Base Camping

Mount Desert Island (Katie Allard photo)

Here you will find a full list and description of the different Base Camping trips we offer. Click on the drop-down boxes to learn more about the awesome Batesies who will lead them! 

Mount Desert Island (Low Physical Activity)

Mount Desert Island I Leaders: Maddie Murphy and Jason Canaday

What’s up Class of 2023! My name is Maddie Murphy and I’m a rising senior who was born and raised in Andover, MA. At Bates, I am a chemistry major, an education studies minor, and have a Russian language concentration. I am also one of the captains of the Women’s Club Ice Hockey team. To most, I am known as Maddie, Maddog, or Murph, but to those who rely on me for always having whatever they need (usually snacks), I am known as Mom. In the warmer months, you can catch me doing wheelies in my bright pink Heelys or sometimes wearing shades when I’m sporting rollerblades. In the colder months, you’re sure to see me brushing snow off Karen (my beloved 2004 Honda Pilot <3) or tearing it up on the ice all day erry day with my teammates. Most importantly, year-round (but only on Friday mornings), you can find me highly enjoying a magically delicious bowl of Lucky Charms, which always marks the end to another great week. Jason and I are so excited to meet you all and enjoy our time in Acadia together!

Hello Hello! It’s Jason, the only name that can be spelled out using the months. That is July, August, September, October and November. Speaking of August and September, I am thrilled to get back to Bates and do a little triparoo in Acadia. At home in Wellesley, MA, I love watching the Patriots when they are winning and turning the TV off when they are losing—the TV has been on basically my whole life. At Bates, I frequent the PGill computer lab to do NYT mini crosswords with my co-leader, Maddie (if you don’t know what I am talking about, go to They are super fun, I promise).  I am the type of guy that will sometimes wear glasses at breakfast or dinner, but never at lunch. My favorite song is Sweater Weather, I am a NARP (non-athletic regular person, that is) advocate and I always sit facing the entrance in commons (for safety purposes). I have known my co-leader, Maddie, since my first day at Bates and we are very excited to be leading an AESOP together for our senior year. Needless to say, we are stoked to see you in the fall!  <3 traffic cone snapchat filter <3

Mount Desert Island II Leaders: Sommer Glasgow and James Calhoon 

How are we duders?? My name is Sommer Glasgow. But, friends call me the women myth and legend all wrapped up in one. I call Utah home where I have explored every mountain within the state. At Bates I can be found cruising the slopes of the Rivah or slacking on the quad. I am happiest when I am in the outdoors with the homies climbing, skiing… the list never stops. You name it, ill do it! I can’t wait to share this adventure of a life time with y’all this AESOP! Maine is only second to Utah and I am looking forward to showing you a bit of this magical place you guys will learn to call home! Yewwwwwwww!

What’s up party people!! My name is James “Totally Tubular” Calhoon, and I am looking forward to some radical times in radical places with you radical bobcats!! I hail from the golden state of California where I catch waves, roam the Sierras, and worship dogs. When I am not catching waves and at our local Maine shred spots, you can find me in the library shredding up some textbooks on Marine Biology or in the pool shredding up some good old water polo. Along with being a secret academic weapon and big-time wave rider, I love anything and everything outdoors. SO what better way is there to ring in the school year than backpacking through your radical new home?! Sommer and I can’t wait to see you cool cats in August!!

Mount Desert Island III Leaders: Mia Eisenfeld and Will Sylvia

Yoyoyoooo Bobkittens of the class of 2023!! We are STOKED to lead Mount Desert Island III and we hope to have you with us. Here’s a little bit about ourselves: My name is Mia and I’m going to tell you a bit about my co-leader Will Sylvia. Will comes from the town of Newton, Massachusetts, or as they all say, “right outside of Bahhston.” He is a rising senior psychology major with two concentrations in English and philosophy. He plays on the Bates baseball team and claims to be an avid member of the fly-fishing club, but has really only been to two meetings. When he’s not at baseball practice, in class, or pretending to be a great fly-fisherman, he can be found diligently working on his assignments and contemplating existence. For every 12 slips on the ice that occur on the Bates College campus, 11 of them are Will. A reason you should join us on this trip is because Coppertone is actually sponsoring it due to Will’s fair, ginger skin. His paleness, however, does not stop him from enjoying the great outdoors. He loves hiking, fishing, snowboarding, and longboarding down Alumni Walk with his beautiful red hair flowing in the wind. Will is truly an all-around great guy who is extremely caring, helpful, and funny. He is so excited about this AESOP trip that he has already began making the, what he calls, “knock-your-socks-off soundtrack.” You would be making a great decision by choosing this AESOP trip. We look forward to meeting you all and adventuring the beautiful MDI!

