Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.28.13 AMMooselookmeguntic Lake (Josh Kuckens photo)

Here you will find a full list and description of the different Amphibious trips we offer. Amphibious trips travel by land AND water, aka hiking and canoeing! Click on the drop-down boxes to learn more about the awesome Batesies who will lead them! 

Mooselookmeguntic (Moderate Physical Strenuousness)

Mooselookmeguntic I Leaders: Sam Alexander and Kyle Larry

Hi guys, my name is Samantha, but I go by Sam. I am a Junior Psychology major/Education minor, and an awesome person in the Lewiston-Auburn community. Almost every day I volunteer and/or work in Lewiston-Auburn, so if you ever want to know about the cool stuff that you can do in our city come talk to me! I am from Des Moines, Iowa. Iowa is NOT in the middle of nowhere, it’s actually in the Midwest near Illinois. This summer I am home in the city (just outside the cornfields) interning with a youth summer program. Some other things I do when I’m home are go shopping, horseback riding, hangout with my friends, and play tennis. I am super excited to meet you all and embark on this amazing trip to Mooselookmeguntic!

Hey guys, Kyle here! I am a sophomore double majoring in Psychology and Politics with an African American Studies minor. Aside from academics, you can find me on campus probably playing squash, writing the newspaper, singing for my acapella group, or chilling with friends. Back home I would consider myself the same as on campus: adventurous and spontaneous (it’s better that way). I’m from Chicago, Illinois, and there I love to play squash and visit cool sights around the city. Hopefully, I go back this summer for an internship with my squash program. However, something that I am even more excited about is after the summer, where I will get to spend time with you guys on the Mooselookmeguntic trip.

Mooselookmeguntic II Leaders: Zack Anderson and Alexa Harrison

Greetings young Bobkittens, I am your fearless co-leader Soccer Zack!
I am super stoked to be your co-leader for 4 rad days of hiking and paddling on the beautiful Mooselookmeguntic Lake , with my earth-toned-sweater-loving-future-cat-lady co-leader Alexa. If you enjoy activities ranging from eating meat sticks to talking about Disney movies, this trip is for you! On the school side of things, I am a rising senior Sociology major with minors in Education and Chemistry. When I am not cruising lakes in canoes, I enjoy shredding at the Higgins Beach Barrel factory (surfing, NOT SUPing or boogie-boarding contrary to what Alexa says), eating large quantities of ice cream, reliving my high school athletic glory in intramurals, and strolling through the Maine woods. I can’t wait for you to join us on this amphibious adventure and kick off your Bates experience!

Hidy ho there neighbor! I’m your fearless co-leader Alexa! Are you ready for the best amphibious trip of your life? As a rising senior, Bates enthusiast and avid water canoer and hiker, I’m SUPER excited to take you all on this trip around the beautiful Mooselookmeguntic area. Accompanying me as your future AESOP dad is the wonderful Long-Haired-Boogie-Boarding-Pittsburgh-Raised co-leader, Soccer Zack and we can’t wait to get explorin’ with you all! A little about me, I’m from the great state of Massachusetts, home of everyone’s favorite cookie: the Fig Newton and I love men’s sweaters. When I’m not studying Psychology, I enjoy spending my free time getting lost on long walks on the beach, climbing tall things, and strapping canoes to the roof of my Prius. I can’t wait to take you guys out onto Mooselookmeguntic Lake and help jump start your Bates experience!

Mooselookmeguntic is a trip this that will be a relaxing amphibious trip exploring all corners of Mooselookmeguntic Lake and the Western Foothills of the picturesque Rangeley region. Canoeing days will be spent journeying around the lake and the many small islands in the Stephen Phillips Preserve. Two days hiking in the Lakes Region allows for great views of Saddleback, Rangeley Lake, and the eastern edge of the White Mountains along with plenty of swimming in Smalls Falls!

