Aziscohos Lake (Gordon Platt photo)

Here you will find a full list and description of the different Canoe trips we offer. Click on the drop-down boxes to learn more about the awesome Batesies who will lead them! 

Aziscohos Lake (Moderate Physical Activity)

Aziscohos Leaders: Nate Reed and Eden Rickolt

Hello, my name is Nate, I’m from Petoskey, Michigan, and I am a Senior at Bates. Eden and I are leading Aziscohos and I couldn’t be more excited! I love the outdoors and I grew up on the water so I can’t wait to go canoeing with you guys. I am majoring in biology and minoring in music, but I spend most of my time doing all sorts of other fun stuff! I played soccer at Bates the past two years (and a bunch of sports in high school), I’m in the Bates Musicians’ Union, and a member of Bates Club Water Polo team, as well as the Bates Steel Pan Orchestra. I also love meeting new people, building things, traveling, Michigan sports teams, and all things music. Because I played soccer freshman year, last year was my first AESOP and I loved it!!! Can’t wait to meet everyone!

Hello, hello! My name is Eden but you can also call me the edester (a fun flirty fresh nickname I gave to myself in middle school)! I am a senior at Bates and am so excited to lead the Azichocos trip with Nate. I canoe, can you canoe?? What’s that? You want to learn?? Well do I have caNEWs for you!!! Hop aboard my vessel and we’ll get this party started!! (That was my way of saying sign up for our trip if you wanna learn how to canoe) At Bates, I am majoring in studio art and American cultural studies with a minor in deconstructing commons cereal flavors. I am also the president of Bates’ improv comedy group the strange bedfellows (weird flex) and the co-editor in chief of the literary magazine snaggletooth. I love spending time being silly and playing games with friends, I love meeting new people, I love my dog, I love John Mulaney, I love stuff that involves water (such as but not limited to: splashing in a lake, slip n slides, canoeing, and that game where u sit in a circle and everyone fills their mouths with water and stares at each other which makes them laugh and spit all their water out—i will show u once u get to b8s). Anywho… I’m a big fan of Nate Reed which is hella convenient bc we are leading together and we are so hyped. Yeah I think that’s it.. Can’t wait to meet you all!! :P

This trip is designed for anyone who’s never been canoeing before but think it seems cool (it is!) You’ll be paddling around under the guidance of two wonderful and experienced leaders who will teach you guys the ropes while taking in the beautiful scenery, playing canoe games, and generally having a ton of fun learning a new skill!

Cupsuptic Lake (Moderate Physical Activity)

Cupsuptic Leaders: Ahimy Soto-Garcia and Jin Wei

(Neon nights turned on) (Jin speaking) Here’s your fearless co-leader Ahimy. She’s proud to be from NYC’s backyard, Trenton, NJ. She likes to knit and makes it hip. As a Psychology major she studies why homo sapiens do the things that they do. Ahimy is fluent in Spanish so I guess we together bring you 3 of the world’s 5 most spoken languages in one trip, worth it. She is a transcendentalist (or insert a fancy word here) because she is present yet no-where at the same time, her ghostly presence on campus says it all. She plays DnD and loves Stranger Things. So Ahimy can spearhead the late night scary storytelling sessions while I crawl into the deep woods in search of Maine’s wild pineapples. Wow, I cannot wait for this to actually happen. So yeah, see you soon!

(Setting the tone as Dancing Queen turns on, yup that’s right you need to put that on for the rest of the time you are reading it. It gives it a nice aesthetic.) (Ahimy speaking) Let me introduce you to my co-leader Jin. He originally hails from China, but in the last 4 years has lived in Hawaii, Ohio, and now Maine. He is an Economics and Religious Studies double major and is involved in the offices of Campus Life and Residential Life, you know what that means ;). He knows where all the school-run OFFICIAL parties are :D. On the weekends you will most likely find him skiing or listening to Ariana Grande’s next greatest hits, thank u, next. But that’s not all! LOL(League of Legends) ! Another one of Jin’s guilty pleasures. SO if you are ever out and thinking of getting him a gift then spring for that new champion skin as opposed to that chocolate, thank u, next. That’s not all folks, he dances, climbs, ski’s, and plays video games, what more could you want from your AESOP Leader!! Well… he is also a GOT (Game of Thrones) fanatic, with his favorite characters being Arya Stark cause he’s a survivor and if that doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will. So you know this is the duo you are gonna have a blast with as we explore the beautiful H2O of Maine.

This NEW trip takes place on Cupsuptic, a shimmering lake surrounded by forest and lined with smooth, sandy beaches. This trip is perfect for anyone who has never been canoeing before and wants to give it a try! Under the guidance of two canoe-savvy leaders, you will learn canoe strokes, play canoe games, spot loons, and watch the sunset from beautiful Birch Island. 

Moosehead Lake (Intermediate Physical Activity)

Moosehead Lake I Leaders: Maya Sheshan and Will Langhoff

HELLO Sunshiney bobkittens, My name is Maya “THE ROCK” Seshan and I am a rising senior from a land down under ( AKA Wilton, CT). I am a Politics major and Spanish Minor who’s chugging along at those pre-med requirements. Outside of classes, you can probably find me boolin around commons looking for fruit pizza, beatboxing in Pgill, talking about politics on the quad, or distracting people on the first floor of CLUB LADD! Some people tell me I dress like Ellen. No offense to her, but it’s a fact that I dress AND DANCE better (Take That, Ellen!). I get pumped watching videos of dogs catching things, get really emotional watching military reunions, and totally die laughing from any and all memes. My favorite national holiday is Puddle jump. (Winter Carnival my dudes!) I love Food Network ( the KIDS Baking Competition though…) and I have been quoted saying, “Did a squat today, don’t mind if I take off work tomorrow, I’m calling in THICCQQQ” As a member of the Women’s Rowing Team here, and especially as a coxswain ( if you don’t know what that is think somewhere between a quarterback and horse-jockey but small and not actually physically rowing), I am at my best when I am yelling and motivating people on the water. William Gentle Giant Langer Langhoff and I are super stoked to meet you all and yeet around MOOSEHEAD LAKE, but we are even more thrilled to introduce you to BATES!!!!!

