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Hanging ’round the fire in Acadia

Here you will find a full list and description of the different Base Camping trips we offer. Click on the drop-down boxes to learn more about the awesome Batesies who will lead them! 

Acadia (Level 1)

Acadia I Leaders: Charlie Wilmerding and Hanna Condon

Hello! I’m Charlie and I’m a senior from the great state of Pennsylvania (but I like to think Maine adopted me as a freshman). I am an avid whiffle ball player and spend most of my time running away from Hanna in the winter. Although I’ve spent my junior year abroad, I love Bates and can’t wait to get to know everybody and spend some time in one of Maine’s most beautiful parks.

Oh hey there! Hanna here. I’m a rising senior from Key West, Florida. Fun fact – I once played a small but significant role on an episode of Wife Swap. Aside from my reality TV stardom – my hobbies include face timing with my dogs, watching youtube clips of the Ellen show and pushing Charlie into snowbanks in the winter. I love Bates and the experiences I’ve had here and I plan on carrying my enthusiasm into Aesop and making it the greatest thing you’ve ever experienced — ever!

Acadia II Leaders: Katherine Schell and Carter Goodell

Heyo new Batsies! The name’s Kat and I was birthed (conceived?) in Charlotte, NC, which, contrary to popular belief, is not a small southern hick town in the middle of nowhere. I’m not a JOB (just outside of Boston for all those that have not set foot on Bates campus yet), so you could say I’m ~unique~. I am a DJ and the treasurer of WRBC (even though I am incompetent in regards to numbers), which is Bates’ funkadelic radio station. As a DJ I normally play dad music or groovy, “alternative” tunes. Like Carter I also attempt to sail on the sailing team while trying not to die of hypothermia. In my scholarly pursuits I dabble in the English department and the Francophone world, so I am obviously mad pretentious. I also enjoy exploring Maine’s vast wilderness on skis, on foot, and on the occasional booty slide down Mount David. Hope you’ll join Carter and me for some questionable jokes, artisanal camp grub, and soo much stoke in one of the most insanely picturesque places in Maine!

Hey everyone! My name is Carter and I am a “rising” junior here at Bats college. I emerged from the woods of Newbury, a small town in the middle of nowhere Vermont that has less residents than Bates has students. Here on campus I am the treasurer and one of the maintenance chairs of the sailing team as well as being an environmental studies major. Yay trees! When not reading about plant reproduction in the lib I’m usually in the mountains hiking or skiing or, in the words of my roommate, “getting lost somewhere in Maine.” Usually intentionally lost. Also I like to “get pitted” in the mediocre “waves” that Higgins beach sometimes has. I am unbelievably stoked to be spending a few days in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Kat’s also cool so you should join us in some shenanigans up in downeast Maine (rumor has it Kat can also cook a mean Annie’s mac and cheese, with or without meatstick so that’s a plus).

Acadia III Leaders: Mike Somma and Katie Kelley

Hi all! My name is Mike Somma and I hail from the greatest freakin’ state in the entire freakin’ Union: New Jersey. At Bates, I am an Economics major, run Track and Field, and dabble in the finer things in life. My hobbies include, but are not limited to: running, staying in Commons too long, coffee, un-ironically calling things “lit” or “fire,” and memorizing early 2000s song lyrics. This summer, I will be spending an inconceivable amount of time honing and sharpening my crunchy-craft in order to give the best AESOP possible. If you like getting lost in the woods, this is probably the trip for you!

Hey there future bobcats! The name’s Katie and I come to you from the wild lands of California (the Bay Area, to be precise). Like Mike (great flick), I also run for this fine establishment but tend towards the long, painful, distance type stuff. I’m an Environmental Studies major and take the occasional French class, you know, just for the thrills. Outside the scholarly realm, I enjoy popular dance crazes, 80s music, the never-ending excitement of having a subpar immune system in college, and general non-horizontality. Acadia is beautiful at this time of year, so please join us for four days of sunshine, camping, and all the meatstick your heart desires (unless you’re vegetarian, we accommodate)!!

Nestled in the coastline of northern Maine, Acadia National Park is one of the most renowned scenic areas in the state. These trips will camp in group camping facilities with bathhouses and easy access to more “creature comforts,” however all participants still sleep in tents and cook on camping stoves, ensuring that you will still receive a true outdoor experince.

