Outright L-A & Bates Office of Intercultural Education present (1)

A full day event dedicated to the radical exploration of topics impacting LGBTQIA+ young people. The event is a truly collaborative venture featuring Keynote speaker Sean Dorsey; workshops facilitated by local LGBTQIA+ young people, community members, and faculty members; and a closing performance of “The Missing Generation” by Sean Dorsey Dance.

The conference is open to all LGBTQIA+ youth, Outright L-A community partners, parents, and advisors; and college students, faculty, and staff.  Space is limited so pre-registration is recommended.

Online Registration has closed, however, WE STILL HAVE ROOM! Please arrive between 8-9am to register onsite in Chase Hall, 56 Campus Ave. 

*Please see the registration tab below for further details regarding registration*

Co-Sponsored by: TD Bank, Office of Campus Life, Outfront, Residential Life, Multifaith Chaplaincy, Post & Print, Office of Equity and Diversity, the Harward Center for Community Partnerships, the Dean of Faculty’s Office- Learning Associates Grant, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program, Latin American Studies Program; and the Departments of Religious Studies, Psychology, Department of Sociology, Theater & Dance, and Art & Visual Culture.



The conference is open to all LGBTQIA+ youth, Outright L-A community partners, parents, and advisors; and college students, faculty, and staff.  Space is limited so pre-registration is recommended.

Registration is free for all middle and highschool LGBTQIA+ youth, parents, and advisors.

For college students/groups; faculty or staff from visiting colleges, there will be a $30 fee to register. If bringing a group and you would like to pay together, please contact Lexie Mucci, amucci@bates.edu.

It is important for us to not restrict attendance due to the registration fee. Please reach out to Lexie Mucci, amucci@bates.edu with any questions.




8:00am Registration opens, Chase Hall

8:30am Continental Breakfast, Memorial Commons in Chase Hall

9:00am Keynote Speaker: Sean Dorsey, Memorial Commons in Chase Hall

10:30am Workshop Session 1, Pettengill Hall

11:30am Workshop Session 2,  Pettengill Hall

12:30pm Lunch & Plenary, Memorial Commons in Chase Hall

2:00pm Workshop Session 3,  Pettengill Hall

3:00pm Performance of “The Missing Generation” Sean Dorsey, Schaeffer Theater

5:00pm Closing, Schaeffer Theater

Outfront, Bates Office of Campus Life & Office of Intercultural Education are partnering to provide post conference activities for college student registered participants. For information to come!

Keynote & Plenary Speakers

sean-homepage-432x648Our Keynote Speaker is Sean Dorsey, Choreographer with Sean Dorsey Dance.  In a multimedia presentation entitled “Unearthing Buried LGBTQ History Through Modern Dance,” Sean will share video excerpts of a recent trilogy of dance works that explore our contemporary relationship to censored, buried, or forgotten parts of LGBTQ history. Taken together, these three works constitute a tour de force exploration and articulation of contemporary human experience.

Sean Dorsey is an award-winning San Francisco-based choreographer, dancer, and writer. Recognized as the nation’s first acclaimed transgender modern dance choreographer, Dorsey has won audiences and accolades from San Francisco to New York with his powerful dance-theater.


Each year, the summit features a local active young person as the plenary or keynote speaker. This year’s speaker is Yara Adhelday ’19!


Session 1, 10:30-11:15am 

QTPOC Spirituality
Pettengill Hall, G50 

A spiritual space of healing for queer and trans people of colour. Facilitated by Yara Abdelhady ’19 & Cash Huynh ’18

Queering Church
Pettengill Hall, G63

This workshop will explore the intersection of religion, faith, and gender/sexual diversity within the Christian tradition, with attention to biblical interpretation and how to find safe spiritual space. Facilitated by Rev. Cindy Maddox, Senior Pastor First Congregational Church United Church of Christ, South Portland.

Queer Cinema
Pettengill Hall, G21

A dialogue on Queer Cinema and the representation of Bisexuality. Presented by DJ Hyman ’21 & Fabian Miemietz ’21.

