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Kathleen King & Jem Costello

Helllloooooooo first years!!!! My name is Kathleen and I’m super excited to meet all of you! I’m from New Jersey (like 3 houses down from Snooki & Jwoww) (on God), I’m a sophomore, and I have a big ol’ crush on Bates. I’m on the rowing team which is so fun, I also had a short-lived radio show before corona sent us home :( I do plan to be back on air this fall, the tunes will be better than ever. When I’m not rowing on the Androscoggin I’m probably in the tent I have pitched in Commons, because I am the ultimate linger-er after all. I can also be found on the first floor of Ladd, probably staring out the window at Commons. Can’t wait to meet you guys!!! Sending love and exclamation points from New Jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey all! I’m Jem, a rising sophomore from a small town in Westchester, NY. Kathleen and I are super excited to be leading together!! This will be super fun, relaxing, and a great way to meet new people and feel more comfortable at Bates. I can’t wait to make some art with you all while getting to know all of you. At Bates, I am a stage manager and carpenter for the theater department, an Econ major(maybe doubling in Politics), a player on the rugby team, and a drummer(in no official way – just like drumming). I can promise this AESOP will be a super exciting and fun experience, and I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Eliza Blood & Peter Galloway

Hiiiii first yurrs! My name’s Eliza, but you can call me Lize! :) It is so nice to meet you. While you all scroll down this list of Bates ‘SOP options you must be feeling pretty overwhelmed and maybe even a little confused. Welllll fear not because we are here for youuu! Peter and I are super stoked to get to know you all and adopt you into the Bates fam. <333

HELLO to all you young first years! The name is Peter Galloway, and I’m a rising senior from Hope, Maine. I’m a geology major, mostly so that I can use academics as an excuse to be outside as much as possible! Besides using a rock hammer to remove chunks of mountains, I spend my time at Bates plying the waters of Taylor Pond with the sailing team, playing the fiddle with the American String Band, and working to create the tallest soft serve ice cream cone with the machine in Commons. Fun facts about me are that I ride the unicycle, I’m a triplet, and enjoy a good sea swim at any time of the year. I can’t wait to meet all of you to introduce you to Bates!

Nick Quill & Peri Brookman

‘Sup Y’all! My name is Nick and I’m a Senior double majoring in History and Classical-Medieval Studies here at Bates. I hail from Scarsdale, NY, most recognized as the origin of some sketchy diet from the 1970s and for being the town where that one kid from Stranger Things lives. At school you can catch me at the Merrill rock wall, tutoring students in the Lewiston School system, or badgering our research librarians for help with citations. I spent last fall furthering my Classical studies in Athens, Greece, experiencing staples of Greek culture including dumpster fires, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and learning how to pronounce “gyro”. Greece is also where I met semi-famous TikTok star and co-tripleader Peri! I am so stoked for some enthralling canoeing and to meet all of you! Get pumped!

Hello lovely people!!! My name is Peri Brookman and I am from the other, less notable LA (Los Angeles, if you have heard of it). I am an Anthropology major and a concentration in film and media studies because the rumors are true, yes, I will end up back in LA despite fleeing to Maine for four years. Even though I am technically a ~city gurl~ I actually spent most of my young life going to a ~hardcore~ wilderness tripping camp, so I <3 canoeing. On campus I do a little bit of a theater and a lot of commons creations (mostly different versions of mac and cheese), and you will often find me dancing wildly even if it is 1. very public and 2. there is no music. I am SO excited for this trip because AESOP is one of the best memories I have from college. Also, after writing this it is clear I am passionate about lists and using ~~ for emphasis. Anyways… I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET EVERYONE!

Lauren Nudi & Alex Tan

Hey baby bobcats! Welcome to Bates! I’m Lauren, a sophomore studying anthropology, education, and/or French (we’ll see though…). I am so psyched to celebrate your first weekend on campus and introduce you to the best place on earth. I know this isn’t how you imagined AESOP or your first year on campus, but I promise you that Alex and I are ready to make this the best time ever. See you so soon!!

What’s up aesopers! I’m Alex, and I’m a sophomore studying english and anthro. Lauren and I are super hyped to be leading our group and can’t wait to meet yall. AESOP trips are the best way to show you what Bates is all about! See you soon and safe travels!

Kenza Nadifi & Grey McGloon

Hello!!! My name is Kenza and I hail from the fun but limited (no Applebee’s) city of Bethesda, Maryland! I am a politics major/rhetoric minor/DCS GEC and my favorite foods are blueberries, tomatoes, grapefruit, and pasta. Before living in Bethesda I lived in Morocco (has Applebee’s), and it was there that I formed my habit of trying to pet stray cats, which led me to be fully vaccinated for rabies. Very. Cool. I love any sort of outdoor activity and grew up camping, hiking, climbing, and paddling! A fun fact about me is that dentists love me. Like truly, I think it’s because I don’t fear them. One gave me an off the books x-ray of my entire head for me to just have. It’s huge, like bigger than my regular head and it’s somewhere in my house. The first time I saw my incredible co-leader was on college t-shirt day at our high school. I immediately texted our mutual friend, Maya, something along the lines of “just saw your friend Grey on the stairs wearing a Bates shirt. shook”. WITHOUT my knowledge she immediately screenshotted it and sent it to Grey. Thus, our amazing friendship was born (shoutout Maya). Since we both grew up near the amazing Potomac River (which just received a B water quality rating not to flex or anything) Grey and I are both HUGE fans of water activities. Canoeing… 100%. Kayaking… love it. S.U.P…sign us up. Overall, if I stood on Grey’s shoulders we would be over 12 feet tall and could overcome any obstacle. Nothing sendier than that. We cannot WAIT to meet you all and introduce you to the wonderful place that is Bates College!!! Grey and I have tips, tricks, and senior advice we can’t wait to impart upon the next generation. Much love- Kenza

howdy! i am grey and i am not from a place that justifies me saying howdy. I (like my co-leader kenza) am from bethesda maryland! walt whitman high school! I am an english major and do my best to not let that be whole personality, but the rest of it is vampires. i also like denim, water (despite being scared of it), and college radio. The last one is what takes up most of my time: i’m the vice president and tech director at our own college radio station, WRBC! I play no instruments but I crave live music and will be redirecting every thaum of energy I can’t put into that, into this AESOP. My two goals are to eat a duck egg and make pasta from scratch.


Ayah Ghazi & Omar Sarr

Heyyy it’s Ayah! I’m an incoming sophomore here at Bates and I’m so excited to be leading community engagement for aesop 2020. A little about myself… I plan to major in neuroscience here at Bates, while on the pre-dental track. I’m on the women’s rowing team here! In my free time I like to workout, watch netflix (how to get away with murder, blacklist, all american, and moree), listen to R&B, and just chill. AESOP is an awesome way to start the year and make a fun group of friends. I’m so stoked to meet all of you first years and have an unforgettable start of the year together!

What’s up Class of 2024!!! I hope y’all are excited to start a new chapter of your life here at Bates College. My name is Omar and I am from Senegal. As an international student, I perfectly know how it feels to be in a completely different environment miles away from your family. Sometimes, It can be very challenging. But don’t worry about it because I am here for you. During my first year, I worked with the Harvard center as a Bonner Leader and got the chance to explore the Lewiston community; your home for the next four years. Trust me when I say this community has a lot more to offer than you think. I am a French and economics double major at Bates and if I am not studying at the OIE or playing Basketball, I am found volunteering in the Lewiston community. I am so excited to tell you of cool places around Lewiston… whether you wanna watch the sunset or eat some food or volunteer or go for a run and introduce you to its amazing community.

Amalia Herren-Lage & Jasper Beardslee

Hellooooo!!!! I’m here to introduce my amazing co-leader, Jasper Beardslee! Jasper is from Florida, has dabbled in free-diving (he can hold his breath for 3 minutes!!!!), and has a silly tolerance for warm temperatures (wears long pants in the summer?). We have happily welcomed him back to Maine to embrace his most New England self, and now Jasper wears woolen clogs like the rest of us. In addition to free-diving, Jasper also plays frisbee on O-Whip (our men’s team), and is currently the surfing director of the Bates Outing Club. He is an Environmental Studies major, and shows his love for the environment by noticing a lot of the beautiful things it has to offer- ask him about his garden this summer!! Jasper is a DojaCat enthusiast, aspiring chef and air plant father, and likes to try new things. He is always game for a dance party, or for a mid-finals-week snowball fight. He is an incredibly loyal friend, and compassionate person. He is truly kindness personified. Bates and the wider world are lucky to have him as a role model for what it means to be a confident, honest, brave, empathetic person, and we are all super lucky to have him! Finally, if Jasper were a vegetable he would be a kohlrabi because he is unique, sweet, and an excellent staple friend to have around. We are so stoked to spend time with you!

