Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.28.13 AMMooselookmeguntic Lake (Josh Kuckens photo)

Here you will find a full list and description of the different Amphibious trips we offer. Amphibious trips travel by land AND water, aka hiking and canoeing! Click on the drop-down boxes to learn more about the awesome Batesies who will lead them! 

Mooselookmeguntic (Moderate Physical Activity)

Mooselookmeguntic I Leaders: Max Gardner and Grace Ellrodt

Hey Everyone. My name is Max Gardner, I’m a senior from New York City, and I can’t wait to lead you through the lakes and hills of western Maine. Last year, Grace and I led a farming trip where we honed our backcountry cooking skills (check out the AESOP insta for evidence), and we can’t wait to use these skills on Lake Mooselookmeguntic. At school, I am a politics major and a rhetoric minor, so I’ll be able to provide the theories of Aristotle and Socrates as bedtime tales. Also, as a member of Bates EMS, if anything goes awry, I’ll know how to dial 911. I have some experience canoeing and hiking around Maine and while I have never been to Mooselookmeguntic Lake, I do know an awesome fact which is that it is the third longest name in the United States and I am really excited to explore it with you all. A fun fact about me is that growing up I there were two notable nicknames in my family. First of all, I was called ‘Bubba’ because I was a fat baby and that nickname has stuck within my family to this day. Second, as a little kid I couldn’t say my Aunt Julie’s name so instead I called her ‘DooDoo.’ I had no idea the significance of DooDoo for way longer than I should have and even now, knowing what it sounds like, I still call her ‘Doo.’ Anyway, with the combination of my great nicknaming skilz and Grace’s incredible energy, enthusiasm and of course animal expertise, it’s safe to say that this is going to be a pretty epic trip. Hit us up on MySpace if you’re interested (but actually please sign up through the normal process).

Hi friends!! My name is Grace Ellrodt (the last name is a bear. Once, I’ll just share, a letter came that spelled my last name with no vowels whatsoever). My nicknames include, but are not limited to, G-Rod (4-5th grade travel basketball glory days – on steroids) and G-Racer, which, excitingly, evolved into Speed Gracer. I am not, however, a wildly fast-paced person. Growing up in the Berkshires of way west Western, MA (“near” Boston, sure), I love a long run by the farms around my house with a Moth podcast, a paddle board with ample time for distracted floating + visits to others’ water trampolines, and a front-porch-sit with my dad Gray (smart. Savvy. Entirely too tall and often uncomfortable for it), Huck (a pup dedicated to just staring at you lovingly) and Walter (a Boston Terrier who became an old man on day 2 of life). Growing up with a twin brother (known to frequent in Chubbies and JammyPack- don’t draw conclusions- he’s first rate), another brother close behind (eyes are blue with a yellow ring, has lived in Berlin, cooler than cryotherapy), and our friends packed around the kitchen island, I gravitate toward high-energy people and places —-> AESOP. Though my favorite memories are immersed in the outdoors, I cannot self-describe as a “hiker” nor a “canoer,” but that’s where the rugged, gem-of-a-boy Max comes in. For an AESOP with moments with moments to just float, and to revel in the energy of the the land, wholesome tortillas, and your upcoming college joy(!!!!!), come with!!!

Mooselookmeguntic II Leaders: Tamsin Stringer and Erik Malm

What’s up AESOPERS! Get hype for AESOP 2019!! Erik and I are so so so excited to meet you all this fall and are EVEN more excited to explore Mooselookmeguntic lake with you! At Bates, I am majoring in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Global Politics. I play ultimate frisbee, and I am part of Eco-Reps, an environmental organization helping make Bates greener. Some things about me: I am from Indiana (representing the 6% of the midwest!) and the land of corn. My favorite candy is either Twix or Hershey’s cookies and creme chocolate. Drummer Boy by Justin Bieber is a BOP. Erik and I were on the same Aesop when we were freshman, and we climbed Katahdin( Erik was in running shoes and my backpack was bigger than me, but we made it!). Hammocking on the quad and hashbrown day are two of my favorite things about Bates. Can’t wait to see you all at orientation! Let’s get this (corn) bread!