Whaddup baby Bobcats, My name is Will and here’s a few things I think you should know about my co-leader Mia Eisenfeld. She is a rising junior who hails from the wild wild state of New Mexico, where she starred in the ACTUAL High School Musical in the challenging role of ‘girl standing by her locker pretending to have a conversation’. Mia stands a whopping five-foot, zero inches tall. She is a psychology and sociology double major, and uses her psych-powers to convince people to lead an AESOP trip with her (she actually just asked me at the cereal bar in Commons). On campus she is a part of the club soccer team and club ski racing team. During the day she can be found searching for her 4 lost Nalgene bottles on the Bates College campus, asking for a step-ladder to reach the top spice rack in Commons, and MOWING through bags of Takis (it’s a New Mexican thing). She loves Mexican food, so by picking our AESOP trip, you can expect nothing but the best on burrito night. Mia is a gem of a person and will bring the support and energy to give you guys the most fun and fulfilling AESOP experience humanly possible! We can’t wait to meet you all, give you insider tips about life as a Bates student, and explore the incredible MDI. Get stoked for some breathtaking views, music-bumpin van rides, basking in the sun (well… not Will), and marshmallow roastin’ good end-of-summer fun!

Nestled in the coastline of northern Maine, Mount Desert Island is one of the most renowned scenic areas in the state. These trips will camp in group camping facilities with bathhouses and easy access to more “creature comforts,” however all participants still sleep in tents and cook on camping stoves, ensuring that you will still receive a true outdoor experience.

Days on Mount Desert Island are spent either day hiking in Acadia National Park, exploring the local town of Bar Harbor, or hanging out at the beach.  While the itineraries vary year to year based on the leaders and group interests, typical hikes might include a walk up Beehive mountain or even a sunrise hike of Cadillac Mountain.  Nights are spent hanging out around the campfire playing games, talking with you new classmates, and cooking s’mores.

Every year we typically send three trips to Mount Desert Island.  While they do camp in somewhat close proximity to one another, for the most part the trips stay separate in order to maintain the small group dynamic the AESOP prides itself on.

Like all other base camping trips, the Mount Desert Island AESOP is designed to be lower-intensity and is ideal for those who are excited about AESOP and being in the outdoors, but who might be less comfortable with a higher-level trip.

*Mount Desert Island I, II, III share similar itineraries, but are run as separate trips.

Maine Coast Chillin (Low Physical Activity)

Maine Coast Chillin’ I Leaders: Michael Williams and Claire Mackay

Whats poppin?! I’m Michael and I’m super stoked to meet y’all! I’m gonna be a senior this upcoming year. I’m excited to be leading my first AESOP trip and I hope you’re all just as excited not only for AESOP but also for the amazing 4 years you have ahead of you. I’ve always loved both the Maine Coast and Chilling so this AESOP is absolutely a perfect storm. I hail from the overwhelmingly average state of Connecticut where like Claire I’ve been living the dream and scooping the cream since high school. I study Philosophy at Bates and am happy to go into it if anyone is tryna discuss the Vagueness of our reality (or we could not that’s more than fine). I also am an avid member of the Bates Rugby team and currently in a pretty serious relationship with the spice rack in Commons (it’s a top 1 location at Bates). I can’t wait to chill hard on the coast and if that sounds like a good thing then this is exactly the trip for you! See ya’ll soon!

Hi everyone, I’m Claire. I could not be more excited to lead you through your first few days at Bates while I enter the first few weeks of my last year here. Bates will be a wonderful four years—get excited! A little bit about me— I’m from Nantucket, Massachusetts. I’m currently studying abroad in Madrid (highly recommend). I’m majoring in English and psychology, love badminton, scooping ice cream (like my fearless co-leader) and commons (which I’m sure you’ll come to love too). I am super into movies & books & exploring the great outdoors. I cannot wait to get to know all of you and chill on the Maine coast—I know our trip will be full of great conversation and fun wandering.

Maine Coast Chillin’ II Leaders: Jack Howard and Loren Andrews

Hi incoming AESOPERS!!!! My name is Jack, and I’m very excited to be leading Maine Coastal Chillin II with all of you! AESOP is an amazing experience, so there is a lot to be excited about! I come from a small town in southern New York, and because I didn’t think the winter was long enough, I decided to go to school in Maine! Just kidding though, I love Bates, and everything about it! Even in the winter, it’s still the best place on earth to be! At Bates, I am on the golf team, and I am thinking of pursuing a major in either Politics or History. When I’m not hitting golf balls against a screen, studying in the library, or doing a radio show, you can find me on Lisbon Street(in Lewiston!), sneaking off from campus for a good meal. I’m very approachable, so if you ever see me around campus, feel free to ask any questions, or even just say “Hi!” My awesome co-leader Loren and I can’t wait to meet everyone in August!!