Heyo y’all, Jasper here to tell you about my amazing co-leader Amalia!!! If Amalia was a vegetable, she would definitely be a snap pea (quick, witty, nutritious but also…. green?). Alright so where to begin? Amalia is easily one of the most kind, caring, and compassionate people I have ever met. We became friends last year after bonding over our shared love for card games and reggaeton music. She’s from Vermont, is a killer xc skier, and can paint like nobody’s business. A gender and sexuality studies major, Amalia is one of those people who can hold a conversation around just about anything. Want to simultaneously talk about systematic issues in the United States and how cute penguins are? Amalia is your girl. When she’s not spending time in the great outdoors, you can find her working a shift in the library (hopefully at the upstairs help desk), hanging out in the corner of Commons with the most windows, or working to motivate Bates students to vote. I know that Amalia (and also Jasper!!!) cannot wait to lead together and meet all of you amazing people!


Rob Winckler & Tatiyana Garnes

Yo, what’s good explorers? I’m Robert, one of your fearless leaders, and I’m so excited to be sharing this experience with y’all. I’m a chemistry major, africana minor here at Bates and vice president of the campuses best acapella group, TakeNote. If you’re looking for a duo that loves to joke around, have fun, and knows the city streets like the back of our hands? Then be sure you’re on this trip, and if you are you’re in for a treat!

Ayee Class of 2024!! Welcome & What’s up? I’m from NYC so it’s only right that I start my intro off like this: Aight so boom…My name is Tatiyana, but everyone calls me Tatyy. I am a rising senior and Biology Major. I love music(rap, hip-hop,and R&B more specifically) and I love to dance. My interests include Rhetoric, African-American Studies, Photography, Forensics and Basketball. I’m obsessed with geckos and MeekMill and my favorite color is green. Unpopular opinion: Bleu Cheese goes on everything…period. Robert and I are super hype to dance with you and we vowed to lead an AESOP together since we had the same first-year trip! So when I say we looked forward to this, believe me! We can’t wait to get to know you all! It’s gonna be lit! -Tatyy

Nat Newman & Esme Goldfinger

Heyo you yung Batesies!!! I hope you are all doing well! I too am doing well, thank you for asking! (You’re so kind! I like you already!) My name is Nat Newman, I am a senior, a politics major, am from Littleton, Massachusetts, and my favorite meal at Commons is hot pastrami on rye! I’m so excited to lead you all on the magnificent, friend-making, soul-searching, all-in-the-general-area-of-Bates, distanced-yet-still-fun AESOP! At Bates, I spend most of my time as a member of Orange Whip, the male-identifying ultimate frisbee team, pretending to do homework on the first floor of Ladd Library, and just straight chillin’ with my pals wherever we may be. I love New England, New England sports teams, movies, and good food. I have had dreams about all four of those things within the past week, no lie. (You: But Nat, you wrote this a while ago! That week you’re talking about may not be the week I am reading this! How can you be sure that is not a lie? Me: Well, because I dream about all four of those things every week without fail, my young friend!) In conclusion, I am so excited to meet you, you (I hope) are so excited to meet me, and we will meet the world of Bates and Maine together!

Hello and welcome, Bobkittens-soon-to-be-Bobcats!!! My name is Esme Goldfinger and I’m a rising senior! I’m originally from Lexington, Massachusetts, but now live in Portland, Maine (and can give you many many recommendations for places to get good food). I major in Psychology and Dance and help students in our Academic Resource Center or ARC. In addition to my involvement in academics (aka the “school part” of college) I’m the president of the only all female a cappella group at Bates, the Merimanders, and the artistic producer for the Dance Club. You can also catch me singing with my band of all 2020 Aesop leaders, Exit 80. Basically I perform a bunch so stop by any stage, auditorium, or basement concert and I’m likely up there. I’m the classic hammocking, frisbee tossing, bonfire attending college student and pledge allegiance (though not attendance) to the womxn’s frisbee team, Cold Front. The commons meal I get the most amped for is fried eggplant with honey and sesame seeds or the pho bar (and I follow most meals with a bowl of Lucky Charms). I so look forward to making our Covid-unique AESOP experience as fun and rewarding as possible! See you then!


Anni Gundeck & Tucker Pierce

Hellooooo class of 24′!!! My name is Anni, I’m a rising senior here at Bates, and hopefully your future AESOP leader! I’m currently in my hometown in upstate new york where I have been since mid-march. At Bates I’m a politics and gender and sexuality studies double major, and I also love to read, run, and hang out with my friends. Anddd… I could not be more excited to get back on campus and start the best part of the year– ***AESOP*** Tucker is one of the best playlist makers in the game, so if you want to listen to some great tunes while hanging out, this trip is for you!!!!! I can also guarantee an abundance of good snacks. We cant wait to show you around <3333 Love, Anni

Hello!! My name is Tucker Pierce and I hail from the small town of New Gloucester Maine. I am thrilled to be leading a pack of you first years! On this Bates excursion, my fearless co-leader, Anni, and I will share a hallmark experience of Bates with you, from which you’ll come away with many close friends, memories and lifelong stories… Not to overhype it but Aesop is lit, no joke! On campus, I am a member of the nordic ski team, while also participating in other events hosted by the Outing Club, Shred club, and other fun clubs at Bates. I love to bike, ski, hike, run, fish, and spend as much time outdoors everyday as possible. Hope to see YOU on the trails this fall!! Wooooo!

Jordyn Tveter & Jackson Davis

Hey guys my name is Jordyn, I’m a rising junior from Mass and I play lacrosse and run indoor track. I love staying active and I’m always on an adventure, especially hiking and cliff jumping. I make music, art, and excel in top notch playlist making.

Hey guys my name is Jackson and I’m a Junior from Bedford NH. I’m an econ major and co-president of the investment club. I do a ton of hiking, climbing, skiing (water AND snow), general adventuring, and photography.

Aidan Temperino & Hannah Beams

My name is Aidan, and I’m super stoked to be leading AESOP with Hannah! I’m a rising senior (wow we got old) and I’m originally from the great state of New Hampshire (603 baby!!). Beams and I can typically be found cruising down the ‘Scog at top speeds with the rowing team, chilling on Garcelon eating ice cream, or at Starbucks for our latte runs. Some fun facts about me: I can eat an insane amount of gummy bears, I love Rex Orange County so much that I consistently annoy my roommates by blasting him in the car, and during the quarantine, I’ve been binge-watching Twin Peaks! I can’t wait to get back to Bates and meet all of you and go on this awesome trip!!

Whasssahappening bobcats! My name is Hannah and I cannot wait to be leading your AESOP with the one, the only, Aidan. I am beyond excited to begin my last year at Bates with you all as you are starting your first. In the meantime, I will be containing my excitement with my family in southeastern Massachusetts (decidedly not JOB). Typically on campus you would see Tempe leading a wonderful tour with a latte in hand, or me furiously eating fruit pizza (one of the Commons meals you will either love or hate) before I even get the chance to sit down. I hope you all are staying sane and safe during quarantine. Counting down the days until we all get to be back on campus together!! See you all so soon!!

Jesper Phillips & Tiffany Cervantes

Helllllooooooo bob kittens! I am Jesper Phillips, a rising junior and come from the cold, snowy, desolate land of Norway. But don’t think tall, bearded Norwegian Viking, I got non of that. When not scavenging thru snow to get groceries in May or walking the Norwegian fjords, I play squash! This brought me to Bates where I play on the squash team (but really, I came for the food plan—unlimited swipes I mean what could be better). I am a physics major!! Cause who wants copious amounts free time? Anyway, at Bates, I frequent the giant snow pile that never seems to melt located right next to commons that reminds of me home. This will be my first time leading AESOP and could not be more excited! My coleader is the amazing….the astounding…the one…the only TIFF TIFF (aka Tiffany)!!!!!!! Needless to say with our combined height being lower than an average Norwegian, we always lift the mood (as high as we can) and are super stoked to see you all in the fall!

WELCOMMMMME AESOPERS of 2024!!!!!! My name is Tiffany Cervantes. Sometimes I go by Big Tiff because I’m ironically a small person. I was born and raised in New Haven, CT but absolutely fell in love with Maine’s natural beauty since my AESOP experience. Don’t get me wrong, I have been an outdoors junkie ever since I learned how to climb my first tree! I love to catch crawfish (with my own hands), lounge in the shade on my hammock, visit lakes and everything else you can do under the sun and the moon. I am totally stoked for this AESOP trip that awaits us! It will be an unforgettable introduction to the Bates experience and a bittersweet memory I will take away with me.

