Bates Magazine – Fall 2009


Bates Magazine cover - Fall 2009

New (and Young) Orleans

But for enthusiastic and committed twenty- and thirty-somethings, New Orleans is an alluring story of opportunity, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to plunge into the trenches of what may be the world’s largest urban renewal project.

Live Where You Pay

Hurricane Katrina didn’t stop people from living near the ocean. Economist Howard Kunreuther ’59 knows that people will always take such risks. What he’d like is for them to pay for the privilege.

fall09-magazine-vanceThe Prosecutor’s Art

The “well-nigh unshakable” Joyce White Vance ’82 is one of the Obama administration’s first U.S. attorneys.

fall09-magazine-rwanda-annoncee-alexandriaA Place We Can Talk

Bates students learn with, not from, orphan survivors of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

fall09-magazine-saddlemire-2291Like a Good Neighbor

Craig Saddlemire ’05 went from observer to activist as he chronicled a Lewiston neighborhood fighting to be heard.

fall09-magazine-van-doren-marcellus-1602c30Roman Influence

An Artist in Rome marries poems by the late John Tagliabue with paintings by Adam Van Doren.

Quad Angles

Postcards from Bates