What’s up AESOP’ers!?! My name is Loren and I’m a rising sophomore from Wellesley MA. As a J.O.B(Just Outside of Boston), my close proximity to the great state of Maine has made me into a pro Maine coastal chiller over the years. Some stuff about me is that I’m thinking about majoring in physics (If you ever want to talk about Interstellar lmk), but might dabble in the art of chemistry. Other fun facts include that I run cross country and track, I love Nordic skiing, downhill skiing, and hiking, and my favorite commons creation is a rice cake with peanut butter and chocolate chips (trust me, you can’t go wrong). If hanging on the beach and making new friends while eating some of the best Annie’s Mac and cheese you’ve ever had sounds like your cup of tea, then Maine coastal chillin is definitely for you!! Jack and I can’t wait to meet you all and show you the beauty of your new home!

The (aptly named) Maine Coastal Chillin’ trip explores the sites of Maine’s coast (and beaches!) just south of the Brunswick/Bath area. On this trip, you’ll take excursions to the Morse Mountain conservation area, as well as to nearby Popham Beach State Park. You’ll have the opportunity to go on some very accessible day hikes in the surrounding area, as well as plenty of chances to hang around and explore the local beaches.

Situated just a short drive from the Bates Campus itself, the Hermit Island area is a popular destination for Batesies throughout the rest of the school year. We love it so much in fact, that we hold our bi-annual Clam Bake (a student favorite) right there at Popham Beach.

Like all other base camping trips, the Maine Coastal Chillin’ AESOP is designed to be lower-intensity and is ideal for those who are excited about AESOP and being in the outdoors, but who might be less comfortable with a higher-level trip.

*Maine Coastal Chillin’ I and II share similar itineraries, but are run as separate trips.

Mt. Blue (Low Physical Activity)

Mt. Blue I Leaders: Jack Johnson and Saskia Wong-Smith

Heyo young bobkittens! My name is Jack Johnson (not the singer, but I am quite good at humming) and am a rising sophomore. I am super psyched to meet all of you and lead this awesome aesop with my great friend the Sa$ Bo$$! Sa$ and I bonded over our love for cozy camomile tea and the rest was history. I hail from the beautiful town of Brewster, Massachusetts where I spend much of my time swimming in the ocean, hiking, and following my dog around the yard. Here at Bates you can find me swimming, sending it up the local peaks, hanging out for extended amounts of time in commons, or helping in the classrooms at Lewiston Middle School. I have a fiery passion for badminton and live for playing cards and telling riddles so if you’re looking for some great campfire fun after a day of hiking/adventuring then this is the trip for you! All in all, I could not be more excited to venture into the deep woods of Maine with y’all and show you how wonderful it is to go to Bates!

What’s up AESOPERS!! I’m Saskia, but they call me Sa$. I’m a rising sophomore, and I’m from the greatest city in the country, Los Angeles, CA, where I love to roll in the sand, swim in the ocean, and soak up the sun. Here in Maine, I love to sled down that fresh POOOWW (snow), eat no-bake cookies from Commons, and, every once in awhile, swim in the pool (JK, I’m on the swim team…lmao). Some of my favorite things are cool socks, vitamin C chews, and the moon. Anyway, I am SOOO stoked to lead you on the most awesome trip with Jacky J, who, by the way, radiates positivity through his luscious curls! I know you will love him. I hope we will get to play Big Booty (a very fun game), tell silly jokes, and go on some sick hikes. Overall, I just want make some memories, hike some mountains, and love all my friends (you!). So… if you’re looking for a funky, fresh, and fun trip, then look no further… Mt. Blue is the one for you!

Mt. Blue II Leaders: Drew Collins and Isabelle Oliver

Sup ‘Soppers! The name’s Drew Collins, coming at you you live from Piedmont, California. I’m a rising senior, dog enthusiast, and lacrosse GOD. When I’m not perfecting my cradling techniques, you can catch me gettin’ real existential as I contemplate my philosophy major. After a day on Garcelon, I enjoy spending long nights in the Bates music union tearing up chord progressions on my (rad) electric guitar. You can be certain that an AESOP with me and Isabelle is an AESOP with some stellar tunes. We’re beyond psyched to lead you through what is sure to be the experience of a lifetime.

