Performance Schedule

All performances are free and open to the Public! Join us!

She Doesn’t Like Guthrie’s

5:00 Nick Kinnon

5:30 Ali Millard and Ashley Lepre

6:00 Rusty Epstein

6:30 Catherine Strauch & Aisling Ryan

7:00 Strange Bedfellows

Pedro O’Hara’s

5:00 Chase the Fiddlers

5:45 The Late and Great

6:30 The Such and Such

7:15 Jazz Combo

Gritty McDuff’s Brew Pub

5:00 Billy Collins and Coleman Leib

5:45 Cody Tracey

6:30 River and the High Tops

7:15 Morangutan

Lamey Wellehan

All Night Art Display: Pieces for sale by individual artists!

5:00 Graham Oxman

5:30 Grace Glasson

6:00 Katie Silberstein

6:30 Henry Henry Steckel, Jacob Brand, Zaq Shabman, and Sam Polito

7:00 Sarah Wainshal

Chopsticks Restaurant

5:00 Will Hallett

5:30 Michelle Pham and Graeme Welds

6:00 Dylan Dibennedetto

6:30 Nikhil Krishna, Zak Kofos and Graham Oxman

7:15 Los Morose Bros

Naral’s Experience Arabia

5:00 Hired Help

5:30 Kiera Sultan and James Jhun

6:00 Liza Dewitt

6:30 January River

7:00 Miles and Sacha Band

Dufresne Plaza

8:30: All College Acapella Concert

Takenote, Merimanders, Crosstones, Manic Optimists, Deansmen