Days in Acadia are spent either day hiking, exploring the local town of Bar Harbor, or hanging out at the beach.  While the itineraries vary year to year based on the leaders and group interests, typical hikes might include a walk up Beehive mountain or even a sunrise hike of Cadillac Mountain.  Nights are spent hanging out around the campfire playing games, talking with you new classmates, and cooking s’mores.

Every year we typically send three trips to Acadia national park.  While they do camp in somewhat close proximity to one another, for the most part the trips stay separate in order to maintain the small group dynamic the AESOP prides itself on.

Like all other base camping trips, the Acadia AESOP is designed to be lower-intensity and is ideal for those who are excited about AESOP and being in the outdoors, but who might be less comfortable with a higher-level trip.

*Acadia I, II, III share similar itineraries, but are run as separate trips.

Camden Hills (Level 2)

Camden Hills I Leaders: Patrick Nelson and Emma Zulch

Howdy! My name is Patrick and where I come from we like our grits greasy and our chicken fried. That’s what I get for growing up in Connecticut I guess. I am a rising senior and studying economics and music. Born at a very young age in Evanston, Illinois, I spent a lot of time playing the guitar and piano, which naturally moved me towards my insatiable passion for long term interest rates and inefficiencies within economic markets. I go to the gym religiously; once or twice a year around Christmas and Easter. I used to be addicted to the hokey pokey, but I turned myself around and have been a big fan of bad jokes ever since. If you like indie rock or folk rock, we’ll get along just fine. If you like making fun of Emma, we’ll be best friends. Come on our trip for some good times, some good playlists, and a medically inadvisable amount of peanut butter.

Hey! My name is Emma Zulch and I’m a rising senior (ahhh panic) biochemistry major. I grew up in Sherrill, the smallest city in New York State (google it I’m not lying) which is near the Adirondack mountains so I spent many a summer exploring the woods. AND I have some really great tractor stories from my high school years that I can pull out and share at campfire powwows. At Bates if I’m not in the library or memorizing the Commons menu, I’m probably in the dance studio or waiting for short term to start. If Patrick brings his guitar on the trip I can’t promise I’ll provide astonishing vocals but I can cook eggs for the morning. Fair enough I think.

Camden Hills II Leaders: Jacob Freedman and Avery Wolfe

Welcome AESOPers! My name is Jacob and I’m from the closest real city to Bates: Boston. Classic JOB (that’s “just outside Boston” and there is a great chance you’re also part of that clan!). I’m a senior and Biology major, as well as a Geology minor. Ask me about the Maine Woods – I love to chat about wildlife! I like to hike and swim during the spring/summertime and am an avid skier when winter hits. I studied abroad in South Africa during the fall of 2016, and even got into a bit of rock climbing there (and got well acquainted with lions, elephants, and sharks). On campus, I spend most of my time playing Ultimate Frisbee, binge-watching a select few Netflix shows, or lounging by the puddle when short term rolls around! I’ve wanted to be an AESOP leader since my AESOP experience as a first year, but I didn’t know who I should lead with. When Avery and I became friends at the end of our sophomore year, we decided that leading a trip together as seniors was the only way to go! We are so pumped to join you guys on a sick trip to start your Bates career off right!

Hey Bobcats! My name is Avery Wolfe and I come from the land of ice and snow: the great state of Alaska. I was raised by a pack of wolves (hence the name) in the unruly wilderness so, needless to say, the woods and mountains are my true home. At Bates I live a much more civilized life – you can often find me playing the great sport of Ultimate Frisbee with my co-leader and housemate, Jacob Freedman or other frisbee enthusiasts, hammocking on alumni walk or the quad, spending hours in commons at the same table while friends cycle through for their meals, or heading to Pop Shoppe or Forage for a weekend brunch! I’m an Environmental Studies major and spent last semester studying abroad in the wonderful, but rainy city of Galway, Ireland! Both Jacob and I had incredible experiences on our own AESOP trips and, as rising seniors, we could not be more thrilled to kick off our final year and your first year as Batesies by sharing this incredible experience with you in Camden Hills! Get ready for some silly games, beautiful views, and a lot of good Craic! (that’s Irish for “fun”)…

The Camden Hills base camping trips offer another opportunity to experience a more relaxed AESOP in the Camden area of coastal Maine. These trips will camp out of a vehicle-accessible campsite and spend each day day-hiking (popular hikes include Bald Rock Mtn and the “Nature Trail”), chilling out at the beach, exploring local streams and rivers, and hanging out in downdown Camden.

