Health Requirements

Mandatory Forms included in May packets

Additional forms below, if needed. Return these forms by July 1.

  1. Your Health History and physical exam form (PDF)
  2. Preliminary TB Assessment (PDF)

Health Insurance

All students are required to have a comprehensive health insurance policy with at least $100,000 cover- age, to supplement Health Services. Bates has a Student Health Insurance Plan that may be purchased as the required policy or as a supplement to the student’s own policy.

All students at Bates must be covered under either a family/personal health insurance policy or the student health insurance coverage offered by the college. All international students must enroll in the Bates student health insurance policy.

You may find details on the student health insurance coverage through the Health Services website, or you may navigate to our cooperating insurance company. For Domestic students For International students:  Please fee free to contact Cross Insurance with any questions about the insurance policy coverage.