AESOP 2019 Packing List

This list is meant to give you a basic idea of what you will need to bring to be prepared for your trip. It is compiled by experienced outdoor leaders and has been tested by years of AESOP experience. All students, regardless of their type of trip, should bring all of the items on this list. If you have any questions about gear, please don’t hesitate to ask us or your leaders.  You can contact us at

☐ Sleeping bag (rated to at least 35°F)**
☐ Sleeping pad**
☐ Backpack (capacity ≥55L for backpacking/amphibious trips; a day pack and duffel bag will suffice for all other trips)**
☐ Bowl**
☐ Spoon/knife/spork**
☐ Hiking boots or comfortable athletic shoes (MAKE SURE THEY ARE BROKEN IN!)
☐ Warm layer for top (fleece, vest, or sweatshirt. Non-cotton is best, but not necessary)
☐ Warm layer for legs (like long underwear or sweatpants)
☐ 2-3 pairs underwear
☐ 2-3 pairs socks (wool or synthetic athletic socks are best, but cotton is okay)
☐ 2-3 shirts (synthetic, dry wicking material is much better than cotton, but cotton is okay)
☐ 1-2 pairs athletic shorts
☐ Water bottle (2 for backpacking)
☐ Raincoat
☐ Warm hat/headband
☐ Sun hat/sunglasses
☐ Sandals or flip flops for camp shoes
☐ Sunscreen, toothbrush and other personal items

Optional, but nice to have:

☐ Swimsuit
☐ 1 pair long pants (not jeans)
☐ Rainpants
☐ Headlamp/flashlight
☐ Camera (students will not have phones on their trips to take photos)

**AESOP has a limited number of sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacks, and other gear available for students to borrow. We do not lend day packs, only backpacks for those going on backpacking or amphibious trips. For day trips, a school backpack will work great.

A Few Important Trip-Specific Things :

1. If you are on a backpacking, canoeing, or amphibious trip, you will need to carry your personal equipment (plus assorted group gear and food that we will provide), so please refrain from bringing more equipment than is on this list. Additionally, it will help when packing your backpack or canoe if you make sure all your things are in smaller stuff sacks as opposed to one duffel.

2. If you are on a base camping trip, you may pack things in a duffel bag instead of a backpack and should bring a smaller backpack (school backpack is perfect!) for daytime excursions. A frame backpack is not necessary! Due to limited resources, we are not able to lend out backpacks for base camping trips.

3. If you are on a community engagement trip, bring one pair of jeans and shirts that are durable and you don’t mind getting dirty. Your exact projects have yet to be determined, so flexibility is important!

4. Most importantly, hiking boots/athletic shoes must be broken in prior to coming on AESOP. Brand new
shoes cause blisters and serious foot pain, and nothing hurts more than hiking all day with blisters. Please make sure you break your shoes in properly before arriving on campus! What’s a good way to break in your hiking boots? Take them on a few walks around the neighborhood or around your home. Sure, you may look a bit silly, but it will be totally worth it in the end. Trust us! Additionally, although we strongly recommend hiking boots for the trips, if you do not own/are not able to buy a new pair, a good set of sturdy-soled sneakers will be okay!