Camden Hills I&II, like other base camping trips, are designed to require minimal outdoor experience, and are best suited for those who are excited about AESOP but would prefer a less intense outdoor experience. While the participants all sleep in tents, the campsites feature running water and shower facilities.

*Camden Hills I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

Down-east Daytripping (Level 2)

Down-east Daytripping Leaders: Sanah Hasan and Nathanael Kuzio

Howdy Y’all! My name is Sanah Hasan and I’m a rising junior from the one and only Lone Star State (aka TEXAS)! Born and raised in Dallas, I made the 2,000-mile trek to Maine when I was a wee little freshman like you guys! When I’m not watching bull-rides at the rodeo (jk I’ve only been to the rodeo once in my life), you can find me studying Psychology and Spanish at the library, being an active ~social~ member of the Women’s Frisbee team, and volunteering in the Lewiston community. I am SOO EXCITED to be leading DOWN-EAST DAY TRIPPIN’ with my AWESOME co-leader Nate (Newt) Kuzio! We can’t wait to show you what Maine has to offer! Get ready for some Sriracha filled meals, and all of your favorite MIDDLE SCHOOL MUSIC JAMS (that’s right…J Biebz, Britney, and oh so many more)! GET READY for the times of your lives with Newt and I!!

Hi Fellow Batsies! Are you ready to get DOWN in DOWN EAST MAINE?? I know I am! My name is Nathanael (aka Newt) Kuzio and I’m a rising junior here at Bates College. Some things I like to do here at Bates include having fun, being a part of the Nordic Ski Team, and geeking out with friends over chemistry! Last year I got to lead the AESOP trip, Biking in Acadia, and had tons of fun getting the group totally STOKED! This year on DOWN EAST DAY TRIPPIN’, my KICK-ASS co-leader Sanah and I will be leading you on the exploration of your new home, the wonderful, the coastal paradise and the lobster lovin’ state of MAINE!! WOOHOO! So time to get pumped and have a blast!

Take a trip Downeast with two of Bates College’s finest Mainers.  On this trip, you will explore quiet coastal beaches, rocky coastlines, picturesque lighthouses, the Maine Coast Heritage Trust region, myriad day hikes, and much more.  A trip for students interested in learning more about Maine’s unique culture, this new addition won’t disappoint.      

Evan’s Notch (Level 2)

Evan’s Notch I Leaders: Chris Sargent and Lydia Sullivan

Hey there, I’m Christopher Sargent, Chris for short. Proud co-founder of Chilly Willy Hat Co. On campus I work for bobcat den delivery; catch me riding my sweet bike around delivering people motz sticks and smiles. I’m also an avid member of the Bates Outing Club. You can often spot me getting scendy at the wall in Merrill or snowboarding off jumps near the puddle in the winter. I also have a passion for knitting (maybe I’ll even bring some to do on AESOP). I knit hats with my rad friends and sell them to bobcats on campus. My typical clothing attire is a mermaid onesie, which I hope you all get a chance to see me in one day. Been known to wear this outfit to commons. I surf, ski, knit, bike, hike, climb, etc. etc. Lydia and I are going to ROCK this trip. We are an AESOP-match made in heaven and can’t wait to lead EVANS NOTCH.

My name is Lydia Sullivan. I am from Yarmouth, Maine. I am really excited to show you guys my favorite state: Maine! Chris and I have been talking about this trip for months now and we can’t wait to guide you through your first few weeks of college! We both had great first weeks and AESOP’s and we know ours is going to be even better! Here are some fun fact about me: I love tea. I drink it all the time, even on the trail! I’m also incredibly addicted to coffee. I love yoga! I am thinking about becoming a yogi! We’ll do yoga all the time on trail—it’s a great way to wake up! I am a big nordic skier. I’m not on the team, but I still go all the time. I know great trails around Maine that I would be happy to bring you too. On this trip we will have a great time. Chris and I were made to lead this trip together. If you want to be on fun and kooky trip this is the one for you! LIVE LOVE EVANS NOTCH.

