Base Camping

Mount Desert Island (Katie Allard photo)

Here you will find a full list and description of the different Base Camping trips we offer. Click on the drop-down boxes to learn more about the awesome Batesies who will lead them! 

Mount Desert Island (Low Physical Strenuousness)

Mount Desert Island I Leaders: Katie Allard and Zach Collester

HEY BOBCATS! Hope you all are as excited as I am to venture into the great outdoors on AESOP 2018! My name is Katie and I am stoked to adventure around Mount Desert Island and through Acadia National Park! I am a big fan of the outdoors and can not wait to do some hiking and some hammocking in the beautiful Maine scenery! A little about myself, I have somehow made my way up to Maine from the beautiful state of New Jersey (aka the Dirty Jerz, aka Jersey Shore, aka the armpit of America) where I spend much of my time pumping my fist and not my own gas. I will be heading into my senior year finishing up my economics major and a rhetoric minor. I play on the Women’s Lacrosse team and I am part of the co-ed acapella group The Crosstones, I like to call myself a LaCrosstone but that’s just me. In my free time you can catch me riding up and down alumni on my scooter or eating all of the rice krispie treats in commons. Zach and I are so excited to meet everyone and can not wait to have the best time EVER!

What’s up Class of 2022! I’m Zach, a rising senior from outside Philadelphia – land of the greatest convenience store in the freakin’ world (Wawa, that is…long live Hoagiefest) and home to the reigning Super Bowl Champion Eagles (#birdsby40). At Bates, I am a Neuroscience major on the pre-med track. When I’m not reading about CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing, you can catch me me making musical fusion with Katie and the rest of the Crosstones, or swimming, biking, and running in this beautiful state. I’m a huge fan of The Office and am always down to order Domino’s 2 medium 2 topping pizza deal. Some of my best Bates memories have been on Mount Desert Island and I can’t wait to make more with all of you!

Mount Desert Island II Leaders: Imani Boggan and Will Stern

Hey heyyy. Call me Moana! — I’m kidding.
Born and bred in the Bay Area, California, you may never convince me that there is a better place to call home, but I encourage the effort (nice try, will.) What we can all agree on is that Maine is a pretty cool state with beaches, blueberries, and Bates (like my alliteration ;)?) I’ve enjoyed the adventure so far. Even snow in March has its perks, there’s an actual igloo outside my dorm — peep the Bates instagram.
I am an intended economics sociology double major who dips her toes in the environmental sciences and culture studies too. I hope to make something of it and take it out to the world. When I’m not in class I’m probably running around in Merrill or chowing down in Commons.. hit me up for a few ~commons creations~.
I love the water, I love the sun, I love the color green and oreos. Huge oreo fan.
I am so so so stoked to be leading Mount Desert Island II, welcome to it.

Howdy, my name is Will Stern. I am from a cooler place than Imani: Louisville, KY (actually ranked the coolest city in the United States by Forbes, SO).  My wardrobe is so much better than Imani’s that she even steals my clothes every once in a while. I am (as you can tell) wayyyyyyy better at writing bios than Imani. I also play a cooler sport than Imani (lacrosse), but that’s enough about Imani.

I am pre-med, and I hope to one day become a pediatric surgeon. I love watching professional sports. I listen to a lot of music. I reeeeally love dancing. I grew up in the south, so there are a lot of things that I say that people here don’t always understand such as: cooter, yonder, y’all, buttered. I am pretty easy going as long as you don’t hate on pistachios or how i met your mother. Oh and I have a really southern accent.

Mount Desert Island III Leaders: Xavier Hayden and Amanda Engelbrekt

Howdy dags! I’m Xavier, here to introduce my FANTASTIC coleader Amanda! She hails from the great 6oz cola state of Minnesota! From atop the tallest peaks of Maine, she shredded the slopes with the alpine ski team until she experienced what laymen would refer to as “Ski Nirvana”, allowing her to transcend snow and the physical passage of time. A worldly traveler, you can find Amanda anywhere from surfing off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa (the waves beckon to her every whim) to exploring the exotic isles of her nearby Target (the sales beckon to her every whim). Amanda also has not one, not
four, not SIX, but TWO world records thanks to her athletic prowess in cartwheels and paddle board yoga. Amanda would also like to inform everyone that her most marketable skill is her talent at monkeys in a barrel, a game which she trains for every night before she sleeps. From her small mini soda town, ChiSago (note: not ChiCago) she has grown to be one with nature, often seen carrying a falcon on her way to her morning classes, a classic sight at Bates College. You would definitely be winning the AESOP lottery with her as your fearless leader. The two of us are SO incredibly j A z Z eD to lead you young katz in exploring Acadia, so get ready for one heCk of a boot stompin time!!