*Mooselookmeguntic I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

Flagstaff (High Physical Strenuousness)

Flagstaff I Leaders: Lily Kip and Owen Ahlborn

Hididley Hoodley future Aesopers! Lily Kip is a canoeing connoisseur ready and (at times overly) eager to guide you along our spiritual journey over Bigelow Mountain and across Flagstaff Lake. Lily’s constant enthusiasm stems from her humble beginnings in Needham Mass, a Boston suburb generic enough to have its third biggest attraction be its public library. At Bates, Lily is doodling her way through her studio art and English majors. In her free time she enjoys snapping selfies in non-mirror reflective surfaces, hopping in hammocks, and coming up with off-center social event themes. Last time Lily braved the flagstaff trip she macgyered together a canoe sail, and only directed us down the wrong trail once!!! So sign up for Flagstaff and start your Bates career off right with an unorthodox trip (and leader) that is bound to surprise you in the best of ways.

Owen Ahlborn is a senior physics major fresh off a semester across the pond calling soccer “football” and regularly making ritual sacrifices to the great gods of manchester united. Hailing originally from Providence, Rhode Island (or “the greatest city in the world” as he will tell anyone who asks), Owen takes great pride in coming from one of the only two states to never ratify prohibition. At Bates you can find Owen out on the rugby field or giving Zach Guion shoulder massages in Ladd Library. He’s a regular haunt of the rectangular tables in Commons, and if you’re lucky enough to spot him and ask him nicely, he might make you one of his famous pb&j sammies. Owen has been called “aggressively loyal,” “a mother hen,” and “a real swell guy” by his peers. Still don’t believe it? Take it from someone who knows. In an official review of Owen Ahlborn, a previous AESOPer stated: “Owen wears such short shorts.”
Owen is ready to get his feet wet this fall with some amphibious adventuring. Get ready for a wild ride with flagstaff 1!!!

Flagstaff II Leaders: Cara Starnbach and George Fiske

Hey’all, (its like ‘Hey Y’all’ but I combined the words and moved the apostrophe around so its original). My name is CARA and I hail from the (not so original) hometown of Needham located just outside of Boston. I would say my daily life at Bates College is also amphibious, just like this trip. I spend my mornings on land cooking up crazy chemical concoctions in the Dana chemistry labs and chasing around professors with dogs so I can pet them because I am such a dog person. By the afternoon you can find me yamming and jamming on the Androscoggin River with my fellow amazon women on the rowing team, painting with all the colors of the wind, ~that jazz~. By nightfall I am back on land once more and if I’m not back at it in the library cramming, I’m singing my heart out in acapella in the Olin Arts Building. I feel like you should all know that my favorite food in the entire world is Toscanini’s Ice Cream only found in Cambridge, MA, it is simply the best ice cream in the entire world (not my opinion, try the New York Times). Anyhoo, George and I were on the same AESOP together our freshman year and are now over the moon to now be leading our own group! Come join us on our amphibious adventure!

What’s good future homies, I’m George and I’m in my senior year studying Chinese language, Physics and Philosophy. I come from West Hartford Connecticut, but I spent last spring in Taiwan, 如果你有空, 你就應該去那裡旅行,美麗極了! I climb, hike, paddle and love all things outdoors; catch me on the quad with a slackline on a sunny day. The good life is about quality food and pondering the universe. Come through Flagstaff II with Cara and I and let’s have an adventure!


Start off this trip hiking up Bigelow Mountain to The Horns and Avery Peak. Sleep well at a campsite right off the ridgeline and descend the next day via the Safford Brook trail until you reach Flagstaff Lake! Put in your canoes, enjoy a nice swim and paddle across this unique and vast lake. Explore the areas on shore and camp on islands you pass along the way.