Oh hi, I didn’t see you there. I’m Isabelle, and I hail from the land of San Diego, California. I, along with Drew, am in the class of 2020 and will be a senior next year. When I’m not hunting elk and navigating the Louisiana Purchase, I am beasting my way through a
BioChem major and tutoring kids on how to beat school (Two of those last four things are true I’ll let you decide which ones). On the side of being an academic weapon, I’m also a big art gal, and will always be able to make your day with a little slice of expression. If you’re looking to explore the Northeast with two Californians who know how to have a good time, come along on the adventure of a lifetime. Cheers!

Mt. Blue State park in Weld, ME offers camping on the shore of Webb Lake that will provide ample opportunities to remain refreshed in the heat of August. Situated on the other side of the lake is 3,187-foot Mt. Blue, a popular day hike and a great opportunity to test out your hiking boots! You may even get the chance to hike up Tumbledown Mtn. on one of the days and take a dip in the alpine pond near the summit. So definitely bring your suits and boots because this trip will be full of swimming and hiking!

*Mt. Blue I & II follow the same itinerary.

Rangeley Chillin (Low Physical Activity)

Rangeley Chillin’ I Leaders: Matthew Suslovic and Emma Soler

Yo yo yo! My name is Matt and I hail from the land of holy donuts, long walks along the water, lobstah, and looove: Portland, Maine. As a born and bred Mainah, I am ecstatic to welcome ya’ll to my home state through four days of playing, paddling, and pooping in the beautiful Rangely State Park. At home, you can catch me getting frustrated by cooking shows, stealing hosta plants from my neighbor’s garden, and doing every home improvement project I can think of. Notably, I’m a Croc connoisseur with over fifteen years of experience in the Croc sector. Currently, I’m developing my own line of high-fashion plastic sporting footwear (release date AESOP 2020–put in your orders now). At Bates, you can catch me sipping hot cocoa at the Multifaith Chaplaincy, nerding out about wacky Maine politics, and having far too much fun playing games with middle schoolers. Just send me a carrier pigeon or drop by the Green Room in Commons if you want to find me around campus. I’m a very thoughtful fire maker, I’m dying to take my co-leader night snowshoeing, and I only have one less spleen then the average person. I’ve already got more than enough dad jokes for my future children, Jackie and Polina, and would be more than willing to try a few out on you during AESOP. And, as a bonus, my co Emma and I are always available for a good ole’ aqua jog and chat to debrief your hectic first semester! If you want an AESOP full of arguments about Bruce Springsteen (hint—Emma is a fan, I’m not) and thoughtful reflection then you’re in the right place—I can’t WAIT to meet y’all!

Hailing from the land of Old Bay seasoning, Black-eyed Susans, and the DMV (not the Department of Motor Vehicles) it’s me, Emma Soler! I’m known around the 04240 as an intrepid cyclist, podcast lover, and sweater fashionista. As you’re deciding whether you’d want to spend four days chilling with yours truly in the beautiful woods and waters of Rangely, Maine, here are some interesting deets about who I am (and why you should definitely pick this Aesop trip). By the time I was four I had already gotten into a fight with a blue crab that was the size of a microwave (and won), in my free time when I’m not doing whatever it is American Cultural Studies majors do you can find me in a knitting circle at the Center for Wisdom’s Women, and I love walking through the cemetery by the local river with my co-leader Matt searching for dead people related to Bates College. On campus I work as a tutor at our Academic Resource Commons and as a Multifaith Fellow where I get to organize really cool events like social justice print making sessions. I’m really bad at carving pumpkins, I’m protective of my old lacrosse stick, and you shouldn’t leave mysterious letters at my place of work if you don’t want them to be read, but overall I’m a very kind and funny human. Matt and I can’t wait to have a relaxed, introspective, and inclusive Aesop with all of you this fall!

Rangeley Chillin’ II Leaders: Anna Landgren and Jonathan Nichols

Hey! My names Anna Landgren and I’m a salt fanatic. I believe in the use of salt and of its profound greatness. You got beans? Salt ‘em. You got broccoli? Salt it. You got salt? Salt it. Bam. Basically everything there is to eat, I guarantee is better with salt. Seriously. But, when I’m not preoccupied by salt, I love to spend my time adventuring! I’ve been sailing all my life and I’m on the Bates sailing team… (and it’s amazing, humble recruitment attempt). I also love perfectly toasted commons creations, nuggets, and dressing-less salad. I’m from Massachusetts, where my house is in Topsfield and my driveway is in Boxford. Yes, its peculiar, but it’s real I promise. I’m also working at a sailing camp this summer to finetune my outdoor skills!… all in secret preparation for AESOP. I’m super excited to set up camp with all of you, explore on day hikes, and venture off in the canoes! I can’t wait to help kickoff your amazing time at Bates in the Rangeley Lakes!