Amanda forgot to email us Xav’s bio, but he hails from Manhattan…. Kansas (not the one you were thinking of, eh?). He is co-head of one of our wonderful a capella groups on campus, the Cross Tones, so you can catch him singing along to all the songs in your AESOP van. He spent the summer working in Bates Admission being one of the most in-demand tour guides around, consistently winning over parents and students alike with his incredible ability to tell jokes about parking lots, class requirements, and our sweaty work polo-shirts all with his classic MidWestern charm. You know what they say about people from the midwest… they’re nicer than the rest of us. Xavier also works in the lighting and design shop in Pettigrew, dabbles (heavily) in theater, and loves a good fresh body of water (he used to be on the Bates swim team, but now enjoys swimming at his own leisure with friends and fishes alike). Amanda and Xavier are stoked on leading you guys around Mt Desert Island and can’t wait to meet y’all!

Nestled in the coastline of northern Maine, Mount Desert Island is one of the most renowned scenic areas in the state. These trips will camp in group camping facilities with bathhouses and easy access to more “creature comforts,” however all participants still sleep in tents and cook on camping stoves, ensuring that you will still receive a true outdoor experience.

Days on Mount Desert Island are spent either day hiking in Acadia National Park, exploring the local town of Bar Harbor, or hanging out at the beach.  While the itineraries vary year to year based on the leaders and group interests, typical hikes might include a walk up Beehive mountain or even a sunrise hike of Cadillac Mountain.  Nights are spent hanging out around the campfire playing games, talking with you new classmates, and cooking s’mores.

Every year we typically send three trips to Mount Desert Island.  While they do camp in somewhat close proximity to one another, for the most part the trips stay separate in order to maintain the small group dynamic the AESOP prides itself on.

Like all other base camping trips, the Mount Desert Island AESOP is designed to be lower-intensity and is ideal for those who are excited about AESOP and being in the outdoors, but who might be less comfortable with a higher-level trip.

*Mount Desert Island I, II, III share similar itineraries, but are run as separate trips.

Maine Coast Chillin (Low Physical Strenuousness)

Maine Coast Chillin’ I Leaders: Gillian Coyne and Dylan Metsch-Ampel

Uhhh yerrrr, what’s cookin 2022?! One more two, and you’d have the full! But less about you and more about me. My name is Gillian “Francophone” Coyne, and I could not be more excited to chill with y’all along the Maine coast. It just so happens that I come from the very same coast, just 300 miles south in New York City. No matter what I say during our trip, the truth is that New Jersey has superior bagels and pizza. At Bates I am stoked to be rising a senior, and I am double majoring in the rad disciplines of French and Rhetoric. Dude, during my freetime I fer sher like to sail the high seas with the Bates sailing club, but I have also been known to outkick the coverage while competing with the equestrian team. Dyl and I were on the same AESOP trip back when we were bobkittens, and we cannot wait to make your trip as dank as ours!!,Gill

Hi there, kiddos! My name is Dylan, and I hail from the greatest of all the tri-states, good ‘ole New Jersey. It was my lovely Montclair upbringing in the Garden State that sparked my love for Environmental Studies, the great outdoors, and lesser-than-New-York bagels. Some fun facts about me are that I make a mean, mean Commons PB&J, I love the Weeknd (and the weekend) more than most things in this world, I have no fewer than three deodorants in my room at any given time, and I use the “I’m a blackbelt in Taekwondo” as a fun fact, even though it’s been over a decade since I got it. Moral of the story, is I’m super stoked to do some serious coastal chillin with you guys, and I can’t wait to discuss the Men’s Lacrosse Team with you (plot twist: I’m just a stats bro, not a player). Get hyped for the most rockin AESOP — Gill and I couldn’t be more excited to hang with ya! Xoxo, Dyl.

Maine Coast Chillin’ II Leaders: Emma Gomez-Rivas and Sam Stone

Hey hey! I’m Emma and I’m a rising senior here in the good ol Lew. I’m your classic, fun-loving JOB (just outside Boston), and I LOVE it here at Bates College. I’m a biochemistry major (ask me about oxidative phosphorylation!) and partake in both ultimate frisbee and theater on campus. I have a majestic golden retriever and have killed one fish and two hermit crabs. My favorite season is spring and my favorite food is peanut butter (so if you have a nut allergy, maybe take that elsewhere)(jk I love and accept u pls just put it on ur med form so we can be #safe). I cannot wait to lead all you lil first years through the coast of Maine with my pal Sam, and through your first few days at the best college out there. Get psyched!!