Olivia Skillings & John Phillips

Hellllooooooo bobkittens!! I am Olivia and I am beyond excited to meet you all this fall! I am from North Yarmouth Maine and decided to continue my Maine experience at Bates. I have grown up skiing, hiking, canoeing, camping and generally adventuring in this lovely area. I am a rising Junior and a sociology major with a minor in education and history. In my free time, I am part of the Bates Nordic ski team as well as the track and field team. Aside from that, I love to go on any and all adventures, especially if there is a sunset and/or a fabulous view with a LOT of snacks, (snacks are a requirement). I am also excited to eat yummy snacks, hang out in hammocks, watch the sunset and rise and most of all, get to know you!! So if you are reading this, you should 200% sign up for this trip-we guarantee it will be the highlight of your entire Bates experience! Much love, Olivia

Yo ‘SOPpers! My name is John and I am a senior. A little about me; I am a History major and Anthropology minor. I spend my free time climbing, surfing, skiing and running around the Lew and beyond. My love for the outdoors is closely seconded by my love for peanut butter and Green Pepper Cholula. Olivia (my wonderful CO!!) and I are super excited to see you soon!

Charlie Rubin & Casey Winter

Hey AESOPERS! My name is Charlie and I am so excited to co-lead you guys!! Casey and I can’t wait to get to know you guys and show you the wonder that is Bates and the state of Maine! A little bit about myself: I’m from Duxbury MA which makes me a J.O.B. (just outside of Boston) so naturally I’m a big Boston sports fan (Go Pats). I’m a rising sophomore at Bates and I plan on majoring in Biology and minoring in Physics while possibly going pre-med (kinda, maybe, sort of, we’ll have to see). When I’m not spending time in the library studying/talking/procrastinating with friends or eating an absurd amount of waffles in Commons, I can usually be found out on the water as I’m on the Men’s Rowing Team! Now back to the interesting part, Casey and I are looking forward to showing you guys all of the amazing sights and sounds that we will encounter on this trip! We plan to bring tons of tasty snacks and a double deck of UNO so that anyone hoping to stir the pot right from the beginning can have their chance. We’ll have lots of time for scenic views, starry nights and exploring the mountains and by the end you will all hopefully feel right at home! We can’t wait to meet you guys!

Hey hey Class of 2024!! I’m Casey and I am so excited to lead you and some of your amazing classmates on your first journey as a Bobcat!! I come from just outside the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia (Go Birds). Here at Bates, I am a sophomore and I plan on majoring in either Chemistry or Biochemistry, but as we all know from the COVID-19 situation, plans can easily change. I also am a member of the Women’s Rowing team, and I can definitely say that the team is made up of some of the strongest and most amazing people I have ever known. Enough about me and onto the reasons why I think you will LOVE AESOP – wether or not you have considered yourself crunchy your whole life, or are hoping to embrace everything outdoors now that you are a Mainer, this trip will leave have you soaking in the views, the laughter and friendships. My amazing co-leader, Charlie (who is unfortunately a Patriots fan)… and I were both on the same trip our first year, but in opposite directions, so we met in the middle, which was so much fun! We both want to help you make the same amazing memories and friends that we did on AESOP, which is why I am stoked to have him as a co-leader.

Alex Burbelo & Olympia Fisher

What’s up Class of 2024! My name is Alex Burbelo and I’m a rising junior from Washington, DC. At Bates, I am a Biology and English double major with a concentration in math. In the free time I have outside of our science building, I am a varsity athlete on our Men’s Rowing Team. I also work as a tour guide for our Admissions department and as a TA for first-year Biology classes. When I actually have free time, I like to go skiing and exploring Maine with my friends on the weekends and trying to find the best food the state has to offer. A big reason why I made the trek from our nation’s capital is because I wanted to spend more time outdoors, and I am super excited to be able to hang out with a select group of awesome first years. This summer, I am working for a startup that specializes in ACL injury repairs while taking advantage of this mandatory period indoors to spend more time with my golden retriever.

Hey Class of 2024! I am Olympia, a rising senior from Cambridge MA, and I am a politics and geology major. I am also a rower! When I am not swamped with work I can often be found going on hikes with friends and trying to find any body of water I can swim or jump in. This summer I am planning to work outdoors with kids doing nature classes, and hope to explore some Maine lakes for me geo thesis! Also, I love to bike and am trying to organize a bike trip from my house to the end of Cape Cod. So excited have the greatest group of AESOPers.

Natalie Brewer & Peter Schuldt

Hey soon to be bobcats! My name is Natalie Brewer and I am a rising senior from New Britain, CT. Around campus you can find me grinding away at my neuroscience major, dancing away my stress in the studio, playing club soccer, skiing, fundraising for the Dance Marathon, and spending WAY too much time in commons. Peter (who is actually from OUTSIDE of Chicago) and I met our first year (#280StreetSide!!!). We are so excited to help you form new friendships with your fellow classmates on our trip!!

Hey guys! My name is Peter and I am a senior from Chicago. At Bates, I am an Economics Major and a German and History Minor. Unlike my more extracurricularly engaged co-leader, I spend most of my time outside of class eating, lifting heavy things, and throwing baseballs. I spent a semester this past year in Germany eating sausage, speaking German, and avoiding international incidents. Natalie and I have been looking forward to leading you guys since our sophomore year. Can’t wait to meet you all!!

Gabby Alpert & Will Symmans

From Gabby: Hey guys! My co-leader is Will and he hails from Houston Texas! When he isn’t riding horses, using the word “y’all” in every-other sentence, and rocking a sickkk cowboy hat… Will loves to play club soccer, hang out with his wicked cool friends (aka me) and absolutely wipe out on Lost Valley ski jumps. Some cool facts about Willium are that he once ate ten plates of broccoli as a dare in commons (I don’t think this is actually cool he just wanted me to include it…) and that he actually lived on a life boat for a month… aka he’s ~outdoorsy~. You can also always spot Will from a mile away on campus because even if it’s 0 degrees outside he will ALWAYS be only wearing a t-shirt and shorts (no joke). We are so hyped to be leading an AESOP trip together and we can’t wait to meet all of you!!!

From Will: What’s up y’all! My co-leader is Gabby and she’s from Short Hills, New Jersey. She’s an academic beast (majoring in Psychology), she makes the world a better place (volunteering at Hillview mentoring young girls in Lewiston), and she could give Popeye the sailor a run for his money (she’s on the club sailing team). Also, she’s funny, outgoing, and creative. Just make sure you never ski with her; she’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. We met during orientation, found out we lived in the same hall, and instantly became friends because she’s the best. We both had so much fun during our AESOPs, so we wanted to do it again as leaders. We can’t wait to meet y’all; it’ll be a blast!

Emma Blakslee & Catharine Berry-Toon

Teagen Ladner & Emmett Deitcher


Sophie Lander & Harris Paul Manganiello

Hey there class of 2024 friends! Welcome to your wonderful new home, Bates College!!!! My name is Sophie and I am a senior from New York City, but I consider myself to be a true nature gal at heart. Here’s a little bit about me: I enjoy spirited frisbee scrimmages with my disc tossing pals (Harris known as Pluto on the field included), running on Lewiston’s lovely river path, mint chocolate chip ice cream, wearing funky sunglasses (I promise they are good for any occasion), and attempting to be the first student into commons every morning. Would highly recommend this endeavor if you are also a devoted early riser and eggs to order fan. When it comes to school you will find me grinding it out in hedge hall as an environmental studies major or spending time with Lewiston’s energetic elementary schoolers as an education minor. Harris and I cannot wait to meet all of you and are SO amped to explore the Bates Garden together. Get ready for lots of games, some awesome hikes, stargazing, and summiting Maine’s highest peak of course!!! Here’s to all the good times ahead! This year will for sure be an unforgettable AESOP :) See you soon <3 <3 <3

Hello Class of 2024! My name is Harris and I’ll be leading with my awesome Co-Leader Sophie. A little bit about myself, I am a rising Senior at Bates hailing from the small town of Collegeville, Pennsylvania in the Pennsylvania Foothills. At Bates, you can find me playing, talking, and thinking about Ultimate Frisbee. I am a 4 year member and current Captain of Bate’s Mens Ultimate team, Orange Whip and I promise I will try not to talk about frisbee too much. I pride myself on spending hours a day in commons and I am also in the Garden Club, shoutout to all the plants. I am majoring in Economics and minoring in Chinese with a concentration in Philosophy, so if you want to talk about supply and demand, learn how to say lobster in Chinese, or talk about the philosophy done by Blade Runner, I’d love to converse. I also like cheeses, Disney World and commons coffee. I’m looking forward to being back at Bates for AESOP and meeting all the new First-Years ! Welcome class of 2024!!!

