Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.28.13 AMMooselookmeguntic Lake (Josh Kuckens photo)

Here you will find a full list and description of the different Amphibious trips we offer. Click on the drop-down boxes to learn more about the awesome Batesies who will lead them! 

Mooselookmeguntic (Level 2)

Mooselookmeguntic I Leaders: Emma Hampson and Sam Rickerich

(Camera focuses in on a campfire with an old man telling a tale to a group of curious listeners) Gather around folks, and listen carefully. I am going to tell you the story of Emma Hampson, AESOP’s most sacred leader. No one truly knows the story behind the Napa Valley heroine, but it is rumored that she was the greatest AESOP leader that had ever lived. Blessed by St. Celiac with beauty, charm and a gluten autoimmune disorder, the religious studies and neuroscience double major were said to have the purest understanding of the outdoors. Knowledge so clear that it is told that her AESOPers would have the woodland animals tell them about her generosity, warmth, and passion for friendship. Quiet but always heard, the whole forest would listen to Emma’s stories of her youth when she played soccer, skied, and trained for her XC races. It is unknown to current medical doctors where Emma obtains her energy as leading a gluten free diet and self-reporting a state of constant tiredness, but when nature calls Emma acts. She acts for others, animals and most importantly her AESOPers! It is considered an organizational miracle that Emma has come back this year to lead her final AESOP trip before retreating to the Valley, to lie with her dogs, sip wine, and embrace the aroma of mustard, when it blooms in the vineyard. When she embarks on mooselookmeguntic I, make sure you are there! But most importantly, cherish your experience, as it will be once in a lifetime.

Hi guys, I’m Sam. I hail from the town of York, (the state may never be known) where I listen to country music and watch the waves break softly over the sand. I like math, rocks, and the universal laws of physics, and one day hope to go on AESOP for the first time. Other hobbies include soccer, chess, skiing, and cheese. The best deal on cheese out there can be found at your local Hannaford; not in the cheese section but in the dairy section. Also I do listen to more music then just country so don’t fret. Canoeing is a fun time that does not take much work so long as the wind is in your favor, but definitely become acquainted with the pirates code before this voyage. Looking forward to doing some outdoor activities with you guys this August — until then!

Mooselookmeguntic II Leaders: Michael Cooper and Annabel Mahon 

Hi Y’all, My name is Michael Cooper, but you can call me hot Mike from IT (I work at the help desk in the library). I am a Geology major, a (maybe) Religious Studies minor, a junior, a member of the manic optimists (a cappella group), and I ski alpine on the side. I am from a ranch in the wild west (Tahoe, California), and I own five rabbits. I am on the Alpine Ski Team here at Bates so when I’m not doing school work, every other waking minute is spent skiing up at Sunday River or at Lost Valley. This summer I will be rebuilding my ranch after the 70 feet of snow (gnar) that has covered Tahoe this season and obviously skiing. I am beyond excited to meet all of your smiling faces and hike/canoe the Mooselookmeguntic area!

Ey Mates! I’m Annabel Mahon (sounds like Mahn), but you can call me the Steve Irwin of Bates College. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m Australian, and yes I love vegemite. I am a sophomore and either going to be a History or Politics major, but I haven’t decided yet. I grew up in Melbourne, Australia so not quite the outback, but close enough to be considered close friends with Steve Irwin’s family. I am a member of the Bates Alpine Ski Team, so like Michael, I tend to devote most of my time to skiing and the rest to school, so we can teach you guys how to shred when the snow comes to Maine next winter! I’ll be back home in the land down under this summer skiing and wrestling salt-water crocodiles. I am super stoked to be one of your leaders, hopefully your favorite (don’t tell Michael), and can’t wait to meet all of you and explore the Mooselookmeguntic landscape!


Mooselookmeguntic is a trip this that will be a relaxing amphibious trip exploring all corners of Mooselookmeguntic Lake and the Western Foothills of the picturesque Rangeley region. Canoeing days will be spent journeying around the lake and the many small islands in the Stephen Phillips Preserve. Two days hiking in the Lakes Region allows for great views of Saddleback, Rangeley Lake, and the eastern edge of the White Mountains along with plenty of swimming in Smalls Falls!