Evan’s Notch II Leaders: Lily Kip and Owen Ahlborn

Hailing from the bustling metropolis of Needham Massachusetts, Lily’s father is a moose and her mother is the G.O.A.T. At Bates, Lily is known for her mediocre radio show, her horrendous flatulence, and a mean right hook. Majoring in studio art and English, signing up for her trip means that Lily will get along great with your parents while she’s living out of their basement in two years time. Keep your eye out for Lily at this years NBA draft combine after posting a blistering 7 minute and 7 second mile time her sophomore year of high school at Needham. Thankfully, despite all of her tremendous athletic accomplishments, Lily hasn’t let the fame get to her head and remains one of the most laid back students at Bates.  If you’re looking for some moderate hikes with some extravagant vistas, look no further then Lily *ahem* Evan’s Notch two.

Owen Ahlborn is a tried and true resident of PROVIDENCE RHODE ISLAND BABY. A washed up high school athlete and veteran of the Providence EDM scene, Owen spends his time at Bates either out on the rugby field losing hundred yard sprints to Reed Feldman or in the bowels of Ladd Library poring over physics problems. You know he’s qualified to lead an Aesop as resident mother hen/micromanager of his flock of rowdy roommates. Owen is a notorious dinner party host and owner of a full set of dinner utensils – he’ll be in charge of all the cooking on your AESOP. However he won’t be in charge of the finances as he’s famous for his resounding “Hey guys, could you please venmo me a few bucks for… dinner…” mating call. So pack your bags, break out your party boots, and get ready for Evans Notch II with Bates College’s finest motivational speaker!

This base camping trip is nestled between Maine and New Hampshire within the White Mountain National Forest. Day hikes along the the Baldface and Royce ranges consists of a string of peaks, all well under 4000 feet tall, but still provide spectacular views of Mt. Washington and moderate to difficult days of hiking. You will be sure to take a dip in Emerald Pool before stopping in North Conway, NH for ice cream!

*Evan’s Notch I & II share the same itinerary, but run in opposite directions.

Exploring the Whites (Level 3)

Exploring the Whites I Leaders: Matt Reback and Beanie O’Shea

AYYYYYY Shreddercats, My name’s Matt. I’m a junior Environmental Studies major from the burbs of Maryland. I was the captain of the JV basketball team at my high school. I’m a subpar to mediocre surfer. My favorite poet is roberT frosT. Enough about me, what’s good with you??! Come on our trip if you know more about astronomy than I do (nothing), aspire to shred down tuckerman’s ravine on a snowboard (like me) or on skis (like beanie)!

Hellooo there! Iiiiiiiiii’m Beanie whats up rad peeps. Here is a list of things I’ve done in the past year: Went to a Justin Bieber Concert, lived in a Buddhist Monastery, threw up in the parking lot Panera in Auburn, installed a tree in my dorm room, anddd wrote this list of things I’ve done in the past year. My fam currently lives in the wet wild state of Connecticut right near a pumpkin farm. Its neat. I spend most of my time in the good ol Sunapee New Hampshire, philosophizing and learning bout the environment, cause thats what Bates taught me to do @Bates. I’ve been rippin turns on the Eastern Mountains since the ripe age of two and tbh I can’t really ski pow so the West is aight but embarrassing for me. See Matt and I skiing Tuckermans (but not yet at the same time) how bout dat. We can’t wait to hike around and explore with y’all, get psyched for some sweet times, sweet friends, sweet music, and overall a sweet trip!

Exploring the Whites II Leaders: Lucy Faust and Drew Collins

Hello new Batesies! I am Lucy Faust, a rising junior, hailing from Piedmont, California. Here at Bates you can find me swimming long distances in pools and lakes, walking backwards touring excited parents, and spending an odd amount of time with the frisbee team considering I’m not on it! I’ve got loves for pesto, an early bedtime, a killer sunrise, summer camp, and great egg sandwiches. I live in the eco-justice house with a dear friend that I met on my own AESOP and you’ll find me dabbling in economics, rhetoric, and sociology courses when I’m not sitting for hours in Commons. Drew and I can’t wait to hike tall heights and make s’mores over low embers for four days straight with you! If you’re lucky, we’ll bust out some acapella dance moves from our glory days… See you soon!