Elliot Wilson & Sommer Glasgow

Howdy there my friends near and far!! My name is Elliot Wilson, and I am looking forward to some groovy times with you groovy bobcats! I hail from the cool constitution state of Connecticut, but I actually split my time between ColoRADo and Maine. My special talents include abbreviating every word I say, getting jiggy in all basements across campus, and finding any way I can to sleep outside. When I am not showcasing my special talents, you can find me tossing the disc with my fellow ultimate fris teammates, chefing up a killer chai in the Ronj, talking shop with the Eco-Reps, or hammocking on the quad with my best fwiends. I am a Politics major and a minor in just about everything else, so I am happy to chat about all things ~academic~. Along with being a total academic weapon and avid fun creator, I ride bikes all summer leading summer trips! I, for one, can’t think of a better way to ring in my senior year than spending it with you cool cats! Sommer and I are SUPER stoked to see all of you party people in August!! Peace and luv -Elliot

Ahoy folks! My name is Sommer “The Shark” Glasgow and I hail from Salt Lake City, Utah. This year, I’ll be a senior at Bates, finishing up my English major and pre-med coursework (she does English and STEM? Cool!). I used to be on the alpine ski team, but now I just hit the slopes on the weekends. I love to get outside and explore Maine with friends- it does not disappoint! I’m up for anything if the sun is shining or the snow is falling. I can’t wait for you all to get to Bates, it’s truly the bomb. Couple things about me- I have a some recurring dreams. One is that I find myself in the produce section of Walmart dressed like Mrs. Potato Head (I don’t want to talk about it). Another is that I have fingers for toes and toes for fingers. Another is that I’m shredding the trails of Acadia with a #dope #squad. That one is about to come true! Let’s hope none of the others do. On campus, besides my rad nickname, I am known for my height. Everyone says wow, that Sommer “the Shark” Glasgow, is extremely tall! I drive the library forklift, and last year was the runner up for the Bates Rocks, Paper, Scissors competition. I also only Q-Tip my ears in public #pdeh (public displays of ear hygiene). If I sound a little kooky, that’s because I AM a little kooky! I can’t wait to meet all of you and have a big ol AESOP party. It’ll be a blast. Aesop is my favorite and I know it’ll be yours too! I’m getting too excited about all this- I think some things in this bio aren’t true- so I’ll sign off here. See you soon and get psyched! – Sommer


Nick White & Saylor Strugar

Hey!!!! Hope you’re all beyond stoked to come to Bates and, more importantly, come on AESOP!!! My name is Nick, and I grew up about an hour away from Bates in Brunswick, ME… obviously I couldn’t wait to get away from home…. At Bates, I’m a senior and was a successful biochem and music major until I recently discovered TikTok. Now I’m just scum. Besides classes, you can catch me in the gym tryna (unsuccessfully) get gainz, out skiing (not downhill :/ ) with Saylor, and training for a marathon (also with Saylor)!!!!! Since COVID, I have been spending the majority of my time watching Grey’s Anatomy (would recommend), eating a block of cheese at the witching hour (would also recommend), studying for the MCAT (0/10 would not recommend) and waiting for quarantine to end. I am SO EXCITED to meet all of you in August! Have a great rest of the summer! You’re going to LOVE BATES!!! tldr: We’re gonna have a good time and can’t wait to meet you!

Hellooooo Batesies!!! I am so beyond excited to welcome you to this incredible school and be your AESOP leader! I can’t wait for us to get to know each other through some positively riveting ice breakers but actually though, the number one goal is to have fun! My name is Saylor and I am a senior from Boulder, CO (which I am legally obligated to mention every 15 minutes). At Bates I am a double major in biochemistry and rowing (yeah, I know I should sail instead). When I’m not rowing or biochemming it’s a safe bet that I am doing something outside… probably with Nick… if he can keep up with me. I will never say no to an opportunity to hike, run, bike, ski (cross country is better than downhill and no one can convince me otherwise) or just hammock on the quad. I hope you’re all as excited as I am to get to campus!Bates is truly the best place that I have ever been and I know you’re gonna love it!!!!

Thad Gunther & Anah Witt

Heyoo AESOPers! My name is Thad, but some people call me Maurice. I’m a senior hailing from the thriving metropolis of Farmington, Maine. I’m a bio/pre-med major and would be psyched to answer/try to answer any questions about that field of study. Outside of academics I cycle, run, and play the piano. The AESOP leaders of my first-year trip continued to be helpful on campus as friends as well as resources for information concerning Bates and the surrounding area. I’m psyched to be there to help you get started at Bates!

Anah is a psychology/sociology double major hailing from the driftless region of southwestern Wisconsin, where she works on a flower farm and sometimes helps round up herds of escaped cows and returns them safely to their farmers. She’s also SUPER JAZZED to be your AESOP leader!!! While there’s not a lot of cow wrangling to do at Bates, Anah is a member of the Ultimate Frisbee team, Environmental Coalition, Garden Club, and Outing Club, and she works at the humane society where she does wrangle the occasional angry cat. A born and raised midwesterner, Anah LOVES the mountains and all of the majestic hiking in the East and has also eaten a lot of dirt learning to mountain bike. When she’s not working, Anah loves to bike, hike, run, kayak, and garden. One time she ran a trail marathon with Lyme disease. Something you may not immediately guess about Anah is that she’s a licensed bartender. Anah is really excited to be an AESOP leader and can’t wait to meet everyone!

Amanda Mai Becker & Volner Spalding

Hi y’all! Congrats! You’ve made it! I am stoked to be part of your introduction to Bates. AESOP is a great way to meet new people and try new things together. I can’t wait to get to know everyone! My name is Amanda Becker, class of 2022, and I grew up in Brooklyn, NY, but now I probably would say I live Salisbury, Connecticut (my go-to when I want to relate to all the New Englanders at Bates). Though a city kid through and through, I am a country girl too. Being in Maine has given me the opportunity to immerse myself in all things nature – from slipping on ice and falling into the Androscoggin River to exploring the mountains and beaches – and provided a more appropriate space to scream-sing country music hits at the top of my lungs with the windows down. (I promise I listen to other music and won’t subject you to country unless you really want that). When I’m off campus and not taking drives, I’m probably bailing out of slalom courses during ski practice at Lost Valley, hiking, or working as a Teacher’s Assistant at the local high school. On campus, catch me getting my daily exercise in as I run to my music classes in Olin (I’m a Music major), contemplating my choice to be a Chemistry minor over Italian Almond Cookies in Commons (yes, they’re worth the hype), or on a nice day, failing to study with friends on Garcelon. As much as I love these on-campus experiences, they can wait until after AESOP. Volney and I are so excited to meet y’all in August! See y’all soon!


Edmond Giang & Dylan McAfee

Hey all, my name is Edmond and I am a rising sophomore. I am on the swim team and looking to go into a health program. As of now I am social distancing in Wayland, Mass working as a lifeguard. In my first year I went on Moosehead II. Dylan and I will make sure we have a great time hanging and getting to know each other. I can’t stress enough how important this trip will be to you, and I can guarantee it will be one that you will remember.

My name is Dylan McAfee and I’ll be a sophomore this year! I am thinking about majoring in physics or chemistry with a math minor. I am also a member of the women’s swimming and diving team and my favorite event is the 100 butterfly! I’m so excited to meet all the new first years during our modified AESOP. It’s going to be a great year!!

Sam Faasen & Darya Lee

What’s up AESOPers!!! I’m Sam! SO excited to lead you all!! A little bit about me: I’m from Dover, New Hampshire, but went to high school in Maine. At Bates, I will be a sophomore, and as of right now my plan is to major in mathematics and psychology with a minor in chemistry (I’m crazy). Both Darya and I are both part of the Bates rowing team, and are proud to say that we are the shortest (but not the slowest) rowing members on both teams. I love playing video games and am part of the Discordians (board game club) and the VGC (video game club) here on campus. I’m a Tour Guide hopeful, so I’m sure I can answer many questions you may still have about Bates. The weirdest thing about me (supposedly) is that I don’t like chocolate. Can’t wait to meet you all and welcome to Bates!! Go Bobcats!

HEY HEY HEY “all you cats and (bob)kittens!!!” -Carole BASKIn. Hi FRIENDS!!! Sam and I are so excited to get to know you all this fall!!! My name is Darya and I am from Andover, Massachusetts (J.O.B – Just outside Boston), otherwise known as The North shorrre. At Bates, I am majoring in Biology and Psychology on a pre-med kinda ish track. When I am not distracting my friends in Ladd Library at 11pm you can find me rowin down the ‘Scog or snackin’ on some Commons Vegan Pad Thai every thursday. One thing you should know about me is that I will beat any of you in an eating competition and I may be 5’4 but I have a 6’4 personality. My friends and family tell me that my spirit animal is a gazelle. On campus I am part of the club Bates Buddies and spend time reading to local Lewiston Elementary School children. I enjoy listening to bops by Quinn XCII and any music released before 2010! One of my most infamous talents includes rapping 2008 Justin Bieber. If you come on our AESOP you are sure to find yourself with a refreshed taste in music. Can’t wait to see you all soon!

