Meet the Coordinators

AESOP is a student-led with support from the Office of Residence Life and Health Education. We are free to explore new trip ideas and keep the program fresh and student-focused! We love our school and we love what we do: a wonderful combination that allows us to infuse our own joy about AESOP, Bates, Maine, and Lewiston into the beginning of your four years here.

We are dedicated to making this the best AESOP yet! We work steadily throughout the school year to prepare for the upcoming AESOP program and will work continuously throughout the summer in preparation for your arrival on campus in August. We look forward to meeting each of you and hope you are all excited about coming to Bates. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at We’ll answer your questions as quickly as possible, but bear in mind that there are many of you and only a few of us, so please be patient!

Erni Whitaker ’20 – Head Coordinator

Hometown: Casola Valsenio, Italy

What AESOP did you participate in as a First Year? Franconia II

Well hellooooooo there Bates class of 2023!!! We are thrilled that you have decided to join us here at Bates and can’t think of a better way for you to start off your college career than a rockin’ four days of AESOP. I come from the boot country over in Europe, but have tried out California, DC, and your beautiful new home, Maine. At Bates, I am majoring in philosophy and chemistry. When I’m not on the second floor of the library, you can find me in the Academic Resource Commons being the student-support-student kind of lady I am. I also love running around icy Lewiston, hanging with the wise citizens at the nursing home just a block from Bates, and taking names on the racquetball court. If you see me around during Orientation, ask me to demonstrate the seven principles of Leave No Trace. I will be smiling as big as I am in this picture, because I cannot wait to meet you and send you off on the best four days of your lives.

Grace Warder ’20 – Head Coordinator

Hometown: New York, NY

What AESOP did you participate in as a First Year? Mahoosuc I

How goes it bobkittens??!!! I am so excited to meet you all and see all of your shining faces on campus so soon! AESOP is an exciting and wonderful time and I am beyond stoked that the other coords and I get to share it with you this coming year! Alas, you may not share this excitement as the prospect of beginning school may seem daunting but DON’T FRET! Even before you step into your first class at Bates College, not only will you have already been introduced to some of your lovely classmates as well as all of the rad AESOP leaders, you will also have gotten the chance to spend four fun filled days with them getting to know Bates and the beautiful state of Maine on your AESOP trip!

A little about me: I am from New York City and miss the bagels there a little bit every day. If you too hail from the city of lights and are so inclined to bring me one of those doughy circles of heaven I will be forever grateful. While the constraints of living in a city never seemed to permit it, I grew up leaving my hometown whenever I could to ski, hike, canoe, kayak, bike, and anything else I could get my hands on. If these things aren’t your cup of tea you are not alone, I’ve also been known to binge watching entire shows on netflix on lazy afternoons.

I am a rising senior and I study Environmental Studies and Education within the house we call academia. When I’m not camped out in Hedge Hall doing homework, you can find me getting roasted on the foursquare court by Lewiston middle schoolers, running around on the frisbee field, or trying to set a record for most mozz sticks eaten in the Bobcat Den. I love Bates and everything that comes with it and I am beyond excited to introduce you to AESOP, one of Bates’s oldest traditions!! Buckle up Bobcats, and get ready for the best four days you ever could’ve asked for!

Peter Griffin ’20 – Head Coordinator

Hometown: Beverly, MA

What AESOP did you participate in as a First Year? Moosehead Lake

Howdy Bobcats! Welcome to the neighborhood! Can’t wait for you all to get to Bates and venture off onto AESOP! Whether you’re chillin, hiking, paddling, meditating or padhikchiltating, you will have one of the grandest experiences of your life!

Personally, I hail from the eternally great state of Massachusetts but consider myself an honorary part-time resident of New Hampshire (603 amiright?!).  I’ve become acquainted with my home lands through skiing, climbing, hiking, paddling and just about everything in between! As an enlightened college student, I study Psychology and German. As a very hungry person, I eat all of the chicken salad Commons has to offer. Whether I’m hittin’ the books in the library or zooming around campus on my trusty, satchel bag-equipped, sweet bike, I love everything Bates has to offer.

Hanging around in Maine and New Hampshire with your new college pals is the best way to start your life off at Bates! Have a great summer and see you soon!

Imani Boggan ’21 – Assistant Coordinator

Hometown: Lafayette, CA 

What AESOP did you participate in as a First Year? Habitat for Humanity

What’s good class of 2023?!! So psyched to have you all on campus. AESOP is one of the cooler ways you’ll get to familiarize yourself with some of your classmates, Bates, and Maine!

I am from Lafayette, California which is just a BART ride from San Francisco. Growing up in the golden state has inspired my love for the outdoors: the ocean, the mountains, and all the great things in between. Coming to Maine has led me to so many new adventures, friends, and memories. At Bates, I am studying economics and sociology. I spend a lot of time posted up in commons ~ I live for commons creations! ~ and running around in Merrill. I am usually bumping alt. R&B, but am always looking to be put on to new music. While we’re talking recommendations— I am a nat. park and movie enthusiast: if you’ve got a favorite park or favorite movie, tell me about it when you see me around!

AESOP has been one of my biggest joys at Bates. I am so excited for you to see what it’s all about! Are you hyped yet?!!

Carter Ros ’21 – Assistant Coordinator

Hometown: Haley, ID

What AESOP did you participate in as a First Year? Surfing II

Howdy! And welcome to AESOP 2019!!! We are excited to welcome you all to the Bates family through the glorious and life changing event that is AESOP! AESOP is hands down the best college orientation experience and we can’t wait to share it with you.

If you care to know a little about me, here it is. I was born and raised in Idaho and spent my childhood exploring the mountains in and around my hometown. On any given day you may find me skiing, surfing, rock climbing, mountain biking, skateboarding, backpacking, or lamping. I ventured east to Bates, sight unseen, to join the Nordic Ski Team, which I am still apart of and takes up much of my free time. I do go to school sometimes, despite what my friends say, and when I do you’ll find me in classes that help to fulfill my Anthropology major with a History minor.

In case you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t know, Maine is home to some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in the country. AESOP gives you a unique opportunity to explore these landscapes as well many others across New England! My AESOP experience was amazing and I will work my hardest to make sure that all of yours will be as well. Enjoy your summers and I can’t wait to meet all of you very soon!

Peace, Love, and Roll ‘Cats!

Sarah Abbott ’21 – Assistant Coordinator

Hometown: Chatham, NJ

What AESOP did you participate in as a First Year? Climbing I

Hi Folks! Congratulations! You’re officially a Batesie!! I’m extremely excited you all are coming to Bates. As you can see, I too graduated from high school. And I must say, AESOP is an amazing way to start off your Bates experience.

I am from the lovely state of New Jersey. Although New Jersey is not known for the great outdoors, I love to hike, bike, climb, and run as much as I love a good diner, a bagel, and train ride into New York. I am majoring in Chemistry here at Bates, and you can probably find me asking all sorts of content questions in the Academic Resource Commons (ARC). A few things I love about Bates other than ARC are the unlimited swipes into our dining hall, Commons, the awesome friendly people, the campus dogs, the lovely state of Maine. Welcome to Maine and welcome to Bates! I look forward to sending you off on your four day AESOP adventure!