First-Year Seminar Meetings

Tuesday, August 30th, 9am-12pm


Course Number Course Title Instructor Meeting Room
FYS 135 Women in Art Rebecca Corrie Hathorn Hall, 303
FYS 177 Sex and Sexualities Erica Rand Pettengill Hall, 257
FYS 190 Changing Climate of Planet Earth Michael Retelle Carnegie Science, 230
FYS 191 Love and Friendship in the Classical World Dolores O’Higgins Pettengill Hall, 127
FYS 288 Luck and the Moral Life Susan Stark Hathorn Hall, 100
FYS 297 The Idea of Europe Raluca Cernahoschi Roger Williams, 215
FYS 300 Exploring Education Through Narratives Bronwyn Sale Pettengill Hall, G21
FYS 318 Through the Eyes of Children Mary Rice-DeFosse Roger Williams, 413
FYS 324 The Celtic World Gerald Bigelow Pettigrew Hall, 200
FYS 369 Saving Capitalism/Capitalists George Perkins Hathorn Hall, 314
FYS 376 Engagement, Justice, Change Emily Kane Hedge Hall, 208
FYS 393 DiY and Mash-Up Culture Dale Chapman Hathorn Hall, 305
FYS 401 Reading the Wild in Film and Literature Misty Beck Hathorn Hall, 108
FYS 414 The End of the World Denis Sweet Pettengill Hall, G10
FYS 419 Tobacco in History and Culture Melinda Plastas Hedge Hall, 106
FYS 420 Reading the Lord of the Rings Sylvia Federico Pettengill Hall, G54
FYS 427 Ecopsychology Laura Sewall Carnegie Science, 225
FYS 432 Disney Demystified Elizabeth Eames Roger Williams, 315
FYS 423 Animats, Minds, and Mobots William Seeley Pettigrew Hall, 204
FYS 440 Roots of Nonviolence Stacy Smith Commons, 211
FYS 442 Writing Personal Narratives Jessica Anthony Commons, 226
FYS 445 The Nature of Spirituality Cynthia Baker Dana Chemistry, 300
FYS 447 Holocaust on Stage Katalin Vecsey Pettengill Hall, G63
FYS 450 Race, Justice, and American Policy Leslie Hill Pettengill Hall, 312
FYS 452 The Politics of Soccer John Baughman Pettengill Hall, G65
FYS 453 The Science of Fiction Jennifer Koviach-Cote Carnegie Science, 111
FYS 454 The Natural History of Maine Brett Huggett Carnegie Science, 429
FYS 455 Neuroscience Fiction Nancy Koven Pettengill Hall, G52
FYS 456 This American Death Christopher Petrella Roger Williams, 316
FYS 457 Dostoyevsky’s Brothers Karamazov Jane Costlow Pettengill Hall, G50
FYS 458 Games, Mathematics, and Life Bonnie Shulman and John Stadler Hathorn Hall, 104
FYS 459 Presidential Campaign Rhetoric Stephanie Kelley-Romano Pettengill Hall, G04
FYS 460 Environment and Social Justice William Wallace Pettengill Hall, 162
FYS 461 Gut Microbiome Louise Brogan Pettengill Hall, 151
FYS 462 The Living Planet Rajarshi Saha Roger Wiliams, G18