G’Day y’all. My name is Jonathan Nichols and I like exploring. I come from the great outdoors of the wonderful Lincoln, Mass. Frequently, I enjoy long strolls with my dog and staring intently at the sunset while I contemplate the remaking of my favorite Office scenes with people from my life. I think in big questions, and I expect the people around me to at least attempt at an answer and share their thoughts. I am a very old soul, some would say, but I got a childish humor ;). Get ready for five days of trying new things and experimenting into the next dimension. I dabble in very largely intense, cutthroat, competitive sports such as intramural soccer and basketball, late night discussions, and getting in the front of the chicken nugget line. I also look better in funky retro glasses, even though I don’t need them. I frequently tweet out late night thoughts, answering the REAL hard questions, such as: “Cheez-Its snack mix is just better Chex Mix #ForReal” or “Bagels are grown up donuts. Change my mind. #LateNightThoughts.” Anna and I are pumped to be spending the end of our summer with some super dope folks chillen and making super innovative s’more techniques. Catch ya on the flippidity flop Bobkittens, stay rad.

The (aptly named) Rangeley Chillin’ trip explores the beautiful Rangeley Lake State Park and surrounding area. You’ll have the opportunity to go on some very accessible day hikes in the surrounding area, as well as plenty of chances to hang around and chill by the lake (perfect time to learn/play frisbee, lots of camping games), as well as some opportunities to paddle around in canoes and explore on water!

Like all other base camping trips, the Rangeley Chillin’ AESOP is designed to be lower-intensity and is ideal for those who are excited about AESOP and being in the outdoors, but who might be less comfortable with a higher-level trip.

*Rangeley Chillin’ I, II and III share similar itineraries, but are run as separate trips.

Camden Hills (Moderate Physical Activity)

Camden Hills I Leaders: Abby Bleich and Chris Bierwirth

Hi guys! I’m Abby and I’m a junior at Bates. I’m originally from Oakland, California (west coast represent) and am majoring in Bio with a minor in Chem and a concentration in the Human Body, so you can usually catch me crying in Dana Chemistry Hall or procrastinating in the Den. I like to paint, hammock, and ski (although admittedly the skiing is more wiping out than anything else). Some fun facts about me are that I lived in Australia for four years, I made a viral YouTube video when I was 13 (and I still haven’t deleted it for some reason), and in high school my friends and I made a soundcloud rap group (mostly a joke but the songs do go off). We can’t wait to meet you all and show you how great it is to be part of the Bates Community!

Hey I’m Chris and I am currently a senior at Bates College. I’m from the South Shore of Massachusetts, specifically a town called Hingham. When I’m not whipping through the suburbs I’m majoring in Economics (and getting concentrations in Chem and Middle Eastern Studies) at Bates, so I’m usually found in the library (shout out mom), spending way too long in Commons, or (rarely) working out in Merrill. In my free time I play club soccer, basketball, climb, ski, and co-host a radio show at WRBC. I spent last semester studying abroad in Stockholm, Sweden at the Stockholm School of Economics, and I’m planning on writing my thesis this fall. Some fun facts about me are; I was voted Second Most Artsy in high school (and I’m still not over it), my favorite song is I Miss You by Blink-182, and I once ate a live goldfish entirely accidentally. Abby and I are super excited to experience Camden with you all, and we can’t wait to show you how much fun AESOP is!

Camden Hills II Leaders: Perla Figuereo and Adam Gardner

Hey all! My name is Perla Figuereo and I will be a rising Junior at Bates. I am a Rhetoric, Film, and Screen Studies major from the Bronx, NY. I am originally from the Dominican Republic, so I love being outside and enjoying the sun and chilling with my friends. I love rap, Dominican music, film, TV, talking about the future, and living in the present. I am super chatty, so we can talk for hours nonstop. I will be leading with Adam, who is also my coworker at the IT Help Desk in the library. I am excited to lead this trip with Adam.

