Bates Magazine: Spring 2010


Bates Magazine cover - Spring 2010

Kabul, One Day at a Time

A day in the life of an American scholar researching the history of the National Museum of Afghanistan reveals past, present, and uncertain future.

Why We Love the Jump

Ten reasons the Puddle Jump is the best college tradition (say us).

Power by the People

Paul Fenn ’88 and his Bates brain trust are leading Northern California’s green-power revolution.

spring201-crime-seen-feature-thCrime Seen

The testimony of criminal witnesses can be notoriously flawed. But psychologist Amy Douglass says there’s more to the problem than meets the eye.

wyman-spring2010-feature-7025-thChairman of the Board

In harmony with machines and musicians, producer-engineer Jonathan Wyman ’97 helps bring Maine sounds to the nation’s ears.

Dr. Howard Scher '72, photographed at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, where he is chief of the genitourinary oncology service at Sloan-Kettering.Better and Faster

Compulsive about patient care yet equally engaged in the lab, Dr. Howard Scher ’72 works to create better prostate cancer drugs and get them to market faster.

Quad Angles

Postcards from Bates