Howdy guys! My name is Erik Malm and I’m from Illinois, the land of endless corn. I’m currently a sophomore at Bates studying Biochemistry/Pre-Med, but when I’m not stressing about work (I do a bit too much of this) you can find me on campus hangin’ out with my best friend: my bed! Aside from academics, I spend a lot of my time playing for Bates’ League of Legends team (for those of you who are unfamiliar with LoL—which is likely every single one of you—it is possibly the nerdiest video game out there). I am also a self-proclaimed master of ‘Bags’, or ‘Cornhole’, as everyone else know it by—I once surveyed the entire class of 2022, and I am literally the ONLY one at Bates who seems to call it this! I guess I’m an all around weirdo, but Bates has taught me to really embrace that part of myself, as one should. I’m super excited to get to know you guys, and I can’t wait to bring out the weirdness in each and every one of you!

Mooselookmeguntic is a trip this that will be a relaxing amphibious trip exploring all corners of Mooselookmeguntic Lake and the Western Foothills of the picturesque Rangeley region. Canoeing days will be spent journeying around the lake and the many small islands in the Stephen Phillips Preserve. Two days hiking in the Lakes Region allows for great views of Saddleback, Rangeley Lake, and the eastern edge of the White Mountains along with plenty of swimming in Smalls Falls!

*Mooselookmeguntic I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

Flagstaff (High Physical Activity)

Flagstaff I Leaders: Suzie Elfman and Ben Skiest

\ (•◡•) / WASSUP FUTURE BOBCATS!! My name is Suzie Elfman and I am stoked to be able to channel my inner amphibian with you as we journey across the gnarly hills of Bigelow Mountain and serene waters of Flagstaff Lake. Maine’s natural beauty is truly something to behold, and exploring it with good pals has added immensely to my Bates experience. So, I am beyond PUMPED to be able to share that with you ballers! The majority of my time on campus is spent camping out in front of the cereal wall in Commons (usually near the Cinnamon Toast Crunch or the Cracklin’ Oat Bran). I can also be spotted tending to plants in the Bates greenhouse or on the tennis court whackin some neon-colored rubber! I am a Psychology major and Philosophy minor, with a concentration in Public Health. I hail from the fertile valley that is Western Massachusetts and I have proudly spent years cultivating my ability to master the perfect bowl of Annie’s Mac and Cheese–you won’t be disappointed! So strap in folks, because you are in for a trip filled with above average sing-along jams, oh-so-many trail games, and sunsets galore! Lookin to get ripped or toned before your first semester? I know this trip is going to give my non-existent calves and biceps a run for their money!

The name: Ben Skiest. The game: Flagstaff 1. I’m an Economics Major and a Philosophy minor and I’ve studied the greats: Aristotle, Plato and Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus was really onto something when she said, “You get the best of both worlds!”. That’s exactly what Flagstaff 1 is. It’s the best of canoeing and hiking with a little something extra* thrown in. I’m incredibly amped to be leading this trip with my trusty partner Suzie: AKA the Great Bambino. Besides canoeing and hiking (strictly in tandem), I enjoy ultimate frisbee, piano, competitive knitting, skiing, and just hanging around. I spent my younger years growing in Massachusetts’ most famed city: Springfield. While growing up and while at Bates I’ve had plenty of time to develop my get rich quick scheme. It’s an easy 3 step plan: 1. Get in the game, 2. Get rich quick. 3. Get out of the game even quicker**. If you have any questions I’d be happy to talk about it while cresting the waves of Flagstaff… I’ll leave you all with a haiku.

Hikes and water boats

Your hopes and dreams are afloat


* something extra= fun
**Getting out of the game even quicker than you got in the game is immensely important for retaining your wealth

Flagstaff II Leaders: Megan Detels and Tagert Muller

Welcome to the Bates Community, Class of 2023!! I’m Megan Detels and I’m leading Flagstaff II with one of the coolest cats at Bates, Tagert Mueller. Together we will hike, canoe, cook, get to know each other, sleep, and explore the beautiful Maine wilderness. I’m very excited to lead this trip as the Bigelow Range holds a special place in my heart and I cannot wait to share it with all of you. Now, a little about me. I’m from the great state of Massachusetts, but have lived in Maine for almost 8 years. I’m a rising senior studying Biochemistry and Religious Studies. When I’m not contemplating the fundamental questions of life you can find me coaching kids how to ski bumps on the slopes, leading trail runs around Lewiston, or hanging with my sister Milly (a rising sophomore). Come on this trip for a great time. Two thumbs up!

Hey Bobkittens! My name’s Tagert Mueller and I’m a senior chemistry major. My time at Bates has been spent equally between skiing, working in the chemistry lab, and taking long naps on the Bates quad. During the summers you can find me frolicking through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado that I call home. Other interests include kayaking, climbing, and dabbling in the occasional rugby match. I can’t wait to get my feet wet this fall with some amphibious adventuring!