Mia Shifrin & Peter Dunbar

Welcome to Bates! My name is Mia. I hail from the western mountains of Maine and am a big fan of mountain biking, skiing, hiking, and running. When I am not soaking up the rays outside, you can find me studying sociology, working in the Bates Garden, knitting, or living it up in Commons. Super stoked to head over to see all of you soon!

Hey Team! My name is Peter and I am from Newport, Rhode Island and I love all things outdoors. I’ve grown up spending a ton of time sailing, but thanks in huge part to the Bates Outing Club I have started to really enjoy climbing, hiking, and biking. What else about me? I am a big fan of Fleetwood Mac and stand up comedy. My AESOP experience was so fun that I decided to join the leadership festivities in my second year back. It will be a blast to get to know you all and I hope you all are as excited to get to Lewiston as I am!

Elizabeth Casey & Dan Tepler

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! My name’s Liz and I’m a senior! I was born and raised in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, therefore my drink of choice is maple syrup, my first word as a baby was “Kancamagus,” and I can always appreciate a high-quality slab of Granite. At Bates I specialize in teaching youths about the past (history major, education minor) and I have a GEC in Vernal Pool Exploration. But when I’m not pouring my heart and soul into my studies, I enjoy tossin’ disc with the Ultimate Frisbee team, savin’ lives as a member of Bates EMS, shreddin’ the slopes at Sunday River, and hangin’ with the finest kiddos in all of Maine at various Lewiston elementary schools. My go-to drink in Commons is Blue Powerade (but only from the fountain on the LEFT side), I’m good at handstands, and according to Buzzfeed, the planet that most closely aligns with my personality is Neptune. Bates College holds such a special place in my heart and I am so beyond pumped to create more great memories with you all! Get stoked for the best days of all of our lives, my good friend Dan and I simply can’t wait to meet you!!

I’m Dan Tepler! I’m a Senior (say whaaaat!?)! I am from Bridgeport, Connecticut, a basic fact about me for which I have no clever quip ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . When not holed up on the third floor of Ladd library studying Politics, Spanish or History (Major, minor, and minor, respectively), I keep busy mainly by playing on the men’s Ultimate Frisbee team called Orange Whip. It’s always a fun, goofy group of people and a great way to get outside. I also frequent the warm and oddly soy sauce smelling Bates Musician’s Union where I make a racket on the drums with friends. Around campus, you can catch me disappointing my parents by not going to Hillel all that often, getting my tuition’s worth of cereal in commons, or walking around trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue. My hobbies include skateboarding, sliding down Mt. David on a commons tray when it snows, and waking up early to make myself a mug of strong coffee in my room. Fav fruit is grapefruit, though I don’t particularly care for grapes. Wanna fight about it? Needless to say, I’m CRAZY amped for the trip.

Sophie Stein & Robby Sheils

Sup bob kitties! This is Sophie, but please allow me to introduce ROBBY SHEILS, your fearless leader!!!! He is a sophomore from the incredible metropolis of Portland, Maine #BestCityinThaWurld. Rumor has it that ever since he was a small child eating banana chips and sardines in his front yard, he would daydream of being an Aesop leader! Some extremely fun facts: his blood, sweat, and tears (and Luv) are poured into O-Whip, the Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Team! He also goes to Outing Club meetings (but only on full moons). Around campus you can force him to bring you food thanks to den delivery or find him on the first floor of Ladd with the homies, probably munching on some Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dream. He also spends a lot of time wishing his crocs were as cool as mine! Overall, this kid was born to lead. WE ARE SO PSYCHED TO HANG WITH YOU and welcome you into this incredible community!!

Sup lil cats! I’m Robby! I’m hyped to introduce you to the 5’3’’ wrecking ball that is my c0-leader SOPHIE STEIN!! Growing up on Long Island (not staten), Soph came into Bates last year with a deep love for Bon Appetit youtube videos and an extensive knowledge of early 2000’s hits. Ever since Sophie was just a mini-sophie she has been preparing for this venture. Her childhood summers were spent at camp in Camden Maine, where she developed leadership powers and an infectious laugh. At summer camp? Stud. On campus? Oh boy. To start, Soph is super involved with our Outing Club – SO involved that when you arrive she will officially be the club’s director of hikes and trips. I mean COME ON!!!! Beast. If you choose to hike with us you’ll see her in her element!! Throughout your next year you’ll be sure to see her balling out on fields across campus as a member of Cold Front, our crazy talented women’s ultimate frisbee team. If you don’t see her diving willy nilly for frisbees, she’s either setting new routes on the rock wall or stuffing her face with macaroons at commons. Even though her hands may be covered with streaks of chocolate and bits of coconut, they are very very good ones to be in.

Nahida Moradi & Timothy Hunter

Nahida is from Kabul. She has been known as the Russian spy all her life. Interestingly, at Bates her minor is Russian. Is she or is she not a Russian spy? It is for you to find out!! She is always up for an adventure and loves meeting new souls. SHE CANNOT WAIT TO MEET THE INCOMING CLASS OF 2024!!!! She was a JA last year, so you can always come to her with questions. Commons dinners are the best for catching up!

Hello everyone I’m Tim! I’m from Cambridge MA, I spend my hours thinking about what to eat next. Food is fantastic and I love putting it in my belly. I walk around Boston a lot and make way too much awkward eye contact with strangers. C’est la vie. Bostonians hate that sort of thing it’s hilarious. When I wake up in the morning my bed head makes me look like an anime character. I talk to myself when I’m alone to keep me company. I tried using my own hot plate to cook food, then I set off the fire alarm. Turns out you can’t do that. I get busy in the kitchen and chef up something nice. Probably some noodles, Italian or Asian, aka deliciousness. I don’t just eat, I run around sweat it up get nasty. Play some basketball, exercise, jump up and down a lot. Love to try new things get a little weird, maybe a little dirty.

Zoe McKinney & Kelley Attenborough

Hey all you cool bobcats and bobkittens (sorry, I am a product of quarantine)!!! I’m Zoë and I’m from North Conway, New Hampshire!!! My favorite food is chocolate and you can always count on finding me in commons making weird chocolate commons creations or in the Ronj drinking too much coffee because like, why not? When I’m not in those places, I like to spend time way out in the forest and in the mountains, or “shredding gnar” on skinny skis. I am literally SO SO SO excited to spend some time with you this fall and can’t wait for you to join me and my RAD co leader Kelley!! I’m a seeker of good chats, and lover of campfires and smores (fun fact, you can totally make smores in commons)! We’re both super stoked for this AESOP and can’t wait for you to join us!

Kelley here! I am a senior environmental studies major at Bates, and I can’t wait to get to know all of you. I am a member of many clubs at Bates including the Outing Club and the Shred Club. I love getting out into the Maine and New Hampshire wilderness to do activities such as skiing, rock climbing, hiking, and surfing! I love Bates because of how friendly everyone is. Fellow students and faculty are always available to help in any way they can. Although the introduction to this year may be difficult, my fellow Aesop leaders and I are here to help make this transition easier. I can’t wait to see you all on campus and have fun doing all different sorts of Aesop activities!


Mia Eisenfeld & Noah Loughlin

Hi everyone! My name is Mia and I’m going to tell you a bit about my co-leader Noah! He is a rising senior from the beautiful state of Hawaii. He is a biochemistry major. He loves to surf and plays on the Bates Baseball team. He can be found most days of the year wearing swim trunks to class (yes, even during the frigid Maine winters). Noah is an all around great guy who is extremely caring, helpful, and funny. We can’t wait to meet you all, give you insider tips about life as a Bates student, and have some good end-of-summer fun!

Hi Class of 2024! My name is Noah, and my co-leader, Mia, and I are so excited to meet you! Here’s a few things I think you should know about Mia. She is a rising senior from the state of New Mexico. She is a psychology and sociology double major, not because she wanted to double major, but because she couldn’t decide on just one. On campus, she is the co-captain of the Club Soccer team, part of Sunshine Society, and on the club ski racing team. During the day, she can be found hammocking on the quad and staying in Commons for hours on end or until they kick her out. Mia is a gem of a human and will bring the support and energy to give you guys the most fun and fulfilling AESOP experience humanly possible! We look forward to meeting you all and introducing you to Bates!