Hello AESOPERS! My name is Adam and I’m an incoming senior from the small town of Hastings On Hudson, located just north of New York City. At Bates, I am a double major (Environmental Studies and Art History), concert director (I bring exciting acts to Bates for the fall concert, acts like Lil Yachty, Waka Flocka, and more!) and member of our local radio station WRBC. This will be my second year leading an AESOP trip, and I am more than excited to spend my last few days of summer enjoying the natural beauty of Maine with you guys! If you decide to join Perla and I on Camden Hills II, be prepared to experience the greatest van playlist ever created, spend some quality time with two of the most eccentric New Yorkers at Bates, take a variety of laid-back hikes while enjoying the spectacular beauty of coastal Maine, and meet some lasting friends in the process. Perla and I are incredibly excited to meet you guys!

The Camden Hills base camping trips offer another opportunity to experience a more relaxed AESOP in the Camden area of coastal Maine. These trips will camp out of a vehicle-accessible campsite and spend each day day-hiking (popular hikes include Bald Rock Mtn and the “Nature Trail”), chilling out at the beach, exploring local streams and rivers, and hanging out in downdown Camden.

Camden Hills I&II, like other base camping trips, are designed to require minimal outdoor experience, and are best suited for those who are excited about AESOP but would prefer a less intense outdoor experience. While the participants all sleep in tents, the campsites feature running water and shower facilities.

*Camden Hills I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

Down-east Daytripping (Moderate Physical Activity)

Down-east Daytripping I Leaders: Annabel Mahon and Tristan Van Rooden

Hey! My name is Annabel Mahon and I come from a land down under! Back in Melbourne, Australia (not Austria) where I’m from, to get to school I rode in the pouch (like a joey) of my trusty kangaroo named Minty-Mint. When I wasn’t at school I was usually out wrangling some dingos and honing my skills as an expert sheep herder. Also among my top three pastimes is the eating of yummy food. I absolutely LOVE food that is good, especially when I’m out with my mates taking the town by storm. Before starting at Bates I skied at Stratton Mountain school in Vermont for two years to acclimate to the colder weather and pick up skills besides kangaroo riding. At Bates I ski for the varsity Alpine team and am also heavily involved in the outing club, specifically all things surfing and skiing! I definitely learned how to surf in Australia, one of the best surfing locations in the world, and definitely did not learn surfing in Maine, that would be silly! When I’m not hanging out with all the Hemsworth brothers you can catch me studying history (my major) at the Ronj, Bates’ very own café! Oh yeah, and I love my parents too, I facetime my mum in to most of my life. I can’t wait to meet all of you and hopefully some of you sign up for downeast day-tripping!

Hiiii!!!!! Hi hey hello bobkittens my name is Tristan van Rooden. I am a junior (rising senior) bobcat and I hail from the great city of Washington DC! But, my blood is Dutch (both my parents are from the Netherlands)! I grew up as an only child until my dog Finn came into the picture, he’s a very loyal brother. While in high school in DC I loved all things Dutch I wore wooden clogs to school most days! I also really like to sing Dutch poetry. Also whilst growing up in DC I was (un)fortunate enough to meet the (not so) great Australian politician joe hockey, one of the first things Annabel and I actually bonded over our first-year at Bates. At Bates I’m an economics major with a minor in rhetoric. I am also involved in the underwater basket-weaving club, which is pretty fun and takes up most of my free time. I am currently abroad living it up in Stockholm, Sweden, where I am learning how to dress “euro” and how silly of a move brexit was for the brits! One fun thing you should know about me is that I sort my whites from my colors when I do laundry at college (which is very uncommon for Annabel). Annabel and I lived across the hall from each other in Parker Hall during our first-year and from that point on made a promise that we would lead an AESOP together our senior year. Soooo that makes this a super special trip for us that I know will be SUPER DUPER FUN!! We can’t wait to lead some super rad first years around the beautiful Downeast area of Maine where one of the best sunrises in the world can be found!!!!!!

Down-east Daytripping II Leaders: Maya Wilson and Nick Hill

Hi everyone! My name is Maya, I am from Toronto, Canada, and I am super excited to explore Maine with you all! Some things about me: I am fifty four years and a mother of six (Nick is my oldest and favorite child). At Bates, I am a Rhetoric major and Chinese minor with a concentration in Theatre. Some activities I am involved in on campus include: pretending to laugh everytime I see Phyllis on Campus so she will take a photo of me, quacking back at the ducks by the puddle when they threaten my dominance by quacking first, and pranking Nick. I also have been involved in many-a- theatre production at Bates and love it (10/10, would recommend theatre). I love music, my favorite song is “10 Hour Dubstep Loop” (you can find it on Youtube). My favorite thing on earth is my portable speaker/ karaoke machine, who I have named Pearl. I love her more than Pho day in Commons, Puddle Jump, and my entire family and all of my friends :). My son, Nick, and I can’t wait to laugh and adventure through Maine with all of you!

