Phones & Storage

Phone Service

We provide a telephone in each dorm room. This phone allows free on-campus, local, and toll-free calls. Long distance calls can be placed by using a pre-paid calling card or by dialing 1-800-CALL ATT (1-800-225-5288) and using a major credit card. Pre-paid calling cards are available at many local stores.

The telephone also provides a method for you to easily and quickly place emergency calls to Bates Security (x6111), or to 911. All emergency calls automatically provide your dorm and room number information to dispatchers.

Additionally, VoiceMail is provided on all dorm phones. Instructions to set up VoiceMail.

Storage of Student Personal Items

The College has a limited amount of space that can be used for student storage. The College will attempt to safeguard all property left in these areas if securely packaged in accordance with the storage policy and tagged with Bates Student Storage Tags, but ultimately we cannot assume any legal or financial responsibility for property left in designated storage areas. Your identification (name, class year, and address) should be listed inside the package, in the event that the exterior tag is separated from the package.

There is a one-year storage limitation for underclass students. After that time, the items will be considered “abandoned,” and will be disposed of unless Facility Services is notified and special arrangements are made. The Storage Policy is posted at all storage locations or may be obtained by contacting the Facility Services.