Hey guys!  I’m Sam, and I’m a rising senior from Washington DC!  I spent a lot of time in Acadia growing up, and love spending time in Maine’s great outdoors.  On campus, I study politics and music, along with being in an all male a cappella group called “The Deansmen,” and a student band called “Ordinance 50.” I love playing basketball and soccer, so if you bring a ball you may get to see my subpar sports skills!  At Bates, I can be found in the BMU (Bates Musicians Union), in Olin, or playing multiple games of Settlers of Catan.  At home, I have a 13 year old black lab named Maggie (she’s the best girl), but my favorite animal (and spirit animal) is a panda.  I can’t wait to meet you all and help you get acclimated to Bates!  Get pumped!

The (aptly named) Maine Coastal Chillin’ trip explores the sites of Maine’s coast (and beaches!) just south of the Brunswick/Bath area. On this trip, you’ll take excursions to the Morse Mountain conservation area, as well as to nearby Popham Beach State Park. You’ll have the opportunity to go on some very accessible day hikes in the surrounding area, as well as plenty of chances to hang around and explore the local beaches.

Situated just a short drive from the Bates Campus itself, the Hermit Island area is a popular destination for Batesies throughout the rest of the school year. We love it so much in fact, that we hold our bi-annual Clam Bake (a student favorite) right there at Popham Beach.

Like all other base camping trips, the Maine Coastal Chillin’ AESOP is designed to be lower-intensity and is ideal for those who are excited about AESOP and being in the outdoors, but who might be less comfortable with a higher-level trip.

*Maine Coastal Chillin’ I and II share similar itineraries, but are run as separate trips.

Mt. Blue (Low Physical Strenuousness)

Mt. Blue I Leaders: Olivia Gomez and Will Sanders

Hi there! I’m Olivia, but I’m mostly called OG at Bates because my last name is Gomez (no relation to Selena, though I’ve pulled that trick many a time). I’m from Newton, Massachusetts, birthplace of the Fig Newton and Amy Poehler. Some things that have my heart are ultimate frisbee, vegan pad thai from commons, scrounging around on Spotify for new music, canoe trips, free-verse poetry, and wiggly dogs. I’m so thrilled to be a leader for Mt. Blue! I’m a wild fan of games and songs around the fire, cozy tent hangin’, and romping around the woods. If you’re looking to talk Game of Thrones, favorite adventures, cooking shows, or outer space, then you’ve come to the right place!

Hey all! My name is Will, and I am so pumped to be leading this trip to Mt. Blue! I went on this trip my freshman year and loved it, and I’m excited for you all to have as good a time as I did. Some things about me: I’m from Arlington, Massachusetts, I love soccer, the Maine woods, and listening to music of all sorts. I’m also a devoted social member of the Men UItimate Fris team, I sing in the Bates College Deansmen, and I dabble in the drums. I hope you all are as excited for Mt. Blue as I am! Can’t wait to see you all soon.

Mt. Blue II Leaders: Oriana LoCiero and Tanner Stallbaumer

Hello AESOPers!!! You can call me Ori (oreo), and I’m coming in hot from Bellingham, located in the state most famous for its large hairy man (sasquatch) and sparkly man (vampires) sightings, Washington! My most prized skills are making wicked good empanadas and being able to touch my toes (knees NOT bent). I’m a chemistry major, dance minor, and play 5 instruments mediocrely. I have a minor bread addiction, which led to my ASEOP nick name being bready… Don’t worry you will all get fun nicknames! I am so excited to meet all of you and have an awesome trip! Tanner and I were in the same AESOP together, and have been super close ever since (like literally we have lived across the hall from each other for 2 years now). Get ready to boogie on Mt. Blue, lots of love xoxo.

Sup hobbits, my name is Tanner “Bananer” Stallbaumer and I am a rising Junior. I currently have luscious locks (which I refuse to willingly put into a manbun, but totally down for some dank brainds) and my spirit animal is either a sloth or a very sleepy old cat. I’m an Environmental Studies Major, history minor, and stumbled my way up north from the jungle of NYC to lead you hooligans deep into the wilderness of Maine. I’ve spent way too much time watching documentaries, so don’t be surprised if I start running off on a tangent about David Attenborough or the Battle of Trafalgar. I’m also a huge music head, and will definitely be making the BEST AESOP PLAYLIST EVAH!! I’m pumped to get to know you guys, and show you an amazing AESOP just like Ori and I had together! See ya in August, xoxo.