Whats up y’all! My name is Nick, but if you say my name really fast it sounds like you’re saying Nickel. I was born and raised in Baltimore City so, naturally, I’m big into Old Bay (Maya lets make sure we bring Old Bay for this trip). Maya and I have been friends since we lived on the same floor freshman year. At Bates, I am a Politics major and African American Studies minor. I sail the high-seas (taylor pond) with the sailing team, I am on the MLK day board, I have a show at WRBC Radio, and I am one of the leaders of the Chess Club (yay for chess club!). I love the ocean, koalas, Vulfpeck, saying wooder instead of water, my lion suit, pork rinds, and dance-offs. Maine is just an insanely beautiful place and the downeast is especially lovely and we are so stoked to go adventuring with y’all!!! :–)

Take a trip Downeast with two of Bates College’s finest Maine-iacs.  On this trip, you will explore quiet coastal beaches, rocky coastlines, picturesque lighthouses, the Maine Coast Heritage Trust region, myriad day hikes, and much more.  A trip for students interested in learning more about Maine’s unique culture, this unique new addition won’t disappoint.

*Down-east Daytripping I & II share similar itineraries, but are run as separate trips.     

Squam Lake Daytripping (Moderate Physical Activity)

Squam Area Daytripping I Leaders: Claire Deplack and Anas Reda

Oh hi there you! My name is Claire and a soon-to-be senior at Bates College, so I see you’re scrolling through which AESOP to take and I can assure you that SQUAM LAKE DAYTRIPPING 1 is the way to go. The destination just happens to be the filming location of On Golden Pond (which I have never seen) but cool fact to share during your orientation week. I don’t want to spill everything about this super tranquil, beautiful, out of this world destination, so here’s little bit about me. I hail from Singapore (yes it’s a bit far) and I spend most my time at Bates either sailing on Taylor Pond, in Pgill where all my classes are cause Politics major, being the best radio host at WRBC(Bates college radio station) or in friends’ cars exploring the mysteries of New England. I may not be the nature expert but cooking is definitely in my repertoire and I will promise you some michelin star dishes on this four-day trip of water and shenanigans!!! So hope you’ll join Anas (he’s a goofball and will cry laugh at the worst jokes) and I on this adventure of a lifetime!!! We’ll even teach you some french while we’re at it.

Greetings bobkittens! I’m Anas and I’m a rising senior from Casablanca, Morocco, and no, I haven’t watched the movie??!!! My spirit animal is something in between a flying squirrel and a dolphin, which explains why I study Neuroscience and love cinnamon rolls. In my free time, I like watching soccer, chilling with friends, and watering plants. Claire and I are VERY excited and looking forward to SQUAM!!! Camping? Check. Hiking? Yes please. CANOEING? Of course! It will be A BLAST and we can’t wait to meet you!

Squam Area Daytripping II Leaders: Andrew Garcia-Bou and Molly Friedman

Hi bobkittens! Are you ready for an adventure of a life time. Well, if you’re not keep scrolling. For those of you brave souls who love to have fun continue reading. My name is Andrew Garcia-Bou, but people call me Andy…Jk no one calls me that so please don’t. I am from New York and love to work out #GAINZ. I am your favorite music enthusiast and can teach anyone and everyone how to drum a dope ass beat! Anyways……I have been granted the opportunity to lead YOU (potentially) so lets squam it up! Squam lake offers endless possibilities to have FUN! yea i said it, fun, F is for fun, U is for UNLIMITED fun and n is for NEVER ending fun! we are going to have all sorts of fun, like climbing trees, playing games, hiking, swimming, booling, kayaking, and more things that maximize FUN! My co-leader, Molly Friedman, and I are super excited to play the role of your Aesop “mom and dad” and can’t wait to meet you all:) lets show Squam lake how to have a good time!

Hi everyone! You ready for the experience of a life time? AESOP is a special trip that you will always look back on and will randomly pop up in all of your future bobcat conversations, seriously! I still talk about my trip and look forward to leading you (possibly) through SQUAM LAKE DAYTRIPPING! On this trip we will keep you on your toes by doing numerous activities from hiking to paddling to maybe even competing to see who can skip rocks the furtherest (my record is 2 inches). If you are wondering who I am, my name is Molly Friedman, your favorite vegan gal pal! Some of my favorite activities are long naps, booling with friends during the day or night and working out (a ton). On this trip (aside from the activities) we will be sure to get into plenty of shenanigans, tell terrible jokes that make you want to walk away and will do numerous other activities that you won’t find out until you sign up ;). SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES. With that being said, come bool and drool over this beautiful lake as your first of many great experiences with your future favorite vegan and future favorite (voted most likely) dad! See you soon! (please join our trip ._.)

