Aziscohos Lake (Gordon Platt photo)

Here you will find a full list and description of the different Canoe trips we offer. Click on the drop-down boxes to learn more about the awesome Batesies who will lead them! 

Aziscohos Lake (Moderate Physical Strenuousness)

Aziscohos Leaders: Gordon Platt and Annie Lindholm

Gordon Platt is a senior from Groton, Massachusetts. In his free time, you can find him riding his bike, enjoying the off-peak hours in commons, and taking the stairs whenever possible. Gordon holds positions in the Bates Outing Club and on the Bates Sailing Team. He is also a member of the Cooking Club, Taiko Drumming Club, and Stillpoint, but don’t ask him about these. Annie signed him up at the activities fair and he doesn’t know how to unsubscribe from the emails. Gordon is excited for Intro to Canoeing because he hopes it will help him become friends with the canoe that has been sitting in his yard for so long!

Annie Lindholm is a junior who hails from the same town as a lesser NESCAC (rhymes with shmiddlebury) in Vermont. Annie is on Bates EMS, has a sweet radio show with WRBC, and sails with the Bates Sailing Team. Sometimes she even sails with Gordon, but they usually just end up swimming. Most of all, she enjoys signing her friends up for as many club Listservs as possible. Annie is a canoeing enthusiast who has led a bunch of canoeing trips and only had to be picked up by the Coast Guard once (more about this if you come along on our trip, all ended well!)!
So come paddle around with us in the world’s first boats*! We’re super stoked to teach you guys canoeing technique, lingo, games, and generally enjoy ourselves out on the beautiful water of Maine in late summer. We can’t wait to meet you!
*don’t fact-check me on this

This NEW trip is designed for anyone who’s never been canoeing before but think it seems cool (it is!) You’ll be paddling around under the guidance of two wonderful and experienced leaders who will teach you guys the ropes while taking in the beautiful scenery, playing canoe games, and generally having a ton of fun learning a new skill!

Moosehead Lake (Intermediate Physical Strenuousness)

Moosehead Lake I Leaders: Robyn Moss and Julian Cook

Hometown: White Plains, NY

What AESOP did you participate in as a First Year? Evans Notch II

….is this thing on? Can you guys here me?? Hello everyone! I just wanna start off by thanking you all for being here tonight, as I’ve literally been preparing for this moment my entire life. I was BORN to lead this AESOP (and so was Julian, don’t worry). My name is Robyn Moss, and I was born in the great city of New York! But raised in the BETTER city, White Plains (NY). I’m a junior chemistry major and a radio DJ—I’m the events and concerts coordinator on the radio board. I break ankles left and right in club and IM soccer, and my spirit animal is a lizard, more broadly some sort of reptile. Most importantly, I’m a lifeguard, which I also do at Bates. My favorite indication of a summer well spent is a crazy tan line where the back of your hand and up to your first knuckle are nice and tan, but the rest of your fingers are really pale—the tan from gripping your paddle on a sunny day. If you chose this AESOP (which you should) you’ll get this beautiful tan!!!!! What is better than just chillin on the water alllll day in the biggest (and most beautiful) lake in Maine!!!???? Nothing, so u should DEFINITELY chose this trip<3

Hometown: Brussels, Belgium

What AESOP did you participate in as a First Year? Camden Hills I

Whaddup and welcome incoming class! Hope you’re ready to meet me. Who am I? Just a kid from that little country Belgium, across the puddle. I’m all about good company and better views, and I KNOW Moosehead lake will have both. I am a Junior Environmental Studies major with a concentration in Environmental Econ. I work at the front desk of the library so I might have already seen some of you on your tours. If you have any questions about finding a cheeky book, just let me know… I’ll take other questions too. Me and Robbo are happy to welcome any newcomers into the Bates community. A couple of things I enjoy doing are messin around in the BMU room (Bates Musicians’ Union), pulling up from deep on the IM bball court, and melting the ears off my loyal radio listeners (shout out to DJulian). I’m abso-freakin-lutely looking forward to seeing all of you try to pull of a life vest better than me.
Sincerely yours,

Moosehead Lake II Leaders: Ned Moreland and Eliza Statile

What’s up Moosehead Lake II Aesopers,
My name is Ned Moreland and I hale from Baltimore Maryland. Contrary to popular belief: The Wire is fiction and I actually come from a suburb that is quite nice if I don’t say so myself. I am a rising Senior on track to graduate with a degree in architecture from Fornite University, nah real talk I am actually a Politics and Japanese double major at Bates. I also, similar to Eliza, I studied abroad in the Fall semester, but in Kyoto Japan. I am involved with Admissions, the captain of the Men’s Hockey Team, and have an active role in Bobcat Ventures (Bates’s own entrepreneurial focused pitch competition). My spirit animal is the Otter, not because they are cute af, but because they have been known to hold each other so they don’t float away from their families when sleeping at night. In Admissions, I am a tour guide and coordinator, which basically means I have extraordinary skills walking backwards and extensive knowledge about squirrels around Bates. (Not even kidding a student posed that question once…. wild). Around Bates I can often be found at Underhill Ice Arena, Commons, or enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Growing up some of my favorite Nickelodeon shows included Danny Phantom and Spongebob. (I have a Spongebob clock that sits on the shelf… keep the jokes coming). Anyways, as we prepare for what will be a lit trip, I can’t stop thinking about having a great time on the water. I look forward to meeting everyone, we are all so lucky because Bates is such a special place.
See y’all soon,

Some Q&A:
What is your favorite meal in commons? Easy. Focaccia Chicken
Favorite memory thus far? Hitting dingers at the Bates-wide softball tourney for Durkin Day
Partner in Crime: The one and only Liz “the brickwall” Statile
Where did I live my first year? Parker 321 (if this is one of y’all that’s lit)
Number one thing I want to do before I graduate? Zipline from the top of Pettengill Hall (PGill) into Lake Andrews (aka The Puddle).

