Stories about "Practitioner-Taught Course"
Eugene Kim '08 teaches a practitioner taught marketing course, with guest speakers from Lululemon, a yoga clothing company.Featuring two students in the course, David Akinyemi ‘21 from Bealeton, Va., and Mamta Saraogi '21 from West Bengal, India.“Screw Your Brand:” Marketing with Higher Purpose for the Conscious Human"Lead Practitioner: Eugene Kim, Bates ’08Course Overview: Brands and products are a dime a dozen. In today’s world of overabundance, overstimulation, and endless access to information, the brands and companies with staying power are doing more than just marketing. In this course, students learn what it means to be a purpose-driven marketer and how brands and companies build relationships with their audience through community-building and analog connection. We discuss how companies with higher purpose market differently than product-driven companies, and how that can activate at the local level. Students learn the fundamentals of building a brand and marketing campaign, but this course challenges them to think outside the box of traditional marketing strategies to leverage brand building and marketing to create and leave lasting change in the community around them.
In practitioner-taught course, students learn to market with purpose

Friday, May 10, 2019 12:34 pm

In this practitioner-taught Short Term course, marketing consultant Eugene Kim ’08 teaches students how to align marketing with social good.