Howdy y’aaaaalllllll, My name is Andrew Stephen Collins XXVI and I will be a sophomore at Bates this year. I would say my home is wherever Lucy is but, usually people give me a weird look when I say that so Piedmont, California, AKA the YAY area, might be better. I have absolutely zero idea what I will be majoring in at Bates and also zero idea where my life is going. But I guess that’s acceptable here! Just so you are not confused, most of my minions call me Drew or Sir or Captain or Ultimate Ruler of the Universe, so don’t be surprised if you hear that. As for my activities at Bates, I am a lax player and also in a capella, so I might lay you out or serenade you depending on my mood and your personality. You could say I’m outdoorsy and if I could live one place in the world it would probably be Lake Tahoe, CA or your nightmares. Join this trip if you are looking for strictly good times, and when I say strictly, I mean it. Over and out.

This trip is meant to do exactly what its title indicates. By piecing together hikes from different areas in the White Mountain National Forest, you will get a taste of a wide variety of moderate hiking trails while still able to be in the midst of the famous and spectacular White Mountains. Camping along the famously scenic Kancamagus Highway, you will not be short of spectacular views and will get the chance to summit South Moat Mountain, Mt. Tripyramid, and Mt. Chocoura on individual day hikes. It’ll be a fun adventure!

*Exploring the Whites I and II share similar itineraries, but are run as separate trips

Maine Coast Chillin (Level 1)

Maine Coast Chillin’ I Leaders: Jack Chapman and Eliza Jimenez

Hello students of the incoming class of 2021! I am Jack Chapman, one of your leader for Maine Coast Chillin’ 1 if you play your cards right. My co-leader Eliza and I lead this exact trip last year and had such a great time that we’re coming back for more! Allow me to tell you a little about myself to make your decision to choose this trip even easier than it already should be. I am senior who is majoring in math and economics (I love numbers). I am from Wenham, MA (go generals!), a very small town 45 mins north of Boston, but I consider Lewiston, ME my home now. In other words, I’m a Hamilton-Wenham General by birth but a Lewiston Demon by choice. I have spent every summer of my life in Phippsburg, ME which is coincidentally the location of this AESOP trip. I know Phippsburg like the back of my hand and will share all its small-town secrets with you over the course of the three days we are there. I will also introduce you to my elderly neighbor, Mary Libby, and the local carpenter, Stanley “Buff” Brooks. If you’re lucky I might even read you some of Buff’s poetry (spoiler alert, it’s not that good). You’d be crazy to pass on an opportunity like that! I hope that I have thoroughly convinced you to sign up for Maine Coast Chillin’ 1 and cannot wait to meet you all come September. Now, go read about Eliza to see what else you’re in for!

Haiii what’s up hello class of 2021!! Jack and I led Maine Coast Chillin 1 in 2016 and I have remained trapped on Hermit Island ever since. You NEED to sign up for this AESOP trip so I can be free!!!! Prior to being stranded here, I studied lots of depressing things including war, conflict, and inequality (thankful for my liberal arts education!!). Additionally, I led tours around campus for prospective students in a language unknown to mankind, I relieved my glory days at Lewiston Middle School as a teacher’s aid, and I threw flying plates of plastic for fun with friends. I’m asking you, no I’m BEGGING YOU to sign up for this AESOP trip to rescue me. pls. **disclaimer: GOTCHA I’m not actually trapped on Hermit Island (but you should still sign up for our trip anyway because Jack and I are pros at navigating the backcountry of Maine’s coast and all of our AESOPers last year can attest to having the best 3 days of their whole lives with us as their leaders). Currently studying abroad in Amman, Jordan and this bio is the hardest thing I have had to write for the entire semester. Peace & love. Can’t wait to meet you all.

Maine Coast Chillin’ II Leaders: Sally Ceesay and Adedire Fakorede

Heyyyyy. My name is Sally Ceesay and Im from New York City. Im a rising senior and I jump/sprint on the Track and Field team. My hobbies are sleeping, shopping and eating vanilla bean haagen daz ice cream. Fun Fact, I am definitely a morning person if morning starts at noon. So excited to meet you guys and chill on the coast!!

