Audio slideshow: Bates production sharpened the edge on Elton play


Ben Elton’s 1996 play Popcorn is a bleak comedy about the symbiotic relationship between violence and the mass media. It’s the story of an American film director, known for the sensationalistic violence in his work, who is taken hostage by two serial killers on the very evening he wins an Oscar. The so-called Mall Murderers, Wayne and Scout, claim that director Bruce Delamitri inspired their brutal acts and should therefore be held responsible for them.

Blending live action and dramatic video, Dana Professor of Theater Martin Andrucki (shown below) directed the Bates theater department’s March 2006 production of Elton’s play. In this five-minute audio slideshow, Andrucki discusses the play, the Bates production and his cast.

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Popcorn was intended for adult audiences.

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