Hello First Years! My name is Will Langhoff, and I am a rising senior from Bronxville, NY. I am a politics major and history minor. When I’m not doing work for those classes, I can be found booling in commons (current record is seven hours in a day), giving tours to prospective students, or bumping to Frank Ocean and Rex Orange County in the WRBC radio studio! I have been voted one of the most distracting people in the first floor of Ladd, something that I like to hold over Maya’s head every now and then. I am a member of the Men’s Rowing Team on campus, which its easily the largest use of my time, and is totally adequate experience for our canoeing trip… I can’t wait to meet you all with Maya “The Rock” Seshan this Fall, and I’m pumped to introduce you all to Bates!!

Moosehead Lake II Leaders: Michael Walsh and Helen Bruckner

What’s up guys!! My name is Michael Walsh, a junior, who is ecstatic to embark on the calm yet mysterious waters of good ol’ Moosehead feat. Canoe Expert Helen. I am a Neuroscience and Art History double major, with a concentration in Learning and Teaching and also on the swim team at Bates. I’m from Middleton, Massachusetts, a small, rather quiet town, that I love with all my heart. I like New England. It reminds me of transcendentalism. That stuff just really gets a person going you know? When I am not swimming I am probably taking a spa day in the single bathroom in the basement of Parker, watching some YouTube, or making a fool of myself for my friends. I like to say I enjoy reading, but whenever classwork comes around I realize I am not trying to read across America, so that interest usually turns into a TV show, which then turns into more YouTube because there is no chance I hold my attention for two consecutive episodes. I forget everything, so plan on hearing on “what” come out of my mouth a lot. I am not a huge fan of food, but mama will never turn down a fresh Coke-a-Cola. Please choose our AESOP, clearly I need friends. I can’t wait to meet my fellow Moosers!

Hellooooo prospective AESOPers! My name is Nell Bruckner, I’m from Cleveland, Ohio and I’ll be a junior during the 2019-2020 schoolyear. Together, Michael and I are not only AESOP co-leaders but we’re also teammates on the Varsity Swim team. However, swimming isn’t the only thing that qualifies me to lead an aquatic-oriented AESOP trip, as I’ve also been canoe tripping as a camper and a trip leader since 2009. If you’re feeling any reservations about a four-day canoe trip, just know you’ll be in great hands! Last summer, I took a group of 10 and 11-year-olds out on a six-day trip, and if they could do it then you can definitely do it too! Apart from spending my winters swimming and my summers canoeing, I also study American Cultural Studies (M) and German (m) in addition to being a radio DJ. I will be studying abroad in Samoa (!!) during the winter semester, so if you have any interest in hanging out on New England’s largest and most beautiful lake with the world’s best and most qualified AESOP leaders talking about any of the above topics (and much, much, more), then choose Moosehead Lake 2 with Nell and Michael! Can’t wait to meet you all in August!

Nestled among scenic mountain ranges, Moosehead Lake in Maine is New England’s largest lake. Its island studded waters stretch as far as the eye can see, and are surrounded by vast forested wilderness. Starting your paddle in Cowan Cove, your days will be filled by covering mileage over the water, passing by islands and hugging the shoreline most of the time. Passing through The Narrows, you will spend your nights at Jewett Cove, and Spencer Bay and spend the last day in Lily Bay State Park chilling on their sandy beaches and reminiscing about the amazing trip in which you just partook.

Umbagog Lake (Intermediate Physical Activity)

Umbagog Lake Leaders: Pippin Evarts and Gordon Hargraves

Hey guys! My name is Pippin Evarts and I’m from Landgrove, VT. I’m an English major here at Bates and love to spend time outside, Nordic ski, and talk about my deep love for the sisterhood of the traveling pants (both 1 and 2) I am super excited to lead this nice lil trip down a river and even more excited to meet some crazy first years. This is my last year at Bates as I am a senior and I’m so looking forward to leading this aesop as my last hurrah! Umbagog is gonna be WILD! See you there!!!!

Hellooo First Years! My name is Gordon Hargraves and I hail from Concord, Mass when I’m not out in the wilderness leading trips I’m in the library being an academic weapon. I’m a politics major and would love to paddle down a river with y’all. I studied abroad in London, England this spring and am excited to be back in beautiful Maine for my senior year. I’ve lead trips all 3 years I have been able to and am excited to spend one last end of summer doing what I love to do, spend time outside in Maine. Pip and I are so excited to meet you guys!

This canoeing trip provides adventure as you explore all the inlets and coves in the wonderful Umbagog Lake. Paddle through Sweet Meadows and canoe as much as the Lake as possible! Paddle all day, with breaks for swimming, exploration and relaxation at Diamond Peaks and Cedar Stump campsites. Take in the amazing scenery and wildlife as you travel down the Androscoggin River on your last day.

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