Spend four days and three nights near the picturesque Squam Lake, at the heart New Hampshire’s beautiful White Mountains.  On this Level 2 adventure, you will be able to partake in the variety of outdoor recreation that this region has to offer.  Spend your days pondering by the lakeside or exploring nearby day hikes.   

*Squam Area Daytripping I & II share the similar itineraries, but are run as separate trips.

Exploring the Whites (Intermediate Physical Activity)

Exploring the Whites I Leaders: Sam Montenegro and Maddie Sirois

WASSUP KIDDOS! The name’s Sam and I’m SUPER pumped to be one of your leaders for Exploring the Whites! A few tidbits about myself: I’m a rising junior from the birthplace of Meek Mill (Philadelphia, if you’re curious), I spend more time in a pool than I do on dry land (*groan*, swimmers amiright?), and my favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is TONIGHT DOUGH. While Philly might be where I’m from, but in my heart, Bates is my home <3. I suppose I’m a Psychology and Computer Science Major, but let’s just say I consider my real major to be watchin’ the ‘flix in my cozy, cozy bed. I can’t wait to explore some tall, white, mountainous structures with y’all and I can guarantee we’re gonna have the best of times (queue in Spongebob’s “The Campfire Song Song”). Get ready to have a blast exploring the whites and sharing the ever-popular dad joke with me and my super awesome co-leader Maddawg Sriracha!

What up BAE-SOPer’s? Maddie here, a rising junior from the great state of New Jersey. At Bates you’ll find me crunching numbers in pgill, teaching English at the Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services, or chasing frisbees on Garcelon field (aka Garcelona)! I’m an Economics major and Rhetoric minor, with a concentration in shredding the gnar (let’s go to the riv!). I’ve been hiking and sailing in Maine since I was a wee little one, and I could not be more excited to give you guys a taste of what the area has to offer (hint: blueberries!!). If you’re still reading this and ready for some sweet views, even sweeter smores, and the SWEETEST memories, go sign up! Sam and I will catch ya on the flip side!

Exploring the Whites II Leaders: Daphne James and Parker Caswell

HELLO FIRSTYEARS!! Get ready for the most fun for days of the beginning of your time at Bates! Parker and I are beyond stoked to be your leaders! Parker and I met way back in August of 2018 as wide eyed first years trekking across the Prezies, and now I’m here to tell you all the things about Parker Caswell! Born and raised in the small town of Sandwich (but this does not mean he can make a good sandwich), New Hampshire. Parker has spent most of his days outside and only eats maple syrup and sesame nuggs. Parker spends his summers on Lake Winnipesaukee letting the wind push him around in a little boat and trying to teach young children how to do the same. In the winter he loves, loves, loves, to ski uphill on his Nordic skis. Parker has recently found a new hobby of climbing, and even though he is an athletic dude he has finally met his match: rocks! You can usually find him hanging onto the Wall for dear life in the back corner of Merrill or studying rocks themselves in geo (NERD). Even though Parker prefers to ski uphill over down and has never had a cheeseburger in his life… I’m still super pumped to lead with him and explore the whites together!

Hellooooo Bobcats. I’m Parker, hailing from the town named after the snack. I’m very excited to explore the whites to you all and my wonderful colead Daphne. Daphne is brought to you all the way from the sun-soaked hills of Sausalito, California. When not tearing up the slopes (or her acl’s) on the Bates Alpine ski team, Daphne can be found doing all sorts of other rad outdoor activities such as mountain biking and paddling. A resident expert in all things AESOP, Daphne will be sure to cook your Annie’s mac n cheese *that* much better than any other leader. Although Daphne is only capable of skiing one direction on a hill, she will still be a great leader to explore the whites with this fall. We are both very excited to meet you all and are eagerly awaiting the late summer days of AESOP.

This trip is meant to do exactly what its title indicates. By piecing together hikes from different areas in the White Mountain National Forest, you will get a taste of a wide variety of moderate hiking trails while still able to be in the midst of the famous and spectacular White Mountains. Camping along the famously scenic Kancamagus Highway, you will not be short of spectacular views and will get the chance to summit South Moat Mountain, Mt. Tripyramid, and Mt. Chocoura on individual day hikes. It’ll be a fun adventure!

*Exploring the Whites I and II share similar itineraries, but are run as separate trips

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