Theses Mentored



  • The Relationship among Vitamin D Blood Serum Levels, Cognition and Midsagittal Corpus Callosum Area in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis Meg Cadden  (Neuroscience-Honors)
  • Response Inhibition in Subclinical OCD and Subclinical AD/HD Matt Chance (Psychology)
  • Selective Attention, Memory, and Alexithymia: Performances on an Emotional  Stroop Task and WMS-III Subtests Rachael DiStefano (Psychology-Honors)


  • The Neurogenetic Basis of Alexithymia and Executive Dysfunction: The DAT1 Gene Lear Carr  (Neuroscience-Honors)
  • The Indiscriminate Application of Cognitive Control in utilitarian and Non- Utilitarian Moral Decision Making  Emily Kuehn (Neuroscience)
  • A Look into the Unknown: Viral, Autoimmune, and Nonspecific Encephalitis Dan Rosenzsweig (Psychology)
  • Longitudinal Investigation of Cancer Treatment-induced Changes in Executive Function and Neuroanatomical Correlate Morphometry  Lindsey Scherer (Neuroscience)