Physics and Astronomy, Fall 2013

Director of radiology at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center, Donna Knightly demonstrates an X-ray machine for Samantha Forrest '13, Raisa Sharmin '13, and Keyan Riddell '16. Photograph by Michael Bradley/Bates College.

Director of radiology at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center, Donna Knightly demonstrates an X-ray machine for members of Mike Durst’s medical imaging physics course. (Photograph by Michael Bradley/Bates College)

We welcome Travis Gould as a new assistant professor in the department. Travis is a Maine native who received his undergraduate and graduate education at The University of Maine, in Orono. He comes to Bates after a postdoctoral stint at Yale Medical School.

His research employs lasers and optical techniques to image nanoscopic entities, such as proteins in cells. In the fall, Travis will teach PHYS 361, Thermodynamics, as well as PHYS 107 labs.
Hong Lin is on sabbatical for the full year. Mike Durst will return to replace Hong, teaching PHYS 222, Electricity, Magnetism and Waves, and PHYS 308, Introductory Quantum Mechanics, in the fall.

Every year the department employs a significant number of teaching assistants for introductory courses in physics and astronomy. If you are interested, please contact Mark Nordberg as soon as the new academic year starts.

More Physics and Astronomy contacts:

  • John Smedley if you need registration advice;
  • Eric Wollman if you are interested in working with the college planetarium and telescopes;
  • Gene Clough if you have questions about the Liberal Arts-Engineering Dual Degree Plan.
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