Mt. Blue State park in Weld, ME offers camping on the shore of Webb Lake that will provide ample opportunities to remain refreshed in the heat of August. Situated on the other side of the lake is 3,187-foot Mt. Blue, a popular day hike and a great opportunity to test out your hiking boots! You may even get the chance to hike up Tumbledown Mtn. on one of the days and take a dip in the alpine pond near the summit. So definitely bring your suits and boots because this trip will be full of swimming and hiking!

*Mt. Blue I & II follow the same itinerary.

Rangeley Chillin (Low Physical Strenuousness)

Rangeley Chillin’ I Leaders: Catie Spaulding and Seamus Kelley

Wazup AESOPers!! I hope y’all are ready for some major chillin right over the horizon. My name is Catie and I’m a rising senior at Bates (whoahh). Born and raised in the old line state (Southern Maryland to be exact), you’ll catch me fishing, boating, attempting to wakeboard, and searching for some big ole sharks teeth on the shore of the Ches Bay. You’ll probably also catch me eating loads of ice cream while I do all of those things (impossible?… “Nothing is impossible, even the word itself says I’m Possible”- Audrey Hepburn). Besides single-handedly using all of Commons’ ice cream rainbow sprinkles, you’ll also see me touring prospective Batesies around town, writing some ~trendy~ Her Campus articles, and volunteering in Lewiston! Anywhoo, Seamus and I are so PUMPED to share this amazing experience with you all, and hope you’ll tag along for some stellar hikes, groovy tunes, lots of laughs , and some meannn s’mores!

Hey Y’all! My name is Seamus and I am also a rising senior! I hail from a small city named Troy, NY which is about 3 hours north of NYC. A fun fact about Troy is that Uncle Sam was from there as well! I love to fish in my spare time, and Spaulding and I can often be found fishing in the Nezinscot River over short term. I’m super pumped for Rangeley because it has some of the best brook trout fishing in all of Maine, and chillin for four days is the best way to spend four days. I am a Spike Ball enthusiast, and if you aren’t yet familiar with it, that’s okay because we will be able to play for most of our trip. And now, couple of fun facts about me: my favorite dog on campus is a beautiful golden retriever named Tilly (she was just a lil pup when I was a first year), I really enjoy Irish folk music, (this is not a popular order, but) I usually get a Turkey club at the den (even though there are so many other options). Y’all should totally join our trip, because I can almost guarantee that you will all beat me in bananagrams, hopefully we will catch some fish, and I do a very nice job of cooking Annie’s Mac and Cheese.

Rangeley Chillin’ II Leaders: Harry Meadows and Eve Cinquino

Hi everyone! I’m Harry, a fan of Cherry Garcia ice cream and long walks in the woods. I come from the wild land of Princeton, New Jersey and I can name 94 different types of birds. I’ve spent the last year studying abroad in Oxford, so I’m as excited as you to be at Bates again this fall! I study English and Philosophy at Bates, and on Thursday nights you can find me broadcasting my thoughts and favorite tunes on WRBC 91.5, everybody’s favorite student radio station. I’m a lifelong Boy Scout so you can trust that I’ll make your AESOP trip one to remember, and that by the end you’ll know at least 18 types of birds.

Hello bobkittens! I’m Eve, an avid knitter and fan of all things cheese. I’m from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the home of Peeps and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I’m a Physics major and Math minor, but I dabble in environmental studies and art. When I grow up I want to live in Iceland so I can study glaciers and chill with elves. When you can’t find me hiding out in the basement of the library, there’s a good chance I’m at the barn hanging out with my four legged friends. I’m a firm believer that horses are better than most people, but you’re welcome to prove me wrong. I’ve spent many summers getting wacky in the woods at camp in Maine and I can’t wait to show you the magic of Maine summers during our brief four-day return to a summer state of mind while chillin in Rangeley!

Rangeley Chillin’ III Leaders: Ellis O’Brien and Lily Meier

Seasonal Tidings, incoming Bobcats!!!! My name is Ellis, but you can call me Ellis Obrien for short. I am a fifth-generation Californian as I come from a long line of mildly successful farmers and fertilizer salesmen: Farmer Jerry, Farmer Susan and Uncle Jack are some of my more notable ancestors. While my farming career never quite took off, I have found my experience at Bates a more than suitable substitute. I study Economics and African American studies, and technically hold an education concentration in physics, but my knowledge of physics extends little beyond knowing Sir Isaac Newton is much smarter than I am. When I’m not cracking jokes in Commons (our superb dining hall), you can find me tutoring some Lewiston kiddos in math, playing some absolute slaps during my radio show, or reliving the glory days on the intramural football and softball fields. I spent this February break shredding the Maine woods area on Nordic skis and am super stoked to do more of the same with y’all, with a good dose of lakes & beaches tossed in. I literally cannot wait for our laughter-filled conversations in the most majestic mountains and waters New England has to offer.

