tutors who are supporting students in courses that use proprietary software applications (SPSS, STATA, MATLAB, etc.) can get access, using MyVPN, to these applications using a Virtual Desktop Environment with an image like those of computers in Bates computer labs.  Tutors who don’t already have access should contact Grace.

Click here for guidelines on how to access the Virtual Desktop Environment.

The truly critical part of those directions concerns the logout feature. This is a shared environment, being used simultaneously by many faculty, staff, and students in the Bates community. The College has a limited number of shared licenses. As such, there is a timeout feature set to one hour. In other words, if an account goes idle for one hour, the account will automatically be logged out. If you have any problems with the technical pieces of using MyVPN, please reach out to the IT Help Desk

Note: tutors supporting students using LaTeX, R, and Python have the same open access they’ve used all semester since these are not proprietary applications requiring a license.  If you have been using PCTeX and don’t have LaTeX installed on your computer then consider downloading a free distribution of LaTeX (Mac, PC, Linux) or use the web-based version via Overleaf.  

Accessing Digital Texts for Math, Stats, & DCS Classes

Looking for access to a digital copy of the text for your math/stats class or the class you support as a tutor? Some quick links are provided below for many courses supported by the MSW. If our list doesn’t meet your needs then you can check out Ladd Library’s page on Off Campus Access to Library Resources and the Lyceum page for your course to see what your professor has already provided. Furthermore, due to COVID-19, some publishers are providing free access to textbooks until the end of the term (see VitalSource Bookshelf and Redshelf).

Meet our Remote Peer Tutors

How to “scan” handwritten work for upload to Lyceum

Is your prof asking you to “scan” your handwritten work for upload to Lyceum or to email them a pdf? No worries! You can use your smartphone to do this. Better yet, there’s no need to spend money on a third-party “scan to pdf” app!

More Questions?

If you have questions not answered by the information above, please contact Andee or Grace.