Dale Chapman





Associate Professor

Olin Arts Center, Room 252

Dale Chapman completed his PhD in Musicology at the University of California, Los Angeles. He teaches courses related to jazz history, popular music, and African American music, and he is a participant in the joint program in African American Studies and American Cultural Studies. His research is devoted to the cultural and political significance of musical style, with a particular focus on jazz, hip-hop, EDM, and other forms of popular music. More specifically, he is interested in the relationship between music and political economy, in the ways that musical practices are intimately bound up with broader socioeconomic processes and dynamics. His research has appeared in the Journal of the Society for American Music, Popular Music, the Oxford Handbook of Sound and Image in Digital Media, and in the Grove Dictionary of American Music, second edition. He is presently at work on a book manuscript, to be entitled, ‘The Jazz Bubble: Neoclassical Jazz in Neoliberal Culture.