Heyooo I’m Lily! I hail from the small town of New York City and could not be more excited to spend the end of the summer romping around Rangeley! I am a rising junior, a sociology major with a concentration in public health. When I’m not pumping the mental iron, you can catch me tossing THE disk with the rest of our Ultimate Frisbee team, walking backwards down alumni givin some tours and reading poetry with the rest of the LIT(erary) magazine team. I spend the majority of my time at B8z in commons munching on pasta and sipping some of the finest lemon lime gatorade the world has to offer. I am a HUGE fan of the DJ ear worm united states of pop songs (I think 2009 is the best but definitely up for debate), an AVID card player and a lover of all things cheese. We’re going to have the GREATEST time on AESOP and my dear pal Ellis and I are SO excited to meet you all!



The (aptly named) Rangeley Chillin’ trip explores the beautiful Rangeley Lake State Park and surrounding area. You’ll have the opportunity to go on some very accessible day hikes in the surrounding area, as well as plenty of chances to hang around and chill by the lake (perfect time to learn/play frisbee, lots of camping games), as well as some opportunities to paddle around in canoes and explore on water!

Like all other base camping trips, the Rangeley Chillin’ AESOP is designed to be lower-intensity and is ideal for those who are excited about AESOP and being in the outdoors, but who might be less comfortable with a higher-level trip.

*Rangeley Chillin’ I, II and III share similar itineraries, but are run as separate trips.

Camden Hills (Moderate Physical Strenuousness)

Camden Hills I Leaders: Olivia LaMarche and Brendan Donahue

Fancy meeting you here pals! I hail from the great old region of JOB (Just outside of Boston, a term you will become familiar with at Bates). My name is Olivia, but I will respond to any form of that name, or anything really. My initials spell OWL, if you can’t find me at any point just yell HOOT HOOT and I will show up after a few calls. I am a runner on the cross country and track team at Bates and an Environmental Studies Major so if you need to find me I would check somewhere in the woods, I’m likely there running or hugging trees. If you want to hang out with some cool Bobcats, go on some great hikes and share stories around the fire, then this trip is for you!

G’day mates, my name is Brendan and I am currently a junior at Bates. I hail from the Granite State, specifically a town known as Wolfeboro. In the summertime you can find me scooping ice cream and swimming in lake Winnipesaukee. At college, I am a decathlete on the track team, a Sociology Major and a 3-time intramural runner up. Some fun facts about me are; when I was seven I accidently sat on a cactus, my favorite song is Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones, and I once swam through a glowing cyanobacteria bloom (not a good idea). Olivia and I are stoked to meet each and everyone of you and cannot wait to tear it up in Camden Hills State Park.

Camden Hills II Leaders: Sommer Glasgow and Tommy Sheils

What it do ‘Soppers!

The Camden Hills base camping trips offer another opportunity to experience a more relaxed AESOP in the Camden area of coastal Maine. These trips will camp out of a vehicle-accessible campsite and spend each day day-hiking (popular hikes include Bald Rock Mtn and the “Nature Trail”), chilling out at the beach, exploring local streams and rivers, and hanging out in downdown Camden.

Camden Hills I&II, like other base camping trips, are designed to require minimal outdoor experience, and are best suited for those who are excited about AESOP but would prefer a less intense outdoor experience. While the participants all sleep in tents, the campsites feature running water and shower facilities.

*Camden Hills I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

Down-east Daytripping (Moderate Physical Strenuousness)

Down-east Daytripping I Leaders: Marissa Bale and Ryan Whittemore

Hey all, I’m Marissa and yes, mayonnaise is an instrument. I am a senior from New Haven, Connecticut and am super psyched about leading the best AESOP trip to ever happen!!! My major is in Environmental Studies, and I am a member of the frisbee team. I am also involved in environmental clubs around campus. An interesting fact about me is that I have had more than 20 different things come out of my nose, including but not limited to, fruit snacks, grapes, and ramen noodles. I love to hike and have been to places across Maine, Vermont, and Colorado. I am excited about leading an AESOP this year with Ryan, as we were on the same AESOP and have been friends ever since. See you all soon!