Trans History
Pettengill Hall, G52

Presented by Oliver from MaineTransNet

Safe Binding/ Knowing Your Rights
Pettengill Hall, G54

The Safe Binding/Knowing Your Rights workshop for trans youth in high school will cover different ways to bind safely, where to get safe binders and what websites can be trusted for reliable information. This workshop will also go over bathroom rights and legal rights for “preferred” names in school settings. Presenter: Alexx Linneken

Out at Work
Pettengill Hall, G65

This workshop will feature a panel of LGBTQIA+ professionals sharing their experiences navigating their work environment and their identities. Panels include: Nick Dressler, Assistant Director of the Office of Campus Life, Bates College; Roy Montgomery, Assistant Dean of the Office of Intercultural Education, Bates College; Jack Arter, Sales Associate 3, Goodwill; and Rickey Thorn, Social Work Intern, Smith College School for Social Work

Anti-Oppression: Social Justice 101
Pettengill Hall, G10

We will be going over the 4 I’s of oppression, and cover racism, classism, sexism, and ableism. Followed by a dive into social justice, privilege, stereotypes, and allyship. Participants will leave with an understanding of general vocabulary and the cycle of socialization, along with tools to interrupt oppression that they witness. Presenters: Health Equity Alliance Youth:  Tyler Perkins, Adrian Sockalexis, Zaige Goodale, Baxter Sirket, and Ambureen Rana


Session 2, 11:15am- 12:30pm 

Making Schools Safe: How to Start and Maintain a Strong GSTA
Pettengill Hall, G10

This presentation, by youth leaders of their
schools’ Gay-Straight-Trans Alliances, will involve attendees in an
interactive exploration of how to make schools safer places for all
students.  There will be a combination of discussions, role-playing
activities, and information about Days of Action and diversity projects
for schools.Presented by GLESN: Savannah Green and Sophoe Magadieu

Beyond Machismo and Marianismos: Gender and Sexuality in the Americas
Pettengill Hall, G52

This workshop revisits common held conceptions about gender and sexuality in the Americas and offers an exploration of alternative modes of approaching gender and sexuality. Focus is placed on Latin America, with the United States as a potential (and familiar) reference point for participants. Presenters: Stephanie Pridgeon, Ph.D. teaches and researches the intersections of ethnicity, gender, religion, and politics in 20th and 21st century Latin American film and literature. Jacob Longaker, Ph.D. teaches and researches the intersections of public policy and social movements representing LGBTs in contemporary Brazil and Latin America.

Resisting False Solutions: How trans liberation is being defined by our participation in state violence
Pettengill Hall, G65

Across the board, trans people are facing intense levels of transphobia, systemic discrimination, and violence. In 2017, twenty-three of our trans sisters and brothers have been murdered so far, most of them black trans women targeted by the intersection of racism, sexism, and transphobia. We are also seeing the same ol tactics of attacking our jobs and housing by our so-called “elected officials.” Amidst these levels of state and personal violence, the response on the left has glorified our ability to partake in systems of state violence. Our liberation will not come through being accepted into the same institutions that are trying to kill us, we need system change not a green light to join in killing others. Sam Koplinka-Loehr, is the Field Organizer and Outreach Consultant of the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee. Sam has been a war tax resister since the late 2000’s and is a gender queer young adult who is actively involved in long-term struggles for justice.

QTPOC Struggles
Pettengill Hall, G63

Discussion of the intersectional issues of QTPOC life featuring spoken word performance. Facilitated by Jachai Carter ’19, Brit Lee ’19, and Danny Carmona ’19.

Exploring Identity Through Performing Arts
Pettengill Hall, G21

This workshop will explore the use of personal narrative in dance and theater through a variety of exercises. Students will express themselves through text and movement with a focus on sharing a part of their own story. Bring clothes comfortable to move in! Presented by Keila K. Ching, Bates College ’18

Pride L-A Organizing 
Pettengill G54


Session 3, 2:00-2:45pm

Prevention & Protection 
Pettengill Hall, G10

Presented by Olivia Loneman, M.Ed (she, her, hers) Prevention and Training Coordinator. New Beginnings.

