Mosaic is a collection of student leaders, supported by the OIE, which believes that through the power of solidarity, we can unify and improve the sustainability of identity and social justice based student organizations. Mosaic seeks to accomplish this by supporting the development of student leadership, facilitating connections and collaborations, and engaging campus community around cultural and social issues.

Mosaic is currently comprised of the following student organizations:


AASIA (Asian-American Students in Action) fosters awareness on campus around Asia-American histories, peoples, and cultures. AASIA welcomes all students who are interested in exploring, discussing, and partaking in Asian-American cultural. Regular programs include: cooking nights, discussion nights, and cultural celebrations.


African Club

Africana Club celebrates the African continent by fostering awareness on campus of it’s peoples, histories, and cultures. Africana Club welcomes all students who wish to interact with others who are interested in Africa, lived in Africa, or wish to study abroad in Africa. Regular programs include: Annual Africana Fashion Show.



Amandla! celebrates and promotes the melting pot of diverse backgrounds, experiences, cultures and histories within the African diaspora through intellectual discussion, artistic expression, and campus-wide programs. Amandla! welcomes all students who are interested in raising cultural and political awareness of black people, racial tolerance, and social change. Regular programs include: Triad, Black Solidarity Conference, and Open Mic Nights.


Bates Christian Fellowship

Bates Christian Fellowship strives to grow in love for with God and God’s people while creating a deeper understanding of the Scriptures and God’s purposes in the world. BCF welcomes all students who wish to explore and experience Christianity. Regular Programs include: small groups discussions/bible studies, Worship Wednesdays, retreats, and weekly service.


Caribbean Students Association

Caribbean Students Association celebrates Caribbean culture to foster a greater awareness on campus around issues affecting the Caribbean and it’s people while empowering Caribbean students at Bates. CSA welcomes all students who wish to connect with Caribbean students and cultures. Regular programs include: dinners and discussions.


Jewish Student Union

Jewish Student Union aims to raise awareness on campus of Jewish cultural issues and provide a support network for the Bates Jewish community. Jewish Student Union welcomes all students who wish to learn and celebrate Judaism. Regular events include: Shabbat Dinners, Holy Day Celebrations, lectures, and film screenings.

Shabbat Dinners: Fridays @ 5:30pm in the OIE


International Club

International Club aims to promote understanding and awareness of diverse cultures and ethnicities while supporting international students on campus. International Club welcomes all students who wish to celebrate, explore, and discuss international cultures. Regular events include: Holi, Annual International Dinner, and International Dessert Fair.


Latinos Unidos

Latinos Unidos promotes a greater awareness on campus of the diverse Latina/o cultures, history, politics, traditions, and languages within the United States, Latin American, and the Caribbean. Latinos Unidos welcomes all students who wish to connect with Latino/a students and cultures. Regular events include: cooking events, cultural dances, and Enlaces.



Redefining/reconceptualizing/revealing/recognizing masculinity (reMasc) encourages all, but specifically men, to reflect inward upon ways traditional violent masculinity has impacted themselves and those around them while taking a stand against oppression in all its forms. ReMasc welcomes all students interested in learning, discussing, and exploring masculinity in its many forms. Regular events include: panels, Purple Tie Day, Sexual Awareness Activism Month, and retreats.



Mushahada (Muslim Student Association) brings together Bates Muslim students and supports them in their practice of Islam while providing campus-wide religious celebrations. MSA welcomes all students who wish to celebrate and learn about Islamic religion and culture. Regular events include: Eid celebrations.



OUTfront strives to promote understanding, awareness, and activism on campus around gender and sexual diversity through discussion, campus-wide events, and the collaboration with SPARQ!, Active Allies, and various other campus and community resources. OUTfront welcomes all students who are interested in learning, exploring, and celebrating gender and sexual diversity. Regular events include: Coming Out Week, Transgender Day of Remembrance, Pride Week, Lick It, and Dragapalooza.


Sangai Asia

Sangai Asia promotes Asian and Asian American awareness, identity, and fellowship through artistic expression. Sangai Asia welcomes all students and organizations that wish to share their talents to represent Asian culture. Regular events include: Sangai Asia Night and the Annual Fireworks Show.



SANKOFA seeks to explore the vibrant cultures of the African Diaspora through an annual production during MLK Day including music, dance, poetry, and prose. A director and co-director are chosen each year to research and create a production, which explore the meaning of “Blackness”. SANOKFA is open to all students, faculty, staff and community members who wish to foster social and political awareness about issues affecting those of African ancestry and embraces cultural differences.


Women of Color

Women of Color promotes awareness on campus around issues of racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, and other forms of prejudice that often affect women of color through open discussion and reflection. Women of Color is open to all students who wish to engage with these issues. Regular events include: film screenings, panel discussions, conferences, and group socials.