Dylan Simon & Gavin Blair

Dear Bobkittens: Hello my name is Dylan “D-Dog” Simon (not related to Simon of Simon and Garfunkel). My best friend Gavin and I are STOKED to lead the trip of our lives with YOU. I’m from San Francisco, California, and I have a passion for teaching children about mother earth and vegan baking. I can’t wait to show you all how to clean your bowls with dirt! XOXO, love, D dog

AYYYYYYOOOO BOBKITTENS!!! Gavin Blair here. Hailing from the mighty Sun Valley, Idaho, and as a senior, I could not be more excited to be your fearless leader. I’m a Neuroscience major who loves long walks on the beach, puppies, and 19th hole (you’ll figure it out when you get to Bates). Dylan and I can’t wait to chill super hard with you all on the best freakin AESOP EVA!!!!!

Jane Lipscomb & Sam Mironko

Hi guys! I’m Jane, I’m a senior at Bates and a double major in psychology and gender studies! I love Bates and cannot wait to be back there in the fall with my friends taking classes. I was on the sea kayaking AESOP as an incoming freshman and had the best time getting to know a fun group of people in my grade and my leaders. I cannot wait to meet all of you and hope you had an amazing summer!!!! See you guys soon!

Hello all, Samuel Mironko here. This year I will be a senior at Bates, which is crazy because I can remember signing up for Aesop myself. At Bates I am a sociology major and rhetoric minor. I spend most of time on campus working a photographer for the communications office, which means I attend a lot of events on campus. I know that when I did this exact trip I had no idea what to expect but it ended up being one of my most memorable experiences as a Bates student. So, I look forward to creating similar memorable moments with all of you. Until then please be safe and prepare to bring your best self to campus.

Maximilian Friedenwald-Fishman & Nelly Junesand

Hi! My name is Max and I grew up on the west coast (Portland, Oregon) so one could say I was born a surfer. ONCE A SURFER ALWAYS A SURFER. When I don’t shred, I sing. I love singing! I sing when I do homework, when I eat, when I’m with friends, when I sleep, even on TV (my acapella group at Bates competed in Boston and it aired on TV)!!! Cooking is another hobby of mine. My favorite commons creation is putting a tiny bit of chocolate milk on the vegan pad thai. Don’t judge before you try it, it is really yummy! OF COURSE, I also love spending time with Nelly, the one and only, the glaze to my donut, the center of my universe, the flip to my flop, you get it. We work at the Ronj together and I have to admit she does make better drinks than I do… I will get there one day! Now, we would love to have you all on our trip and if you come I promise that I will eat a worm! Can’t miss out on that, cheers!!!

Hello future Batesies! My name is Nelly Junesand and I am so stoked to be leading with Max!! My friends tell me that I am the biggest chiller that they know, but I love to go on adventures too! When I’m not hanging out at home in Sweden or catching waves in Maine, I like to hike, play basketball, and eat lots of french fries with mayonnaise. At Bates, I am a manager at The Ronj coffee shop where I make the best chai you will ever taste. If you choose this trip I promise to make you free drinks ALL YEAR LONG. Okay, I gotta be honest with you now…I pour my milk into the bowl before the cereal. Yes I know this is WRONG. You should ALWAYS pour the cereal first! I am an Environmental Studies and Politics double major so you know we’ll have some pretty great conversations. I cannot wait to meet you and welcome you to Bates!

Ashka Jhaveri & David Bilbrey

Hi, cats!! My name is Ashka and I am so stoked to be co-leading with the one and only Davo! I hail from the good old NYC burbs and am a great lover of the outdoors. I’m a politics major and french minor with a GEC in climbing rocks. I love cold chocolate, warm hugs, and occasionally tossing a frisbee. I cannot wait to share so many laughs with you! Roll cats!!! Fun facts about David: – Elon Musk renamed his Tesla ‘BIG DAVE’ after he ran into David ordering his daily venti chocolate frappuccino – Went to the Pee-Wee Championships for zorbing – Voted -1 times because he started his own totalitarian regime

Hey Aesopers! I’m David, I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina, and I’m a rising junior. I am a philosophy major, so basically I just watched The Good Place. At Bates, I spend my free time playing ultimate frisbee, going on hikes, and hanging out with my friends. I’m known for being able to eat the most cupcakes in one bite. On campus you can usually find me stuck in the time warp that is Commons. I love being active and exploring the outdoors. You should definitely sign up for the best AESOP they are offering this year (Hint: It’s this one). This trip is bound to be an awesome experience, and Ashka and I are super excited to meet you all! Fun facts about Ashka: Made Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson pee himself when they met each other in line at the Apple Store Went to the Junior Olympics for thumb wrestling Voted 8 times because she is so passionate

Mary Collette & Allan Flannery Schroeder

Hey all you cool Bates 2024 cats and kittens!!! (apologies if that phrase is burned into your brain from all the Tiger King memes). My name is Mary Collette, sometimes referred to as “Scary Mary” by my softball teammates. But don’t let that scare you, my aesthetic is actually the fluffy unicorn from Despicable Me (It’s so fluffy!!). I’m a senior neuroscience major, and my special talents include creating acronyms for everything and watching Animal Planet for long stretches of time. When I’m not tearing up the backwoods of Maine or laying in the sun in my favorite spot at Popham Beach during the summer, I’m probably either eating Chipotle or spending wayyyy too much time cracking open a freshly cooked lobster. My co-leader Allen knows how to do that much better than me. If I’m not bouncing my way around Maine, I reside in my hometown of Watertown, CT playing with my two pet rats – who can do dog tricks. Allen and I are way too excited to meet you all and spend some quality time on campus!!

Hey guys! My name is Allen and i’m a senior biochemistry major from North Stonington, CT. Im so excited to introduce you to what it is to be a Bates student! I am really interested in organic and medicinal chemistry, and I would love to help anyone interested in STEM (or in general) navigate their way through Bates. Some other things about me — I love everything outdoors and enjoy hiking and climbing, I recently took up fly fishing, I can solve a rubik’s cube in under a minute, and I have an unreasonably large collection of yoyos. I can’t wait to meet you all and I hope you are having a great (and healthy) summer.

Layla Dozier & Joshua Redd

My name is Layla, I am a senior here at Bates and I come all the way from a foreign place called New York City. I was born and raised there so my concrete jungle knowledge gives me extra skills in downtown Lewiston. I am a big fan of music, specifically pop and hip-hop. A little fun fact, my first time camping was actually in Canada where I saw a Moose for the first time, WAYYYY bigger in person. I hope you all are excited to explore the Bates campus.

My name is Joshua Redd. I am a rising Senior at Bates College, studying Africana. I am from Brooklyn, NY and I am super excited to meet you all.

Georgia Moses & Owen Greenwood

Howdy! I’m Georgia Moses! A fun gal with great hair, I come to Bates from my hometown of Arlington, Massachusetts. I love a fried egg with avo, will sing in the van like it’s literally nobody’s business, and also just came back from abroad in Chile (@ my Spanish minor). This school is the and we are so excited you’ve decided to join us. My tall and handsome co-leader Owen and I are beyond excited. This trip’s got a bit of everything, including what will become the most loaded AESOP playlist of all time. We are LITERALLY counting down the days until your arrival on campus and can’t wait to get to know each one of you :)

Hey lil’ bobcats!!! Tennis super-stah, Owen Greenwood, here! I’m from Wellesley, Massachusetts, born and raised. When I’m not busy practicing my Chinese and throwing down on the court, you can catch me eating pumpkin cake shamelessly in Commons. You soon will know your way around Commons, but before that you will become experts on everything Bates Campus! And don’t worry about getting lost! I’m 6’4’’ and will be able to find you through the trees! CANNOT WAIT TO have the best time ever with you!!! PEACE, LOVE, AESOP.

Anna Gouveia & George Schouten

Hey class of 2024! My name is Anna and I’m so excited to meet y’all this fall! My co-leader, George, and I are leading together and if you’re interested in hanging out and playing some neat board games… this is the trip for you! See you soon!


Najá Crockett & Ella Lungstrum

Yo! I’m Najá, from Washington, DC, a rising sophomore and I’m absolutely ecstatic to lead AESOP with Ella. On campus I’m famously known for writing for the school paper, singing bass in an a kick-a a cappella group and bumping some sick tracks on the college radio station. In pre-coronavirus times, I liked passing the time by watching movies in the library, going ham on the spice rack in Commons and hittin’ the quad with my pals. Now, I find myself playing more video games and listening to music! A fun fact about me is that I got into Bates by hunting and taxidermy-ing a wild bobcat and presenting it in my interview. Haha, that’s actually a joke, I didn’t do that — I actually had a pretty normal interview. A real fun fact about me is that I love 90s sitcoms and used to play competitive scrabble. Ella is an amazing person and I’m so happy that I’m co-parenting with her this AESOP. Can’t wait to meet all of you in August!! Stay safe.

