ProFile: The Fix is in — Josh Fix

The waning days of 2008 yielded a growing consensus that Free at Last, the debut CD from Josh Fix ’99, is quite download-worthy. Focusing on the production aspect of the CD, Electronic Musician noted “lush recordings and prominent use of piano and stacked vocals” reminiscent of the studio style of Supertramp and others. In placing the CD on one of its top album-lists for 2008, Time Out New York called Fix a “post-Radiohead Elton John” who has “obliterated slacker chic with a virtuosically glossy piano-pop opus.” That keyboard sound, reported Keyboard Magazine, comes from an old Emerson upright that Fix chose to use, even though he had access to a Yamaha C7 grand in the studio. “I was in this anti-establishment state of mind,” he says. “I wanted a grungy feel…. We got a huge sound out of it and we were only using one mic.” [More…]

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