Meet the OIE Fellows & SPARQ! Peer Mentors

Student Staff

The Office of Intercultural Education is home to two distinct student employment leadership opportunities, the OIE Fellows and SPARQ! Peer Mentors. Through these positions, the OIE hopes to elevate students’ awareness of the power and effectiveness.

2017-2018 OIE Fellow Bios

Bantu Mabaso, OIE Fellow,

Alexandra Onuoha, OIE Fellow, 

Marcel Delvalle, OIE Fellow,

John Collantes, OIE Fellow, 


Katherine Cabral, OIE Fellow, 

Viridiana Chavez, OIE Fellow, 

Jahmari Josiah, OIE Fellow, 

2017-2018 SPARQ! Peer Mentor Bios

Matthew Winter, SPARQ! Peer Mentor, 

Dylan Carson, SPARQ! Peer Mentor, 

Danny Carmona, SPARQ! Peer Mentor, 

Jachai Carter, SPARQ! Peer Mentor,