Hi Ya’ll, my name is Adedire and I am from Newark, New Jersey, I am the eldest of four and I have no pets, but I am a dog person! I am an economics major , Residence Life Coordinator and a member of the men’s track and field team. Little known fun-fact, I can do 12 back flips in a row only when no one is looking. I’m really excited to chill!!!!

Maine Costal Chillin III Leaders: John Thayer and Sophie Moss-Slavin

Hey guys! My name is John Thayer and I’m a rising senior here at Bates. I was raised in our nation’s capital, but have spent all my summers on the Maine coast doing exactly what we’re about to do—chillin’ on the beach, freestyle rapping around the campfire, and catching seagulls with my bare hands to roast on the WhisperLite. Only two of those things were serious, because I suck at freestyling. At Bates, I study Politics and Spanish, sing a cappella with the Deansmen, and jam out with Sophie and the rest of our band “Smoked Gouda.” I also enjoy a nice game of pickup soccer, so if you brought a ball up to Bates, definitely bring it with you on our trip! I can’t wait to coastal chill with all of you and welcome you to our fine institution. Hope you’re all as pumped as I am!

Hello! My name is Sophie Moss-Slavin and I am a rising senior. I hail from the bustling metropolis of New York City where, naturally, I was groomed for effective beach chillin’. When I am not soaking up too much sunshine and quickly turning red, I enjoy playing footy, eating good food (a lot of chocolate), and singing with my fellow coastal-chiller John Thayer, not to be confused with John Mayer. I am part of the Merimanders, the only all-female a cappella group on campus, as well as a band called Smoked Gouda (yes…the cheese) with John. This semester I have been studying abroad in Buenos Aires and I can’t wait to get back to campus and make AESOP the best 5 days you have ever spent!

The (aptly named) Maine Coastal Chillin’ trip explores the sites of Maine’s coast (and beaches!) just south of the Brunswick/Bath area. On this trip, you’ll take excursions to the Morse Mountain conservation area, as well as to nearby Popham Beach State Park. You’ll have the opportunity to go on some very accessible day hikes in the surrounding area, as well as plenty of chances to hang around and explore the local beaches.

Situated just a short drive from the Bates Campus itself, the Hermit Island area is a popular destination for Batesies throughout the rest of the school year. We love it so much in fact, that we hold our bi-annual Clam Bake (a student favorite) right there at Popham Beach.

Like all other base camping trips, the Maine Coastal Chillin’ AESOP is designed to be lower-intensity and is ideal for those who are excited about AESOP and being in the outdoors, but who might be less comfortable with a higher-level trip.

*Maine Coastal Chillin’ I, II, and III share similar itineraries, but are run as separate trips.

Mt. Blue (Level 3)

Mt. Blue I Leaders: Akari Stimler and Michael Hogue

Yo class of 2021!!!! Welcome to Bates!! I’m Akari and I am a rising-sophomore and possible Gender and Sexuality Studies major from the best borough of New York City, ( where we have the best pizza (folded) ), a.k.a. BROOKLYN!! I am beyond excited to be leading an AESOP this fall! Some things I cherish are: darkroom photography, so I will take lots of artsy photos of you hiking, running along the river near campus or in Prospect Park back at home, my favorite foods are avocados and anything my mom cooks, I enjoy throwin’ a frisbee around, spending quality time with my friends, and I grew up swimming competitively so I like swimming related activities (we will be swimming lots over at Mt. Blue). A few fun and average facts about me are: I speak Japanese, I am an avid 90’s hip-hop listener, and I am obsessed with the houses in Lewiston. I am currently spending my summer at camp as a counselor! Taking a break from the loud city I reside from to spend my school years in Maine and my summers at camp have been pretty chill! Anyways, I am so so hype to get to know all of you and to spend four awesome, sweaty, beautiful, and memorable days with you!! AESOP was key in shaping my first year at Bates and I want to give you all the same wonderful experience I was given last year!! Catch you on tha’ flip side of Mt. Blue—!!