Helloooo Aesoper’s!!!!
I hope you are ready to get wet and wild at Moosehead Lake and are super AMPED to meet your fellow classmates! My name is Eliza and I have the privilege of being one of your leaders along with my wonderful pal Ned!! A little about me…. I am a rising senior from Ipswich Mass. and have grown up on the water all my life kayaking, boating, and tuna fishing with my Dad (I could basically star in Wicked Tuna by now..). I just spent a semester abroad in New Zealand and had an amazing time bungee jumping, backpacking, and driving around on the left side of the road with a bunch of Kiwis. I am a member of the varsity Women’s lacrosse team and play goalie which makes me slightly crazy but keeps my adrenaline pumping and my reflexes sharp. As a Sociology Major, and Philosophy Minor, I can be found reading a lot of books and articles in my hammock hanging along alumni walk, one of my favorite places on campus. I am a huge fan of Sundae Sunday (you’ll understand when you go to Commons on a Sunday) and ice cream in general, and spend a lot of my free time playing spike ball on Garcelon field when the weather is nice. My favorite movie is Finding Nemo, mainly because I may be Ellen DeGeneres’ biggest fan and absolutely love Dory. Anyhow, enough about me, as this trip is about you all getting to know each other and having a wonderful start to your time at Bates!!! I hope you are all getting excited as AESOP is one of the most memorable parts of your first year at Bates and I cannot wait to meet you all!!

Nestled among scenic mountain ranges, Moosehead Lake in Maine is New England’s largest lake. Its island studded waters stretch as far as the eye can see, and are surrounded by vast forested wilderness. Starting your paddle in Cowan Cove, your days will be filled by covering mileage over the water, passing by islands and hugging the shoreline most of the time. Passing through The Narrows, you will spend your nights at Jewett Cove, and Spencer Bay and spend the last day in Lily Bay State Park chilling on their sandy beaches and reminiscing about the amazing trip in which you just partook.

Umbagog Lake (Intermediate Physical Strenuousness)

Umbagog Lake Leaders: Essie Martin and Domi Frideger

Essie Martin, was born in the magnolia blossom, fighting okra, cotton bloomin’ state of Mississippi. Around the ripe ol’ age of 3 however, she gave up her baby-pageant career for a more serene (and more often barefoot) country life in Bremen Maine (aka lobster fishin’, pothole drivin’, turkey shootin’ land). Among the three structures that make up Bremen (post office, library, fiberglass boat shed) there is a landing, and there Essie learned to canoe with her parents. Despite having many attributes of a senior citizen (real name Esther, likes to knit, enjoys holding other people’s babies, loves licorice, hurt her hip last winter, etc.), Essie likes to live on the wild side. Often times she can be seen strolling barefoot across campus in 35 degree weather, sleeping without a top sheet, or forgetting to close doors in public restrooms. In truth, when this Biology major isn’t looking under rocks for insects, or hunting for nudibranchs in tidepools, you can find her chasing after a disk with all the zeal of a caffeinated golden retriever puppy. According to a recent (and very accurate) buzzfeed test, out of all the spice girls, Essie would undoubtedly be sporty spice. While exhibiting her spunky, fun, and adventurous side, the test also proves that she is not afraid to get a little sweaty. In spite of the simple truth that the crossover between human and gecko DNA is only about 70%, Essie seems to be more in the 80% range due to her funky and extremely dexterous toes. If Essie were unable to use her hands for sometime that would be “alright,” because she can type, tie knots, and open doors with her terrific toes. On the weekend Essie enjoys scrolling through looking for groovy tunes to add to her pickin-and-grinnin repertoire. Biologist by day, banjo player by night, be prepared to have your socks knocked off by this swimming spree, funky feet, bad joke telling AESOP leader (and her pretty neat sidekick Domi)!

Domi Frideger is a sophomore from Durango, Colorado whose spirit vegetable is certainly an Artichoke. He spent the majority of his childhood in Colorado breathing in the crisp mountain air, enjoying the 300 days of sunlight per year, and climbing up every mountain he could. He also lived in France for one year and spent another year split between Spain and Mexico. These experiences led him to believe that the finest meal was a paella filled taco shell accompanied by a fine french wine. He is pursuing an Environmental Studies major, a Rhetoric minor, and a French minor. His favorite TV Show is Grey’s Anatomy, which has recently led him to believe he should (maybe, but probably not) be a pre-med student. Domi enjoys skiing, mountain biking, river rafting, surfing, high alpine lake ice skating, and generally getting puckered in nature. At Bates he is a member of the Bates Eco-Reps (which is the Bates sustainability club), Orange Whip (the men’s Ultimate Frisbee team), the Bates Outing Club, and the Bates Gleaners (a club that goes and harvests food from farmers fields and gives it to the hungry). His favorite things about Bates are 1. Commons (obviously) 2. The way PGill looks at Sunrise and 3.Le Ronj Coffee Shop (little known secret, shhh). Domi’s Aesop trip was on Lake Umbagog too so he can’t wait to get back on the water and relive those moments, which have proven to be some of the fondest of his time at Bates(corny, gross).

This canoeing trip provides adventure as you explore all the inlets and coves in the wonderful Umbagog Lake. Paddle through Sweet Meadows and canoe as much as the Lake as possible! Paddle all day, with breaks for swimming, exploration and relaxation at Diamond Peaks and Cedar Stump campsites. Take in the amazing scenery and wildlife as you travel down the Androscoggin River on your last day.

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