Heyoooo what’s up, my name is Ella and I am from Brooklyn,  New York. I am a rising sophomore and I am so excited to be leading an AESOP!!!!! Pre-COVID you would probably find me napping on Mt. David or camping out in commons for days on end or … in WRBC (the Bates College radio station) with my pals… or loitering Ladd library preventing my friends from doing any homework. I am also on the squash team – super fun stuff #squashteam. A fun fact about me is that I had a pet horse at Bates that lived in my dorm room…JOKES but I did have a rabbit for 7 years.  She passed away when I was 13. (R.I.P Boo-Boo #RIPBooBoo.) Najá my co-leader is one of the coolest cats on campus B-). He is quite the jokester as well as a beast at Super Smash Bros. We are so thrilled to get the opportunity to  ‘SOP with y’all. Our AESOP is going to be super chill with lots of laughs and great vibes promised.

Oaklea Elfstrom & Ben Stratton

Calling all adventurous, fun loving, groovy members of the class of 2024! My name is Oaklea and I hale from south eastern Connecticut where I have fully embraced the New England life and work as a cheese maker when not at school. I grew up hiking and fly fishing through the Adirondack mountains and up and down the coast of Maine. Ben (your other rad leader) and I are both riding seniors and environmental studies majors at Bates who met during our AESOP trips back in the ancient days of the 2000teens… I am also a member of the Bates Women’s Crew team. Ben and I are so excited to meet you all and help make your transition to Bates as easy, exciting, and most importantly FUN as possible! Have an amazing last few weeks of summer and can’t wait to meet you!

Ayyyooo, class of 2024 welcome to Bates College AESOP! I go by many names, but around these parts I’m the one they call “Ben”. I’m a senior from Orlando, FL, so please direct all gator or Florida Man related questions towards yours truly. I love hiking, fishing, being outside, and getting way to close to potentially dangerous animals! Along with Oaklea (my awesome co-leader) I’m a senior Environmental Studies major here at Bates. On campus I’m also the assistant captain of the men’s club ice hockey team. Oaklea and I are super excited to meet you guys and kickstart your time at Bates!

Tiauna Walker & Kyle Larry

Hello hello and welcome to Bates! My name is Tiauna, yes like the Disney princess, but you can call me Tee. I’m from Boston, Mass and love to dance, battle me if you want to. I’m a psychology major and Africana studies minor. I’m that friend everyone calls an aunty and is always eating so you can probably find me in commons or anywhere on campus snacking or chilling. I’m obsessed with french fries and watching movies so The Den and Netflix are to blame for my procrastination. If you love a good time and laughing Kyle and I are just the right people to be with. I’m very excited to embark on this new transition of life with you! Aesop is one of my first memories as a first year and definitely a memorable one so I look forward to leading you through yours. See you soon!

Hey future Bobcats, Let me be the first to welcome you all to the Bates community. My name is Kyle Larry and I can’t wait to share an awesome experience, like AESOP, with you guys. Being a double major in politics and psychology, I’m mostly inside with stuffy books all day. But AESOP allows me to let my hair down and chill. Hopefully, by now, you guys want to know a little bit more about me, so here it goes. I’m originally from Chicago, the home of the best pizza in the world. I’m currently a senior at Bates. Throughout my Bates career, I have been a part of student government, the student newspaper, MaysMen, SPARQ, and the residential life program. I love the outdoors, music, and food, so you can tell I’m pumped for AESOP. I hope you all are too. Tiauna and I are counting down the days to see you guys.


Abigail Kany & Brady Orozco-Herman

Heyoooo kitty cats! Gail here, a Bates senior citizen who’s amped to get up to shenanigans on the sweet green of Bates’ campus once more. My origin story begins in the freshly-fallen snows of Anchorage, Alaska… or am I from the mean streets of Old Orchard Beach? It’s even hard for me to keep track of where the wind takes me, but last I checked it huffed and it puffed me back from my time abroad in Copenhagen to my somewhat-less snowy home in Arizona. No matter where I go, I make sure to sport my signature Pink Cowboy Hat™️ – a beloved counterpart to Brady’s dear Folk Hat. On our Aesop you’ll get to trade some jassic clumbles with Brady and my mischievous alter ego Gail the Wordsmith. When it’s not big brain time (get it I’m a neuroscience major), you might catch me hucking a disk on the quad, soaking life in inside a hammock, doing whatever crunchy things the outing club does, trying to catch jelly beans in my mouth as well as Brady can, or replacing all the vowels in my name with -oob (Pro tip it’s funnier if you include the “Y” as a vowel). Can’t wait to hang with y’all wherever this wild Aesop takes us! Oobboobgoobl Koobnoob out!

Hiya guys! My name’s Brady, a rising senior like my friend Gail here. I may be one of the masses of the JOB army, but don’t fret! I am a gemini who harbors an appreciation of the environment (environmental science major;), and my folk hat and guitar are here to STAY. Give me a feather and I’ll do a jig. I was just vortexed from the green hills of Ireland prematurely and plopped back to my urbanite land where, during quarantine, me, my twin, and my three moms have taken to sinking solo cups in the pool by day, and carving wooden creatures by the fire at night. That is, when I’m not ripsticking it up in Moody Beach (ME) of course. There’s no spicy olive I can’t handle, and I will bring the heat to our ‘sop with the same devotion I reserve for pickled snacks. I’m excited to put the age old question to rest, of whether Abigail or I can truly catch snacks in their mouth better. An unsettled dispute btw. Ol’ Gail and I both claim this to be our special talent. Tice Nry is what I say to her though. If you’re lucky, I’ll bring my six-stringed trusty steed to our campfire s’more seshhhes for some gee-tar jamming and CAAMP-fire songs. It will be legendary. See you at Bates!

Sophie Ball & Jared Schell

Hi everyone!! My name is Sophie and I’m a senior at Bates! I’m from New Hope, Pennsylvania (pretty much right in between Philly and NYC, except it’s pretty rural) and am a Psychology major and Chemistry minor. I am so excited to meet all of you and to have so much fun on our trip. Maine is so beautiful in August (if you aren’t from here), and it’s going to be so much fun to be out in the sun and getting to know new students. I made one of my best friends on my freshman year AESOP, and I just want to say that it’s a really fun experience and chill way to meet people in smaller groups. Again, I can’t wait to meet everyone:)

Hi future AESOPers, Jared here to tell you a little about my co-leader Sophie Ball. Sophie is STOKED to be going out for a rip and ready to eat nothing but peanut butter for 4 days. If asked what animal she can relate to most, Sophie will tell you she is a cat. Watch out, she may seem like a cute furry ball of love but don’t get near her food or the claws come out. By day you will find Sophie practicing her chemistry skills and studying for her Phycology major. When Sophie isn’t eating peanut butter, studying, or lounging around, you can find her in the equestrian arena riding horses. I know Sophie is looking forward to getting to know you all and making it a great trip!

Elizabeth Fairman & Steven Sparks

Hey-o bobkittens!! Elizabeth here, I am beyond stoked to be leading you!!! I hail from the Great Lakes State, and as a proud Michiganian I love eating at as many Detroit food trucks as possible, hanging out on the beaches of Lake Huron, and praying for a miracle season where the Detroit Lions will make it to the playoffs (oh, to dream). As a rising sophomore at Bates, you can find me playing 2000’s throwbacks way too early in the AM on my WRBC radio show, rowing like the wind on the trusty ‘Scog with the indomitable Bates Rowing team, munching on motz sticks and Arnold Palmers at the den, or distracting my pals in my second home, THE George and Helen Ladd Library as I attempt to double major in History and Psych (rip in peace). Luckily, I’m easy to spot because in a weird twist of fate, I received two separate gifts boots and a backpack that are the exact same shade of millennial pink last Christmas, both of which I sport constantly. Can’t find me in the usual haunts? Then I’m probably napping in various locations on campus with my hammock or consuming chicken nugs and Tollhouse pie in commons by the plateful. In addition to these sendy exploits, I love hiking all over Michigan, Tennessee, and Maine with my family and friends, and eating way too much Annie’s Mac and Cheese in the process. Although my trusty co-leader Jason is currently mourning the loss of the traffic cone filter on Snapchat, we hope to rally his spirits in time to lead. Can’t wait to see you all!! Peace n Love -Elizabeth

Hello Hello and welcome to the Bates family! I hope you all are doing well! I am STOKED you all to be coming to Bates in the fall, but more importantly, to do AESOP!!! My name is Steven Sparks, I am a Junior hailing the super cool and exciting state of Connecticut. Catch me training for rowing or trying way too hard at any other sport. In my free time, I like to eat, nap, then eat again. When I’m not eating, sleeping, and rowing, I will usually be canoeing all over my state, Hiking random parts of the AT, or (and the most fun of all) Studying for chemistry! As a chemistry major, I have also learned skills that include: -Useless memorization -Working without sleep or energy -Sounding smart but knowing nothing -Being able to create memes and take notes at the same time We can’t wait to see you all on campus!