Start off this trip hiking up Bigelow Mountain to The Horns and Avery Peak. Sleep well at a campsite right off the ridgeline and descend the next day via the Safford Brook trail until you reach Flagstaff Lake! Put in your canoes, enjoy a nice swim and paddle across this unique and vast lake. Explore the areas on shore and camp on islands you pass along the way.

*Flagstaff I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

Richardson (High Physical Activity)

Richardson I Leaders: Nick White and Joanna Vollrath

Hey Cats!!!!! Hope you’re all beyond stoked to come to Bates and, more importantly, come on AESOP!!! There’s no better way than a few nights in the woods to appreciate the fact that you’re going to school in Maine and meet some great people (and work on some tan lines)! My name is Nick and I grew up about an hour away from Bates in Brunswick, ME. At Bates, I’m a biochem and music major, and I hope that I’m not as boring as that makes me sound! I’m also part of the chamber music club, orchestra, and ski club here as well which are a little more fun, and all of which I recommend joining! If I’m not in the library or class, catch me eating third dinner or dying on a stationary bike in Merrill! Have a great rest of the summer! You’re going to LOVE BATES!!!

Hiya Bobkittens!! My name’s Joanna and I CANNOT wait for Aesop! I hail from incredible Northern California and love to hike, bike, swim, run and although it was a foreign concept to me before last year, I now love to ski. I’m a rising junior and an environmental studies major who also cameos in some spanish and education classes! Here at Bates I spend my time trying to perfect the art of throwing a plastic disc through the air (ultimate frisbee), singing the word “bop” and similar variations repeatedly in different notes (a capella), and making fun of my good friend Nick for needing to arrive to class twenty minutes early (“but I HAVE to get a seat in the front row!”). I am so amped to hike, talk, sing, dance, cook, eat and BOND in the middle of the woods with you all!! Get ready for some beautiful views, card games, new friends and Annie’s mac n cheese while we take to the woods and show you all that the beautiful state of Maine has to offer. I can even teach you how to make your very own, gooey rice krispie treats in Commons! How can you pass that up??!! Looking forward to some awesome adventuring!!

Richardson II Leaders: Julian Cook and Megan Clark

Whaddup and welcome incoming class! I’m ready for you . Who am I? Just a kid who’s dreamt of leading you-weekly. I’m all about good company and better views, and I know Richardson lake will have both. I am a Senior Environmental Studies major with a concentration in Environmental Econ. I work at the front desk of the library so I might have already seen some of you on your tours. If you have any questions about finding a cheeky book, just let me know… I’ll take other questions too. Me and Megan are happy to welcome any newcomers into the Bates community. A couple of things I enjoy doing are messin around in the BMU room (Bates Musicians’ Union), pulling up from deep on the IM bball court, and melting the ears off my loyal radio listeners (shout out to DJulian). I’m absolutely looking forward to showing you how long I can hold my breath for. I lead an AESOP last year and forgot to demonstrate. Swimmingly, Julian

Hello hello!! Welcome to the Bates family! Julian and I cannot wait to help you get acquainted with the amazing life of being a Batesie! My name is Megan, and I am a senior physics major/math minor and am doing the 3-2 engineering program with Dartmouth. Like Julian, I might have already seen some of you on campus as I am a tour guide and work in the library at the tutoring center, the ARC. I also run cross country and track, so if any of you guys are runners, I might have met you during your visit with the team! Besides Bates and running, I love hiking, skiing, attempting to surf, playing cards, eating chocolate (specifically in Commons), and my dog, Jackson. I hope you guys are getting excited for an awesome AESOP adventure, especially the part where we get to see how long Julian can hold his breath for. I know I am!!


Richardson I and II run opposite itineraries. One trip will begin by hiking along the Appalachian Trail up Surplus Mountain in the beautiful Grafton Notch State Park and staying at a lean-to the first night. Continue hiking the next day to South Arm Campsite on Lower Richardson Lake and meet up with your opposing trip. Canoe the following day through The Narrows and into Upper Richardson Lake while surrounded by breathtaking mountains and walking trails on shore. Flip that around, and you’ve got the itinerary of the other Richardson group! Fun opportunity to meet your opposing group in the middle and make even more AESOP pals. It’s just the best of both worlds, ain’t it?!

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