Physical Education, Intramural & Club Sports

All students must complete 2 classes of physical education prior to graduation.  It is highly recommended that students complete this requirement during their first two years on campus! Physical Education credits may be earned by one or a combination of the following:

  1. Complete physical education classes offered at Bates College.
  2. Complete participation on a varsity or approved club sports team.
  3. Transfer credit from activity classes taken at another accredited college or university.  Only one class may be transferred.  Pre-approval is recommended.

Physical Education class registration for Fall Semester will open on Tuesday, September 4, 2012, at Noon.  Registration is done on the Garnet Gateway.  Complete details for registration will be available during that week.  Further information and courses offered may be found on the Physical Education Department’s website, under Activity Courses.

First-Year League / Intramural Activities

With assistance from the Junior Advisors, FY students create teams within their FY Center to compete against other FY Centers.  At the conclusion of league play, an all-inclusive tournament is played to determine the champion, who receives FYL t-shirts printed with their team name.  The activity for the Fall Semester is co-ed volleyball; co-ed indoor soccer is the Winter Semester activity.

A First-Year League coordinator is hired to supervise the games and social activities each week.  This is a paid position and the responsibilities are listed on the IM website under FY League.

Team Registration for Fall Semester co-ed volleyball league will be held during the week of Septembe4-8, 2012. Team registration may be done at the IM website, go to FY League, Fall Semester and click on Volleyball.   FYL and IM sports activity registration will be held the first week of Winter Semester, beginning Monday, January 7, 2013.

Club Sports Teams w/ Intercollegiate Competition

The Athletic Department sponsors 13 club teams in activities that do not hold varsity status.  Each club elects student officers to organize practices and schedules contests for their season of participation.  Students gain valuable experience through the organization and administration of their club sports program, as well as providing an exciting competitive experience for the club members. All clubs welcome newcomers and experienced athletes to join.

Equestrian – W
Rugby – M,W
Sailing – coed
Ultimate Frisbee – M,W, coed
Water Polo – M
Fencing – M,W
Ice Hockey – M,W
Volleyball – M
Equestrian – W
Water Polo – W
Ultimate Frisbee – W

All athletes must submit the pre-admittance physical, which is required by Bates for all new students. Each student must confirm their health on the Annual Health Update form provided at the first Team meeting of the season and administered by the Club Sports Director, Marsha Graef.

All club sports teams have the opportunity to earn physical education credit for their season.  The requirements for earning PE credits for the season is outlined by the Club Sports Director at the first team meeting of the season. Students interested in earning PE credits must complete all requirements listed specifically for their team.

Sailing Club athletes must be certified in CPR and AED, either by American Red Cross or American Heart Association. Proof of certification must be provided at first team meeting.

NOTE:  Ice Hockey & Rugby athletes.  Physicals must be completed by a physician and given to Health Services upon arrival to campus.  The physical form may be downloaded from the web site or upon request from Health Services (it is the same physical form required for all new students).  Members of these teams must complete a physical every other year (i.e. FY, then JR year).  This form must be completed within 6 months of the beginning of their season (rugby – September 1; ice hockey – November 1). The form may be found at this link. Information about the club sports programs may be found here.

Also, IMPACT testing is offered for the ice hockey and rugby athletes at the beginning of their season (Fall Semester).  The testing is done by the Bates College Sports Medicine Staff and provides baseline information in case an athlete incurs a concussion.  The athlete needs only to be tested once as this baseline will be used while the student is enrolled at Bates.