Andrea Aguilera & Dale Braza

Hi all ! My name is Andrea Aguilera. I am from Phoenix, Arizona and I’m double majoring in psychology and philosophy. A couple things about me: I Iove exploring new places and going on adventures. I am also the BIGGEST Disney fan you will ever meet!

Hey ya’ll name is Dale Braza and Im 21 years old! I was born in the Philippines and moved to the US when I was just 6 years old and have lived here ever since. I know my home language, but not that fluently so basically I can speak English better than I can Visaya or Tagalog. Even still, as always, I’m proud to be Filipino and can’t wait to lead this AESOP trip. Some of my hobbies include: playing video games, dancing, singing, watching anime, and working out and I’m just really out here living my best life :)

Eugene Padayogdog & Milly Detels

Hi, I’m Eugene Luke Padayogdog repping the Big Apple. That’s New York for those who do not know. I’m a junior at Bates, majoring in English. A fun fact about myself is that I’m the youngest of 5 and we are alphabetically named. At Bates, I have a reputation for carrying around truffle salt. It just makes everything taste gourmet. Quarantine has gone on for too long, so I can’t wait for AESOP and get back to Bates. For those who don’t know about AESOP, just picture yourself 2, 5, or 10 years from now thinking about “the good old days.” That’s AESOP.

Hellllooooo there!!!!! My name is Milly Detels and I hail from the great town of Marblehead Massachusetts (although I went to high school in Bethel Maine). I’m a math major at Bates and enjoy climbing, running, snowboarding, or really anything that gets me out and into the mountains! When I’m not in the mountains you can find me in math stats, studying math in different buildings, or just being super confused about math. A few other things you should know, my music has been described as “middle school music,” my favorite show is Supernatural, and I love green apples. Eugene and I are super stoked to get to lead you guys! See you soon!!


Dianna Georges & Oliver Barrera

Hey y’all! I’m Dianna and I’m ready to change your life! As a rising junior I can answer questions about anything from academics to the academic challenge! I’m an Environmental Studies major, minoring in Spanish, Queer Studies and Latin American studies- so we can also talk shop. Most of the time I’m being asked to lower my voice in the library and/or just being a clown and I’m so excited to welcome y’all to Bates! 😜✊🏼✌🏼

Hey! My name is Oliver. I am a rising junior at Bates and am a double major in Politics and Latin American Studies with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. I enjoy so many things about Bates but specifically I love the community we have here and I can’t wait for you all to join it! Mostly, you can find me in the lib doing work or watching a movie in their viewing rooms 👏I love finding new shows and music to watch/listen so hit me up with any suggestions. Good luck and I can’t wait to meet you all!

Kirstin Koepnick & Carlo Cremonini

Howdy y’all! I hail from the glorious land of Nashville, TN. AESOP was one of my favorite experiences ever at Bates, so get h y p e d. I will be leading WoodshopSOP with the glorious, prodigious Carlo Cremonini!!!!!! This will be my third time leading AESOP and first with Carlo. I’m a rising senior (WOOHOO) and study the absolutely riveting (to some–probably a select few…) subjects of Math and Physics. YAY math! YAY physics!!! But I also am a dance minor if that helps? Maybe? Carlo and I first met while working in the carpentry shop building sets, but before we’ve both spent time building houses. When not in the library, you can find me either at Second Dinner in commons or building sets with my best pal Carlo in the theater. Cannot be more stoked to meet y’all :)))

Hi class of 2024! My name is Carlo I’m a rising senior and photography major. I’m originally from Cambridge, MA and if you were to spot me on campus id probably be in one of three places; the music studio, at work, or in my dorm kitchen cheffin. I love building and construction and its my main job throughout the year. It’s not really a surprise then that I’m leading this trip. But whether you are a pro woodworker or have never touched a hammer in your life you should join us on this trip! You’ll get great music of all types, a1 leader knowledge, and a huge sense of accomplishment. I had an amazing experience when I did aesop. My leaders gave us all the info they leave out at orientation and made me feel so much more confident going into my freshman year. By now I’ve discovered new knowledge that you only get to hear if you choose our trip. Fr though enjoy your summers to the fullest and be ready to make some memories this fall. See you soon


Essie Martin & Adam Banks

Essie Martin is super fun. Think of fun. Now think more than that. A native of Newcastle, Maine and avid geology enthusiast, Essie knows the rockfaces of the Maine coast like the back of her hand. When she is not categorizing the rock that she is standing on at the given moment into a geologic era, Essie has a multitude of other interests she’d tell you about. A trendsetter and entrepreneur, Essie runs her own business designing and making T-shirts and hats. If you’re looking for Essie, your best bet would be looking outside. Essie often spends her time hiking or just chilling in nature. Even when she’s on campus Essie gets outside by throwing a frisbee with the women’s frisbee team, Cold Front. Since she spends all this time outside would it surprise you that she is the Earth’s #1 fan? Doubtful you can find somebody more into sustainability and conservation than Essie. As a veteran Eco Rep (sustainability representative) Essie organizes some super fun events on Bates campus every year. She is also a wealth of knowledge on marine topics, an accomplished shellfish farmer (and whale fanatic). Essie additionally happens to be a mastermind when it comes to food creations in Commons!!

Adam Banks, son of Rich Banks and Annie Banks, hails from the greatest city on earth: Boston Massachusetts. As a true Bostonian, Adam can tell you all there is to know about the aquarium, Harvard, and the Red Socks. But seriously don’t mention the Yankees around this geezer. When Adam isn’t singing the praises of Faneuil Hall, he can be found chasing disks with the Bates men’s ultimate frisbee team, Orange Whip. Adam is also a force to be reckoned with on a dance floor having completed two semesters of intro to hip hop at Bates. He also enjoys the sweet smell of morning dew in Lewiston, and is a passionate bird watcher. Like 3 out of every 5 men at Bates Adam used to sing acapella and “doesn’t want to talk about it.” Deep down though, all Adam really wants is to reverse climate change, and enstate vegan pad thai every day in commons. Slowly but surely this environmental studies major is accomplishing that mission by working a campus job as an Eco Rep (the student sustainability team) in Bates’ Garden, fighting for the well being of birds everywhere, and recycling after any and all functions. Caring for creatures large and small Adam is genuinely one of the nicest people you will meet at Bates, and a steadfast friend… become his aesop-er and find a true ally, mentor, and pal! Look forward to getting to know this bird watching, break dancing, gem of a human!!

Adrian Azari & Madalyn Snyder

WHAT IS UP MY BABY BOBCATS!!! My name is Adrian Azari and I am a rising senior from the lovely town of Poughkeepsie New York. While I was born in the land of the Red, White, and Blue (United States for clarification there are a ton of flags with those colors) the land of my ancestors is Iran, home of an ancient empire and some of the most underrated food in the world! Here at Bates I am a Politics and History double major with a concentration in Law and Society, so I am reading basically all the time. When I am not reading or doing work, you can catch me participating as a member of a couple different organizations on campus; I am a member of the Bates Sailing Club, The Ballroom Team, the Multifaith Chaplaincy, Discordians, the Debate Club, and a DJ at WRBC 91.5 FM. I enjoy listening to music, having deep conversations about just about anything, and playing various games with people. In the warmer times, you can catch me zoomin’ around campus on my skateboard, reading a book under one of the many trees on campus (possibly also napping), or driving around Maine in my 2010 Volvo s80, my baby, Aurelia. In winter you’ll find me trudging around campus with my tea, playing backgammon with my friends in commons and being an absolute weirdo with Maddy to keep our spirits up. Regardless of our current situation, I am absolutely stoked be leading ASEOP and to help you find our home away from home at home.

Hey there, bobkittens!!! My full name is Madalyn Snyder, but I typically just go by the nickname Maddy. I also respond to Mads, Moo, Moodalyn, and really anything you can think of and or hear my FANTASTIC co-leader Adrian, call me by! Originally, I hail from our lovely state of Maine, although I grew up in sandy dunes of New Mexico. Here at Bates, I am a rising junior this year, majoring in biology with a double minor in chemistry and dance. Typically when I’m on campus, you can find me studying during late nights in the Den or creeping around in the basement of PGill. One very important thing to know about me is that I have a superpower for making puns out of just about anything, and I throw random science facts (ask me about water bears anytime) at every available opportunity. With all the craziness happening this year, I can only imagine how stressed or worried you all are about the upcoming year. Although this is going to be a huge learning curve from previous years, you’re not alone! Adrian and I both cannot wait to meet all of you and help be your guide to the beginning of your Bates experience, no matter if we meet in person or online! We are both here for you, and we are SO psyched to have you join us on this wild adventure. Let’s make this the best AESOP of all time!!