Tutor Shift Preference Survey

  • Please provide an up-to-date phone number...just in case it has changed since you initially applied to be a tutor.
  • Shift Preferences

    Please check off any time slots that you would be interested in working as a drop-in tutor. Note: Attached tutors get preference on evening time slots. Newly hired tutors do not usually get morning or evening time slots during their first semester of work, but they may still identify any available time slot.
  • Please list any other q-courses or intro-level courses (not listed above) that involve mathematics that you feel comfortable tutoring.
  • Please provide an updated list of any math-related software for which you feel comfortable assisting students. Options might include, but are not limited to: Mathematica, Maple, MatLab, EViews, Stata, Prism, SPSS, R, Python, LaTeX, TI-graphing calculators, etc.
  • What is the maximum number of hours per week that you wish to be assigned to work during drop-in hours?


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