Assistant AESOP Coordinator Hiring and Position Description

Each Fall, AESOP hires new coordinators! We are currently looking for sophomores who have new ideas, are hardworking, and have a passion for welcoming new people to the Bates Community.

For more information, please read the position description below and come to one of our information sessions! We will be having two sessions at the following times:

  • Tuesday, October 29th  at 7:30 pm in Commons 211
  • Monday, November 4th  at 12:00 noon in Commons 211

  The AESOP coordinator application will be due November 9th at 12:00 am, and we will conduct interviews thereafter. Please submit your application by emailing them to

We look forward to meeting you all. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Assistant AESOP Coordinator Position Purpose

The position of Assistant AESOP Coordinator supports the planning, organization and execution of the Annual Entering Student Orientation Program (AESOP) under the guidance of the AESOP Coordinators. As part of first year orientation events, Coordinators work in partnership with the Office of Residence Life and Health Education to introduce first years to outdoor and community opportunities in and throughout Maine and New Hampshire.  Assistant Coordinators focus on building relationships amongst Bates students and helping students establish a sense of place. We strive to support new students in their transitions to Bates, foster connection between first year students, and support connection to upperclass students.

Assistant Coordinators are hired at the end of the first semester of their sophomore year and remain Assistant Coordinators until the completion of AESOP before their junior year. Following the completion of AESOP they then assume the roles of AESOP Coordinators (no longer assistants). The Assistant Coordinators are hired to bring new insight to the program, working collaboratively with the AESOP Coordinators to implement improvements; Assistant Coordinators are the primary managers of gear maintenance and organization.

Key Accountabilities


  • Meet with the Assistant Dean and Senior Associate Dean from the Office of Residence Life and Health Education when needed
  • Meet with additional faculty, staff, and students when needed
  • Document the Assistant Coordinator yearly process for future AESOP Assistant Coordinators
  • Collaborate with the AESOP Coordinators to implement changes from previous years
  • Collaborate with the AESOP Coordinators to support and infuse equity and inclusion initiatives within the AESOP program
  • Collaborate with the Senior Associate Dean of Students, Assistant Dean of Students, and the AESOP Coordinators to implement risk management practices
  • Collaborate with the AESOP Coordinators to develop student leadership within AESOP, especially for AESOP Leaders
  • Manage all AESOP gear inclusive of gear maintenance and creating a gear management inventory for AESOP


  • Assist the AESOP Coordinators in advertising for and hiring for AESOP Leaders
  • Assist the AESOP Coordinators in conducting and planning the interview process for AESOP Leaders

Leadership Training

  • Assist the AESOP Coordinators in Inclusively designing Leadership Week to support leaders from a diverse array of backgrounds and experiences
  • Assist the AESOP Coordinators in facilitating and planning Leadership Week inclusive of Wilderness First Aid, Green Dot, Title IX, and Inclusivity trainings among others
  • Train and teach necessary skills such as tent set-up, Leave No Trace (LNT), hygiene, water purification, map reading and compass skills, Whisper Lite and Coleman stoves, knots, and etc. to AESOP Leaders
  • Prepare AESOP Leaders for group dynamics through ice breakers, field scenarios, intergroup dynamic scenarios, and risk-management.
  • Educate AESOP Leaders on risk management and evacuation protocols

AESOP Trips – Planning and Implementation

  • Assist the AESOP Coordinators in implementing and planning all AESOP Trips
    • Book campsites, book group activities, and confirm these bookings
    • Register and acquire permits for groups traveling in areas with special land use designations
    • Order and distribute the necessary food items to accommodate all students on the trips
    • Coordinate van transportation and associated paperwork
    • Review previous trip itineraries and create new trip itineraries
    • Organize maps to campsites and trip trails
    • Assign each trip to one AESOP coordinator and establish expectations for leader communication

Position Requirements

Skills & Knowledge

  • Strong judgement and awareness for interpersonal dynamics.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with ability to develop and maintain collegial relationships with clientele such as students, staff, faculty and community partners.
  • Excellent communication (written, verbal & listening) skills.  
  • Ability to effectively engage with diverse personalities and manage difficult situations.
  • Proficiency in basic data management systems and assessment practices (e.g., Microsoft Word and Excel, Power Point, WordPress [website], Google docs, email and calendaring.).
  • Demonstrated awareness of, sensitivity and commitment to diversity and inclusivity and to serving the needs of a culturally and educationally diverse and inclusive community with diplomacy and tact.


  • Experience working in student leadership in the following areas: club/organizations, outdoor education, athletics, intercultural education, residence life, ARC, etc.
  • Note: No prior outdoor skills or experience is required for this position
  • Experience working in collaborative and dynamic environments.
  • Experience balancing and shifting tasks and priorities.
  • Demonstrated interest in supporting students from underrepresented groups, including students from historically underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, first-generation-to-college students, LGBTQ+ identified individuals, and low-income students.

NOTE: Due to significant leadership responsibilities and vital interaction with both upperclass and new students, all applicants will be vetted for conduct and ethical concerns through a Conduct Review process, via the Office of Student Support and Community Standards and the Office of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance.