Community Engagement

Lewiston Community Engagement (Phyllis Graber Jensen/Bates College)

Here you will find a full list and description of the different Community Engagement trips we offer. Click on the drop-down boxes to learn more about the awesome Batesies who will lead them! 

Habitat for Humanity (Low Physical Strenuousness)

Habitat for Humanity I Leaders: Olivia Fried and Constantine Gregoire

Que tal future batesies?! I’m Olivia, a rising senior currently studying abroad in Valparaiso, Chile. I hail from the city that is the ultimate punchline to any joke – Cleveland!! I’m a three-time veteran lifeguard of various aquatic environments, I play the saxophone for the groovy Bates Jazz Band, and occasionally you can find me playing songs that my friends banned from the car aux cord privileges for WRBC radio. I study Politics and Spanish, enjoy all types of cookies, often lose things that I’m holding in my hands, oh and skiing! One time I got fourth from last at a Bates race and threw myself a party. If you’re looking to continue the party, come join Constantine and I on what is sure to be the best ski celebration/AESOP trip ever, Habitat for Humanity!

Hello, all students of the bobcat kind. My name is Constantine and I am a soon to be senior. At Bates I am studying Economics and Philosophy, and I am a varsity athlete on the men’s rowing team. In my sad amount of free time, you can find me throwing a Frisbee in the quad (whenever its warm up here), ‘perfecting’ new commons meal creations, or even attempting to grapple with the rock wall in Merrill gym. I’m an easy-going guy: not afraid to make fun of myself for a cheap laugh. Little known fact, my greatest achievements are my Kermit impression, my seemingly limitless knowledge of early SpongeBob, and a high score of 120 on my Bop-it. If you are looking for a boring trip, Olivia and I just might not be the right fit for you… Otherwise, dance, shimmy, and shake your way to us on Habitat for Humanity!!

Habitat for Humanity II Leaders: Haley Crim and Harris Manganiello

Hi baby bobcats! I’m Haley, and I’m super excited to be leading Habitat for Humanity II with my wonderful co-leader Harris! I hail from central Maryland, but I must confess that I don’t actually like crabs that much. I’m a rising senior studying physics and environmental studies. Outside of class, I enjoy skiing, watching movies, creating huge sundaes in Commons, and destroying other teams in intramural broomball. I also work in Bates’ carpentry shop and the Multifaith Chaplaincy. I’m stoked to get to know you all while helping the community I’ve come to know and love, as I’m sure you will too. If building houses, camping by a beautiful body of water, and making some toasty s’mores sounds like fun, Habitat for Humanity II is the trip for you!
Harris forgot to email us his bio, but is super rad and will be leading with Haley!

Start your College Career off by doing something of which you can be truly proud. The Habitat for Humanity AESOP trips will work on projects in the Lewiston/Auburn and Bath, ME areas. These trips will camp out of Range Pond park for the Lewiston/Auburn project or Thomas Point Beach for the Bath project. Get to know and provide great service to the local community by helping build houses for people in need! You will be able to explore and get to know your home for the next four years all while doing a great service on these trips.

Lewiston Community Engagement Trip (Low Physical Strenuousness)

Lewiston Community Engagement Trip I Leaders: Owen Greenwood and Sophia Cherian

Hello young, adventurous First-Years!!! My name is Owen Greenwood and I’m going to be leading Community Engagement 1 with my fantastic partner-in-crime Sophia. I hail from the wonderful state of Massachusetts and am beginning my Sophomore year at Bates. I am currently working towards a double-major in Chinese and History, of course with some art classes thrown in here and there. I love being active, finding community engagement opportunities, and Bates in general! At school, you can find me at tennis practice, in the pottery studio, on the climbing wall, just chilling in my hammock, or sitting by a fat stack of flashcards somewhere on campus in the wee hours of the morning. I am totally geeking out in anticipation for AESOP and I can’t wait to meet y’all!

Hello Bobcats! My name is Sophia and I am a rising sophomore at Bates. I am originally from Minneapolis, MN and so I love the snow and firmly believe everything tastes better when it’s on a stick. I love traveling and getting involved with community partners and volunteer opportunities. I’m also a huge fan of spontaneous dance parties and love baking! On campus, you can find me in the dance studios, playing club lacrosse and club volleyball, organizing for Special Olympics, or studying in a classroom in PGill. I am currently undeclared but I am considering double majoring in Economics and Anthropology. I am absolutely stoked for AESOP and to meet all of you beautiful people!! My amazing co-leader is Owen and we can’t wait for a fantastic trip with you!

Lewiston Community Engagement Trip II Leaders: Robin Drummond and Joan Buse


Greetings incoming Bobcats! My name is Robin, and I’m one of those most rare type of Batesie: The Mainer. Thats right folks, fresh from Portland, just down the road a piece. Differing from what you might think a native Mainer is like, I make every effort to hide from the cold whenever possible. My winter sports are drinking tea, toasting crumpets (with clotted cream, one must NEVER forget the clotted cream), and eating crumpets and drinking tea while watching outdoorsy people do outdoorsy things. Meanwhile, summer?! Different story. If it’s between mid-May and mid-October, I’m outside kayaking, swimming, tennis-ing, and sand-castle building (technically, thats award-winning-sand-castle-building, and I’ll teach you most of my tricks if you want). Partnered with my best friend and closest confidant Joan, we will provide a calm and enjoyable AESOP experience, void of the terrors of hiking and hardo camping (if you want to camp, talk to Joan and me, but forget the hiking).
Can’t wait to meet all of you 2022’ers!

Hello lovely new Bobcats!! My name is Joan, and I hail from the sunshiney state of California. I’m from a teeny tiny farm town of about 96 people (we have more cows than residents) an hour outside of San Francisco. Unlike Robin, my winters were spent surfing between classes, taking my dog on long hikes, embarking on impromptu road trips down to LA, and taking care of the animals on our small family farm (including our family python named Monty). Since coming to Bates, I’ve enjoyed the finer winter sports of baking, coloring, and dreaming of someplace tropical. Just like Robin, I admire the go-getters that are always outdoors, but you’ll find the two of us to be more supporters than participants in the whole hiking thing. Robin is my bestest friend, and the two of us are over the moon to lead a trip together and meet all of you incredible people!

The Lewiston Community Engagement trip is a great opportunity to learn about the greater community, and get to know Lewiston-Auburn. The LCE trips spend their days volunteering at local gardens, food banks, living communities and getting to know the community. Along with partnering with organizations in the community, this trip will be exploring the area in the afternoons with possibilities like day hikes, swimming at Range Pond and canoeing on the Androscoggin River. These trips sleep in local partner churches.

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