Credit & Drop Policy

Bates Credit System

All courses offered in the fall and winter semester carry one credit; all curriculum offerings in the Short Term are accorded one unit credit. For students needing to translate a Bates fall or winter course credit into “semester hours” we recommend that each credit be evaluated as equivalent to four semester hours.

First Day of Class Meeting Drop Policy

Students must attend all courses for which they registered the first day the class meets to affirm their registration. Faculty may drop those students not present from the course. Therefore, students must review their schedule online before the last day to add to ensure that their schedule is correct. If a course remains on the student schedule despite lack of attendance on the first day, the student must drop the course online during the drop period to remove the course.

Students have final responsibility for ensuring that their schedules are correct and should come to the Registrar and Academic Systems office immediately if there are any discrepancies.