R-Y-A-N!!!! That’s me and I’m so amped to meet y’all! My hometown is Harpers Ferry, WV, once visited by Gordon Ramsay for his show “Hotel Hell.” I’m a politics and rhetoric double major here at Bates, which is WICKED. I did debate for a long time and am the current webmaster of WRBC, our college radio station. Fun fact: My favorite combination is snowboarding and eating bacon–at the same time. While we can’t experience this combo on AESOP, we will get to see some beautiful sights in Maine’s famous Downeast region. Marissa and I are super excited to be back together chilling in Maine’s wilderness for AESOP. Hope you’re ready to eat some lobstah!

Down-east Daytripping II Leaders: Anni Gundeck and Ben Stratton

Hi future AESOP’ers!!! I’m Anni, and I’m an incoming sophomore from the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York. As much as I LOVE upstate New York, Maine quickly stole my heart during my first year at Bates. Some of my favorite things in life are glitter, a good Netflix binge (New Girl anyone?), and Reese’s cups (combine the three and you’re golden) At Bates I’m a politics major with maaaaaaybe a GSS and/or anthro minor, and I volunteer for an *awesome* non-profit in Lewiston called Safe Voices. In high school I spent virtually every waking moment not in school at my dance studio, but these days I love to hike, read, and cook! For my own AESOP I was on Saddleback II, and I’m SO excited to explore Maine even more on Down East Day Tripping!!!!! AESOP is truly one of the best parts about Bates so get pumped!!!

Hey y’all! It’s me Ben, your friendly neighborhood AESOP leader. I am pro-sweet tea, and anti-mayonnaise. I’m a rising sophomore majoring in environmental studies and maybe a minor in history. I was born and raised in sunny, hot, humid Orlando, Florida, which means that Mickey Mouse is my father and my mother is an alligator. A fun fact about me is that every “Florida Man” article you read is actually about your’s truly, and once I pet a gator on the snout during Hurricane Matthew. On campus I’m a member of the men’s hockey team, as well as a tour guide for the admissions office. As a hockey player I was once compared to Victor Hedman. I was also once compared to Adam Devine, if he had broken his nose. My co-leader Anni and I are super excited to be leading Down-east Day tripping II (even though I don’t understand how anything in Maine can be considered “DOWN-east”, it’s so far north). Regardless, you’re gonna have a great time base-camping and going on day trips, as well as making a great new group of friends!

Take a trip Downeast with two of Bates College’s finest Maine-iacs.  On this trip, you will explore quiet coastal beaches, rocky coastlines, picturesque lighthouses, the Maine Coast Heritage Trust region, myriad day hikes, and much more.  A trip for students interested in learning more about Maine’s unique culture, this unique new addition won’t disappoint.

*Down-east Daytripping I & II share similar itineraries, but are run as separate trips.     

Squam Lake Daytripping (Moderate Physical Strenuousness)

Squam Area Daytripping I Leaders: Julian Stolper and Carol Harding

SQUAM AREA DAYTRIPPING?!? More like SQUAD Area Daytripping. If you’re looking for the AESOP of your dreams, hold your caballos (horses in Spanish)!!! Hello, I’m Julian Stolper! I’m a senior and I enjoy competitively propelling myself through bodies of water while wearing a skintight unitard. When I’m not on the water, you can find me on land. As a New Hampshire native, I will be leading us throughout this unforgettable journey solely relying on the scents of the surrounding foliage and my childhood memories. We’re going to do some hiking, some swimming, some paddling, maybe some fishing, then maybe a little more swimming, and essentially just live the life of your dreams on the unbelievably stunning Squam Lake. As my oh so wonderful and wise co-leader once said, “Squam Area Daytripping is objectively the best AESOP out there! Rumor has it that kids who don’t even go to Bates are trying to sign up!” So I hope you’ll listen to her wise words and sign up for this unforgettable journey before it’s too late. See you guys so soon!!!

Greetings new Bobcats! It’s time to get pumped for a lot of things, but above all, for AESOP! If you thought that coming to Bates and playing outside with your fellow classmates was all that should excite you, you were sadly mistaken… you have the opportunity to join SQUAM AREA DAYTRIPPING!!! During what will be a priceless and once in a lifetime business week in the woods, you’ll be led by the one and only Carol Harding! I’m a senior, but it was after I escaped from my parents on a train in Europe, and later escaped from the Italian Police that had found me, that I became an international fugitive at the ripe age of ten. I then moved to Egypt, India and, finally, D.C. gaining talents and wisdom to share with the AESOPers I would one day lead. Along with my fearless co-leader, we’ll be trekking to local peaks, canoeing to undiscovered islands, perfecting our back strokes, crystallizing lifelong friendships, and surviving off of squirrels and insects. Just kidding! After two summers of washing dishes, my co-leader will provide the best mac and cheese one has ever encountered. And you bet our dishes will be the cleanest! If you like the great outdoors, campfires, water, scenic views, mosquitoes, other people, trees, and having fun before a year of homework, you’ll love Squam Area Daytripping!

