Meet the OIE Fellows & SPARQ! Peer Mentors

Student Staff

The Office of Intercultural Education is home to two distinct student employment leadership opportunities, the OIE Fellows and SPARQ! Peer Mentors. Through these positions, the OIE hopes to elevate students’ awareness of their power and effectiveness.

2019-2020 OIE Fellows

Lucas Allen, OIE Fellow

Losseni Barry, OIE Fellow

Aaliyah Black, OIE Fellow

Yueh Qi Chuah, OIE Fellow 

Jose De Anda, OIE Fellow

Ahimy Soto-Garcia, OIE Fellow

Abdulwahab Mohamed, OIE Fellow 

Amina Mohamed, OIE Fellow


2019-2020 SPARQ! Peer Mentors

Topher Castaneda, SPARQ! Peer Mentor

Oliver Barrera, SPARQ! Peer Mentor 

Ely Garza, SPARQ! Peer Mentor