*Flagstaff I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

Richardson (High Physical Strenuousness)

Richardson I Leaders: Kylie Martin and Josh Caldwell


Hey First-Years! I am so excited to get to know you and be your friend as you enter this community of high spirited, inclusive, and friendly Bobcats. AESOP is a blast — beautiful terrain, good people, and great energy. I’m stoked to be part of this new family as we traverse the trails and lakes of Maine together.
I am from the small town of Poland Springs, Maine. At Bates, I study English and Education, with a concentration in Philosophy. My plan is to be a public high school English teacher! Outside of class, you can find me frequenting the dessert bar in Commons, messing around with my camera, running through Lewiston, and working with younger students in local schools. I’m passionate about people, education, the outdoors, and mental and physical health. I genuinely am so pumped to meet you all, and can’t wait to adventure together!

Whatuuuuuuuuup Batesies. I am super stoked to get you all into the wilderness of Maine as we embark on a unifying and purifying journey together. Though all my experiences at Bates have been utterly phenomenal, I may have to put AESOP up there as one of my all-time favorites. It is an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to pass the joys of such an experience on to you.
I was born and raised in a little town just around the bend from Bates in central Maine. I strive to meet the standards of such a quality state, and I’m really pumped to show off some of its best features to you. I came to Bates initially to play lacrosse and study neuroscience, but since have wandered into the realms of environmental studies, geology, and narpdom (non-athletic regular persondom). Nowadays I spend most of my time kicking it in the Carnegie Science reception office, mentoring the youngsters of Lewiston, brainstorming tattoo ideas, navigating my intramural football team through crushing defeats, or flicking a disc around with my pals. I also love to get out there in the far reaches of Maine for the fresh air and stunning vistas, particularly when accompanied by my best bud and fellow leader Kylie. I can’t wait to kick things off with all of ya!!!!!

Richardson II Leaders: Michael Cooper and Annabel Mahon 

Wassup future bobcats! My name is Michael Cooper, or also sometimes Mike from IT (I work at the library help desk). I am a Senior at Bates and the only Geology major in my class (I love rocks). I am also a music minor with the voice of an angel who sings for the Manic Optimist bates acapella group. I grew up around the serenity of Lake Tahoe, California on a ranch herding cattle and talking to my pet parrot, Tiki. I am on the Alpine Ski team at Bates with Annabel, and I love to shred up the world on my skis. This summer I will either be working and skiing at Mt. Hood, or staying on the east coast to work on the great island of Nantucket with my mate Gordon! I cannot wait to be able to welcome you all into the beautiful state of Maine, and the wonderful place that Bates College is! Scratch em up bobcats, hope you are all having a mint (as Annabel would say) summer.

Ay Mates! Hows it going, I’m Annabel Mahon (pronounced ‘Steve Irwin’), but most people just call me Annabel. And yes, I’m from Australia and grew up in the big city of Melbourne! You may have seen my homeland of Australia on the show Planet Earth, and I can tell you Melbourne is nothing like that, the crocodile to human ratio is way less in the city. I’m a junior at Bates, and I am currently double majoring in History/Underwater basket-weaving, so I can tell you about everything that ever happened…..ever. I am also a member of the Alpine Ski Team with Michael so any free time that I have during the winters is spent up at Sunday River or Lost Valley shredding around! This summer I’m going to be spending a bit of time in Costa Rica, but mostly back home in Australia and New Zealand chasing winter, crocodiles, and ski racing! This year will be Michael’s and my second time leading AESOP and we’re so stoked to meet everyone and head out on Richardson II! Cheers!


Richardson I and II run opposite itineraries. One trip will begin by hiking along the Appalachian Trail up Surplus Mountain in the beautiful Grafton Notch State Park and staying at a lean-to the first night. Continue hiking the next day to South Arm Campsite on Lower Richardson Lake and meet up with your opposing trip. Canoe the following day through The Narrows and into Upper Richardson Lake while surrounded by breathtaking mountains and walking trails on shore. Flip that around, and you’ve got the itinerary of the other Richardson group! Fun opportunity to meet your opposing group in the middle and make even more AESOP pals. It’s just the best of both worlds, ain’t it?!

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