Squam Area Daytripping II Leaders: Carter Goodell and Kat Schell

Hello everybody! I’m Carter and I will be a senior here at Bates this fall. I’m from a town in Vermont that has just about as many people as Bates has students, and a lot more cows. This summer I am going to be an intern at the Maine Island Trail Association, which is a great excuse for me to spend lots of time on the water while building my resume, or something. Here at Bates I am also on the sailing team, and love being out on the water. I also still kinda deal with the team finances. Right now I’m in Ecuador studying abroad and seeing a ton of cool places while trying to learn Spanish and stay hydrated. I am an Environmental Studies major with two GECs (don’t know what a GEC is? you will soon!). While at school, I love getting off campus on weekends to go hike, sail, ski, or just explore this awesome state. For this trip Kat and I are super stoked on getting out on some water at Squam Lake with you guys, as well as some fun day hikes!

Hey hey everyone!! My name is Kat, and I am a rising senior here at Bats College. I was birthed in Charlotte, North Carolina, so I am one of the few southerners in this JOB (Just Outside of Bahstan) dominated school, wahoo so ~different~. This summer I have a job at Outward Bound in the mountains of good ole’ North Carolina where I will be working behind the scenes dealing with logistics. At Bates, I attempt to sail while trying not to die of hypothermia, and I am one of the social chairs of the sailing team : I help organize our many sendy, salty shindigs. I am also a DJ for WRBC, which is Bates’ funkadelic radio station. As a DJ I play a lot of dad music and groovy, “alternative” tunes. In my scholarly pursuits, I am an English major and a French minor, and I spent my spring semester studying abroad in Montpellier, France. On the weekends, I love exploring Maine’s beautiful neature on skis, on foot, and in boats!  I hope you’ll join Carter and me for some questionable jokes, artisanal camp grub, and soo much stoke for a four day trip you’ll never forget!!

Spend four days and three nights near the picturesque Squam Lake, at the heart New Hampshire’s beautiful White Mountains.  On this Level 2 adventure, you will be able to partake in the variety of outdoor recreation that this region has to offer.  Spend your days pondering by the lakeside or exploring nearby day hikes.   

*Squam Area Daytripping I & II share the similar itineraries, but are run as separate trips.

Exploring the Whites (Intermediate Physical Strenuousness)

Exploring the Whites I Leaders: John Phillips and Abigail Kany

Yo ‘SOPers! John Phillips here, also called Jon (pronounced Yoon), Jane, and a multitude of other names that I did not choose, yet somehow have stuck. I call New Gloucester, ME my home, where farm animals run the streets. New Gloucester is only 20 minutes from Bates so you could call me an expert on the area. In my free time, I enjoy climbing real and fake rocks, going downhill on two planks, breaking ankles in IM Hockey, scaling peaks, running, and housing peanut butter. The White Mountains are super tight just like my co-leader Gail and me in my signature jean shorts. The best part of me looking like a hippy is that I can cook up a mean bowl of oatmeal, the only thing we will be eating on this trip (jokes, jokes), but that won’t stop us from having a killer time. Explore the Whites with my co-leader Gail and me on the best base camping and hiking expedition you ever have been on!

Heyo AESOPers! My name’s Abigail, call me gail but defs not abby. This trip is gonna be a wild, wacky ride so buckle up, keep your hands, legs, and paws inside the van at all times & get PSYCHED. I live in the land of cacti (Arizona), but grew up riding my pet polar bear to school in Alaska. I’m a prospective neuro major, and play the sport you never thought you’d play but definitely should at Bates if you like to have a good time: ultimate frisbee. I’m an avid fan of Bates and can give you all the tips & tricks on what buildings are open 24 hrs, how to make rice krispy bowls in commons, and the best spots on campus to go mattress surfing (Clayton Spencer approved). My long-haired, cereal pounding co-leader John here is a certified sendy Mainer, with an arsenal of Dad-dance moves who is very serious about oatmeal but it stops about there. We are off the charts of the stoke-meter, we are SO pumped to explore some mountains of the white variety with you at the end of this beautiful new england summer/beginning of your adventure at Bates!!! So If you’re down to conquer the mountains of NH with a couple of kooks who pretend to be good at surfing and hockey, eat copious amounts of s’mores and tell stories of merry misadventures, then this is the AESOP for you!!