I promise, this can actually be fun: navigating a complicated sexual landscape for TGNC People
Pettengill Hall, G52

For TGNC (Trans and Gender Nonconforming) folks: An open, honest, and blunt discussion on the complexities of sexual health facing TGNC people. Possible topics include(but are not at all limited to!): sexual violence, consent, HIV and STD’s, HRT and sexual health, and an open Q&A session. Facilitated by Quinn Gormley, MaineTransNet

Let’s Talk About It: Sex and Consent for Youth by Youth
Pettengill, G21

A comprehensive, sex-positive, sexual health workshop that implements the harm reduction model. This workshop includes: an introduction on gender and sexuality, STDs and HIV/AIDs, PrEP, demonstrations on a variety of contraceptives, the risk levels of different sexual activities, how to practice enthusiastic consent, consent is sexy, and an intro to kinks. Followed by a look at resources from across the state, and a Q&A session. This workshop will focus on Queers and Trans folks. Facilitated by Ambureen and local youth

Asexual and Aromantic Spectrums 101: Discussing Sexual and Romantic Orientations and Beyond
Pettengill Hall, G54

In this workshop, we’ll explore what it means to be on the asexual and aromantic spectrums while living in a society that constantly centers and assumes sex and romance. We’ll talk about navigating expectations to be in certain relationships and the expectations of what those relationships should look like. Facilitated by Christina Lang and Outright Advisor, Ria.

Legal Rights of LGBTQI Youth 
Pettengill Hall, G65

This workshop will provide a brief overview what you need to know about legal rights under both Maine law and federal law for LGBTQI youth, including developments in 2017. Facilitated by Zack Paakkonen, an attorney in private practice in Portland. His practice focuses on family law and LGBTQIA legal issues.

All Sessions: Chill Space/Zine Making

Pettengill Hall, G04

The Chill Space will be open during the entire conference. Stop by anytime to journal, work on a poem, make some art, or connect with a supportive listener. We’re compiling a zine from art contributions from YOU. Anything you bring or make can be included!

The Missing Generation Performance

THE MISSING GENERATION is a powerful dance-theater work that gives voice to longtime survivors of the early AIDS epidemic. The show is a love letter to a forgotten generation of survivors – and is based on oral history interviews that Dorsey recorded with transgender and LGBT survivors across the United States. These people’s voices and remarkable real-life stories are featured in a lush, multi-layered soundscore – along with original music by a team of composers and Dorsey’s own writing/narration. Read more about “THE MISSING GENERATION LGBT/AIDS Oral History Project”.

THE MISSING GENERATION has been praised as “heartbreakingly beautiful … profoundly relevant to all generations” (Bay Times) and “gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, and spirit-lifting” (Portland Sun Journal).


Registration: Online Registration has closed, however, WE STILL HAVE ROOM! Please arrive between 8-9am to register onsite in Chase Hall, 56 Campus Ave. 

Location: Registration will take place in Chase Hall located at 56 Camps Ave. Lewiston, ME 04240.

Parking: Parking is available in the Merrill Gym Parking Lot located on Russell St. between the intersections of Central Ave. and LaFayette St. Street parking is available on Campus Ave., College St., and Central Ave. A campus map can be found here: https://www.bates.edu/map/

Transportation: If you are a youth in need of transportation please contact Christina
at Outright: christinaoutright@riseup.net. We cannot support campus to
campus transportation, although please check out this rideboard if you’d
like to offer or find a ride: https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/6t8un3

Information on Outright L-A: Visit  www.outrightla.com or Facebook.

Questions? Contact Lexie Mucci, Assistant Director of the Office of Intercultural Education. amucci@bates.edu or 207-786-8303.