*Mooselookmeguntic I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

Flagstaff (Level 4)

Flagstaff I Leaders: Jonathan Depew and Hope Logan

Hello! My name is Jonathan and I am a proud resident of the great state of O-H-I-O. I am a sports enthusiast who will play and watch any and all sports. If you are curious, my favorite teams include the Cleveland Frowns, Cavs, and Indians. Along with experimentation in any and all sport, I am a member of the swim team (and so is my co leader Hope). I think it is safe to say we will be doing 5am 5k swims on this trip (Gotcha…just kidding!!). Some of my other favorites are: Rom Com movies, ice cream, root beer floats, and seeing Hope try to dance. My favorite song right now is probably “New Romantics” by Taylor Swift or anything Adele. But I will listen to any and all music genres. Join Flagstaff I!!

A born and bred Mainer, Hope grew up amidst the salty sea’s and sky’s beautiful blues. She really likes the color blue. A lot. She loves Maine so much in fact, she stayed here for college just so she could lead new students like yourself into its wicked wilderness. At Bates, she love a warm Turner Bridge jump, everyone’s favorite English professor Steve Dillon, and beating Jonathan at swim practice. She’ll teach you knots, what to do in a lightening storm, and how to use the spice wall in Commons. Sign up for Flagstaff I! You’ll be super safe because she’s a lifeguard and there will be Annie’s Mac and Cheese.

Flagstaff II Leaders: Tess Miller and Eli Nixon

Heyo AESOPERS! Tess Miller, also known as ma’, hails from the faraway territory of Southern California. She has spent her 19 years of life on long beach runs, eating copious amounts of peanut butter (crunchy-unsalted, of course), and creating the perfect arrangement of Jibbitz on her Crocs. While Tess’s skiing skills are below that of a kindergartener, her rock climbing and ping pong abilities serisously raise the roof. Tess dreams of opening a brunch-restaurant one day, but until then, she is working hard (or hardly working?) as a biological-chemistry major at Bates College. Most importantly, Tess is a big ol’ goof with an even bigger heart and cannot wait to prance around the forest with ya’ll!

Howdy ladies and gents! Lemme tell you about my friend, and your future dad, Eli Nixon. Eli is a croc-sponsored Mainer who has a special place in his heart for BLT sandwiches and mini m&m’s. He is currently a pre-med student (woah, kid genius) and hopes to be a Physician’s Assistant one day. When Eli isn’t hitting the books, he is busy catching waves at Popham Beach, road trippin’ to Sunday River with the Freestyle Ski Club, or tossing a disc with the Bates Ultimate Frisbee team. Although he has a life threatening fear of the lochness monster and pinky toes, Eli’s wilderness skills are outta this world and he could not be more pumped to lead you through the treacherous waters and woods of Western Maine. So if you are into lame dad jokes and uncoordinated dance moves, you can count on Eli and I for a wild, wacky, and wonderful adventure!

Start off this trip hiking up Bigelow Mountain to The Horns and Avery Peak. Sleep well at a campsite right off the ridgeline and descend the next day via the Safford Brook trail until you reach Flagstaff Lake! Put in your canoes, enjoy a nice swim and paddle across this unique and vast lake. Explore the areas on shore and camp on islands you pass along the way.

*Flagstaff I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

Richardson (Level 4)

Richardson 1 Leaders: Dylan Thombs and Sophia Merelas

Dear future Bobcats, As you are about to embark on to the next stage of your life known as AESOP (and possibly college), I feel that it is necessary for you (and maybe your loved ones ie. cat, dog, fish, farm animals, summer boyfriends, and summer girlfriends…and maybe the people that gave you life) to know who you are putting your life in the hands of… In other words let’s get to know your AESOP leader, Dylan Randolph Thombs, aka “Dylan from Maine”. I was born at the foot of Mount Katahdin on the back of my family’s 700-pound pet moose, Baxter. My granite demeanor may seem off-putting at times, but just like any good Mainer my northern hospitality rivals that of the crusty Lobstermen and Lobsterwomen that fish on our shores, so don’t worry it’ll be just fine! As I grew with age, I became very well traveled, visiting exotic places such as the metropolitan area of Portland, ME, the craggily coast of Maine, the blueberry barons of Down East Maine, the great North Woods (still Maine), and the “far as the eye can see” potato fields of the county…in Maine. As a teenager it became time for me to make a living from the land just as my parents had done before me. I worked practically every single job in the lumber, fishing, potato, and blueberry industry. Not knowing when and where to stop, I decided to return to my schooling for direction…so…I came to the big city, Lewiston, to attend Bates College (you can imagine my surprise when I found out that there were people from outside of Maine). At Bates, my area of study is Environmental Studies, with a concentration in ecology, but as you can see that’s most of my life anyways. I am a member of Green Action Alliance or GAA, and most importantly I am a proud member of the Varsity Nordic Ski Team, which ironically is how I travel around the state and to my classes every winter. I am skilled with chainsaws, bee keeping, gardening, and animal rearing, but I don’t stop there. I’m also a skilled apple grower, you may even hear me utter the words “back on the orchard…” before I go into an hour long story about my extended family members (that one is true!). I’ll be waiting with open arms and open moxies for all of you, ayuh! Peace, love, and lobster! Dylan from Maine.