Whatsup Class of 2021 and welcome! Get ready for one of your most exciting experiences while here at Bates. AESOP is DOPEST way to start off your time here. By the way, I’m Michael Hogue, an incoming sophomore, from the wonderful city of Chicago, Illinois ( where we have the best pizza (Unfolded) ). I plan to potentially double major in Math and Studio Art. I am super excited to be leading AESOP this year. AESOP is filled with making long lasting friendships, exploring new parts of Maine and New Hampshire, and making memories that last forever. Seeing that I grew up in the city, I enjoy: roaming the streets of Chicago, skateboarding, photography, listening to all types of music, and learning new instruments. Some of my hidden hobbies include: flying planes ( yes, real ones ), solving the Rubik’s Cube ( in under one minute ), and I have a hidden passion for outdoors activities. I think that AESOP is an awesome way to get you pumped for the year and what it has to offer. I am very eager to meet all of you and hopefully give you all an experience you won’t forget! Catch you on tha’ flip side of Mt. Blue—!!

Mt. Blue II Leaders: Connor Russell and Sophie Olmstead

What’s up guys! My name is Connor Russell and I am a rising senior here at Bates. In terms of school stuff, I am a psychology major with some math and philosophy mixed in. I am a pitcher for the baseball team here as well. I grew up in Cumberland, ME and have been a Mainer my whole life. I love sports, being on the water, and am really excited to get after it with you guys for a few days on Mt. Blue!

Hey hey! My name is Sophie O and I am a rising senior (can I get a wut wut). I am a studio art major who likes hiking and running and exploring and eating and walking and skiing and doing anything outside. Littterally anything. I grew up in Winchester, MA and spent winters in Franconia, NH and summers on the Cape. I love chocolate, Bates College, and my dog. Connor and I are pumpedddddd to spend the last week of summer with you in the woods and get you guys ready for Bates!!

Mt. Blue State park in Weld, ME offers camping on the shore of Webb Lake that will provide ample opportunities to remain refreshed in the heat of August. Situated on the other side of the lake is 3,187-foot Mt. Blue, a popular day hike and a great opportunity to test out your hiking boots! You may even get the chance to hike up Tumbledown Mtn. on one of the days and take a dip in the alpine pond near the summit. So definitely bring your suits and boots because this trip will be full of swimming and hiking!

*Mt. Blue I & II follow the same itinerary.

Squam Lake Daytripping (Level 2)

Squam Lake Daytripping Leaders: Hannah Johnson and Michael Bancroft

I’m Hannah Danger Johnson I descended on a golden ray of sun in the year 1996 into the glorious state of Hawaii; great year for wine, movies, and people. I enjoy shredding the gnar on the ski slopes and catching waves on the beaches of always sunny California. When I’m not out being super active and awesome I like curling up on the couch and watching my favorite movie Mean Girls. Here at Bates I’m studying Politics and took a semester abroad in Africa, because that’s so fetch. I am also on the Alpine ski team which is where I met my hero and best Aesop co-leader ever Mike Bancroft. One thing you need to know about me is that I have a need… a need for speed. We like to live fast and have fun. To learn more about our epic tale and have some legendary times sign up for Squam Daytripping. Plus this way you will get to hangout with two of the coolest people at Bates.

Waddup AESOPers! My name is Mike Bancroft, but my street names are banx and Mikey B. My spirit animal is the bald eagle and that pretty much sums up everything you need to know about me. You can find me on any given day in my natural habitat, wearing an American flag t-shirt and matching board shorts and sippin’ on a nice glass of scotch. I enjoy paintballin’, turning up (the music), and downhill skiing (none of that cross-country skiing BS). Occasionally I do this thing called school where I major in a things call psychics (spelling? yeah I failed spelling back in grade school). The Lion King is hands down the greatest movie ever made and NH is the greatest state in the Union. If you agree with these statements, we’ll most likely be friends. My motto in life besides Hakuna Matata are “it’s just another day in paradise,” even when it’s -30 wind chill out and sucks. Oh and my man crush is none other than the GOAT himself. #PATsNATION. This trip is gonna be Legend…wait for it…dary. Legendary.

Spend four days and three nights near the picturesque Squam Lake, at the heart New Hampshire’s beautiful White Mountains.  On this Level 2 adventure, you will be able to partake in the variety of outdoor recreation that this region has to offer.  Spend your days wallowing by the lakeside or exploring nearby day hikes.   

Questions?  Contact us at