Matt Lauer from NBC goes sky high with Lt. Cmdr. J.J. Cummings ’89

U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. J.J. Cummings and his wife, Sara Hagan Cummings, both Bates ’89, were interviewed March 26 and 27, 2002, when Cummings’ aircraft carrier, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, returned to Norfolk, Va., after an extended deployment off Afghanistan.


Video Clip 1, March 26: J.J. (also known as “Yank”) takes up Today Show co-anchor Matt Lauer — quickly, and steeply — from the deck of the Roosevelt. Video Clip 2, March 27: Lauer continues his interview, now at the home of Sara and J.J. Lauer takes some good-natured ribbing by J.J. about airsickness. Sara tells Lauer he will have to ask their friends at Bates College how they wound up together.

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Video clips used by permission of NBC News. Copyright 2002 NBC All Rights Reserved.

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