My name is Sophia Mykel Merelas, and no that isn’t a family middle name. I am from just close enough outside NYC to say I’m from NYC so that I don’t have to tell people that some of the girls that I went to High School with could have given the characters in “The Cliché” a run for their money. I didn’t peak in High School. I am a Psychology major, with a Spanish and education minor, and am proud to be the loudest typist on Bates campus (friends actually chipped in to buy me a keyboard cover and insurance for my laptop). I can say with 100% confidence that I am not basic, as my Patagonia coat is blue, not black like the other girls, and instead of drinking coffee, I mostly spill it on my homework. Feeling conflicted over whether you would rather spend your AESOP on land, or on the water? Fret no more, as choosing Richardson I will give you both. Dylan and I both did this trip our freshman year, and decided that we like each other enough (occasionally) to bookend our Bates College experience with it. We are not saying that it will be breeze (although I can’t control the wind patterns so maybe it will be), but I can promise that it will be an amazing experience that you will never forget.

Richardson 2 Leaders: Hazel Cashman and Gabe McGinn 

wassup kitty catzzz iiii’m Hazel, and if there’s anything you should know about me it’s that I hail from the great wet wild state of Washington and I could probably survive just on peanut butter and lasagna. Though I’ve cut my cheese on the cascades, (skiing hiking blueberry picking and the likeeee) I’ve grated it on the AT and I can’t wait to hike some of it with y’all! (With regards to canoeing, we can defer to my kooky co-leader Gabriel (goob the boob) McGinn- he’s the expert there.) Anyway, if you’re looking to befriend an anthro-geo major with a passion for misadventure, paleoarchaeology, and ~funky~ tunes, I’m your gal. Can’t wait to welcome you all to Bats college a school for Bats! p.s. choose our trip cause our spirit animals are a sea otter and Baloo the Bear, (we’ll let ya guess who’s who) and I BET you can’t think of a cuter combination than that p.p.s. here is a list of things I’ve done in the past six months for your information/inspiration (?): took nude pics on a glacier in Iceland, got lost in Lewiston and found a random graveyard, shredded my knee up so bad I had to get a tetanus shot, and went skinny dipping in a Greenlandic fjord. scoot scoot, see ya in a while!

Howdy sportsfans! My name is Gabe McGinn and I like bad jokes and hot sauce. I’m a Geology and Math major here at bats college. I’m from the great state of Maine, especially from Cape Elizabeth. Hobbies include asking strangers to pet their dogs, making fun of Hazel, and long walks on alumni. My favorite commons dinner is tuna steaks and egg rolls. I did the Chesuncook lake canoeing AESOP. Richardson II, the trip Young Zel and I will be leading, is the best of both words: hiking and canoeing. Which reminds me, another one of my hobbies is flipping over canoes and hiding in the air pocket underneath, as an insight to what the life of a turtle would be like. I can’t wait to share this experience with you youngins.



Begin by hiking along the Appalachian Trail up Surplus Mountain in the beautiful Grafton Notch State Park and staying at a lean-to the first night. Continue hiking the next day to South Arm Campsite on Lower Richardson Lake and meet up with your opposing trip. Canoe the following day through The Narrows and into Upper Richardson Lake while surrounded by breathtaking mountains and walking trails on shore. It’s just the best of both worlds, ain’t it?!

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