Exploring the Whites II Leaders: Simone Messer and Oliver Farnum

Howdy hey ladies! My name is Simone Messer and I want to be your mom! Literally. I want to be your mother, for a whole week. Longer, if you want. I study English at Bates but cannot actually write, so I dictate all my essays to my co-leader, Oliver. My pastimes here at Bates include carefully dismantling the patriarchy as part of the Feminist Collective and making the occasional lattë at our campus coffee shop, Le Ronj (it sounds French but has no meaning). My Friday nights are usually full of planning and executing elaborate puppet shows for my friends—I like to keep my social calendar pretty busy. Maine is both of our favorite states, infinitely better than New York (where I was spawned) and just a tad better than Massachusetts. We can’t wait to introduce you to each other, to us, to the fragile alpine ecosystems of Maine, and to the Greatest College in The Known World. Join us.

WELCOME TO HECK WEEK, NERDS. Hahaha jk!! Qué pasa, future chums? Oliver “The Breakdance Kid” Farnum here. A proud Bobcat (rawr), I am a double major in Politics (which just means that I have a beard and wear glasses) and Philosophy (which means that I stroke my beard and clean my glasses a lot). My hobbies include clothed streaking (that’s where I run really fast across the quad with a mischievous grin like I’m doing something naughty), coming up with elaborate party themes and then EXECUTING THEM TO ABSOLUTE PERFECTION, and being the sweatiest drummer in the history of the Bates funk band. Born and raised in the glitzy metropolis of [small suburb that is not Boston but I call it Boston], Massachusetts, I am freakin’ pumped to introduce you all (including my co-leader Simone, who comes from NYC and does not know what a tree is) to the beautiful montañas of New England! Join us for three days of adventure, friendship, and braiding each other’s hair around the campfire as we chant the Bates fight song in a three-part harmony. We can’t wait to learn all your secrets and prank you in your sleep–uh I mean get to know you all!

Exploring the Whites III Leaders: Austin Shaver and Liv Guion

Oh hey, didn’t see ya there! Liv here to introduce you to my co-leader: the one, the only… Austin Shaver!! Here at Bates, he’s digging on into the world of Politics with a nice scoop of Soc(iology) on the side. In his spare time, he enjoys constructing majestic igloos, making particularly poor puns, and blaming everything on his long-gone concussion. He can’t follow directions for the life of him (don’t worry, that’s why I’m here), but will happily drink your extra tomato sauce (first two rules of being a bobkitten: waste no food, leave no trace), and if you’re lucky he might even break out his fur-lined, funky-dunky hat! This kid is energetic, enthusiastic, and yes, he’s in-tents (bad pun FULLY intended). He’s a goof of a guy and a phenomenal friend who’s had my back since we AESOPed together last fall (friends who AESOP together stay together)! We’re super stoked to meet you all, Exploring the Whites III is gonna be a blast and a half!!!

What’s frickin’ bobkittens? Liv is a fundamentally good egg. Described by some as “tall,” “red,” and “environmentally inclined,” she enjoys spending her time promoting environmentally-friendly policies on campus and prancing around the dance floor. A mix of crunch and classic(al), you can expect fishtail braids, mason jars, flannel sweaters, literary critiques (“I like books, *quietly and to herself* books are my friends”) and a general infatuation with les outdoors. Not one to shy away from pop-culture she claims “I know all of the friends episodes ever, and none of the movies. None of the movies.” The Bachelor is her guilty pleasure: “I know way too much about it… it’s not good.” This goofus is adventurous and frequently willing to engage in shenanigans. Thoughtful but not necessarily quiet, she is aptly suited to be your AESOP leader . . .we formed our spiritual-emotional connection during our hoth-like trek through Franconia notch last year!!!

This trip is meant to do exactly what its title indicates. By piecing together hikes from different areas in the White Mountain National Forest, you will get a taste of a wide variety of moderate hiking trails while still able to be in the midst of the famous and spectacular White Mountains. Camping along the famously scenic Kancamagus Highway, you will not be short of spectacular views and will get the chance to summit South Moat Mountain, Mt. Tripyramid, and Mt. Chocoura on individual day hikes. It’ll be a fun adventure!

*Exploring the Whites I and II share similar itineraries, but are run as separate trips

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