Remote First-Year Orientation Opening Announcement

Announced by Blake Reilly and Stephen Engel on 8/16/2020.

Hello, Class of 2024 and Transfer Students!

We are excited to announce that the remote and online portion of New Student Orientation will open tomorrow, Monday, August 17 by around Noon EDT. It is hosted via Lyceum (like the Campus Public Health module that has already been sent to you), and it is composed of videos, activities, and live chats via Zoom.  All incoming students (including transfer students) are required to complete all portions of remote New Student Orientation. We will be following your progress along the way to ensure you complete it.

To access this remote Orientation, you go to Lyceum either by going to and clicking on the button labeled “Lyceum” or by going directly to Once there, you then enter your Username and Password. Remember that your Username is that part of your Bates email address that precedes Once you open the Orientation program, you will see that it is divided into 6 modules. Please complete the first 5 modules by Monday, August 24.

Throughout this Orientation, you will be introduced to over 50 campus community members, faculty, staff, and students, many of whom may become your supports, advisors, and friends.  These individuals have spent countless hours over the summer preparing this program just for you!

First-Year Orientation is divided into 6 theme-based modules that you should move through in the days leading up to arrival. We will send you daily emails throughout this week to help pace you through this content as well as update you about the live Zooms occurring once we get closer to the start of classes.  

Here is just one example of how you might comfortably pace your engagement with and completion of First-Year Orientation.

Sample Remote First-Year Orientation Pacing 

1) Module 1: Welcome to the Bates Community

  • Complete 8/17 & 8/18: ~1 hour and 40 minutes of video content, additional time on interactive activities, and a virtual meeting with your Junior Advisor and other students in your First-Year Center on 8/18.

2) Module 2: Equity, Inclusion, Access, Anti-Racism, and Educational Justice (EIAAREJ) are Central to Our Mission

  • Complete on 8/19: ~23 minutes of video content. Three Live Talk synchronous webinars will occur following 8/24 for this module as well.

3) Module 3: Personal Wellness, Building Community, and Community Expectations

  • Complete on 8/20 & 8/21: ~1 hour and 45 minutes of video content and additional time on interactive activities.

4) Engaging the Liberal Arts and Academics

  • Complete on 8/22: ~50 minutes of video content and additional time on interactive activities.

5) Thanks, and we can’t wait to meet you.

  • Complete on 8/23: ~12 minutes of video content.

There is a ton of content here, so our advice to you is to complete this information over a bit of time — spread it out.  When you get tired or when you aren’t retaining the information any longer, take a break, and come back later.  Seriously!  Taking breaks to allow you to reflect on this material will be extremely helpful.  Consider sharing what you learn with family and friends. And, most videos are broken into small, digestible chunks usually shorter than 15 minutes so that you can stay focused.  Please do not wait until the last minute to complete First-Year Orientation!

The sixth module is made up of events that will be web-based and synchronous. These events start on August 24 and run through September 1 (the day before classes begin). This module includes information on how students can connect with various live webinars and other live events via Zoom.  Don’t worry about completing any of Module 6 until August 24 when you have your second Zoom with your JA.

New Student Orientation is just one component of a series of programs that make up the Bates First-Year Experience (FYE). Other components include your First-Year Seminars and the First-Year Experience Workshops that will accompany your FYS (you’ll learn more about these once classes begin on September 2).  You will also participate in programming through your floormates and Junior Advisor (JA); this is called your First Year Center, which is also part of the FYE.

This is already a pretty long email, but you will definitely be getting many more of these from us throughout the coming days.  Please check your email daily!  

We want to close by saying that we have enjoyed engaging with you and introducing you to Bates so much over the course of this summer, and we cannot wait to get this academic year started and work with you throughout your First-Year Experience.  Welcome to Bates!


Blake Reilly, Assistant Dean of Students

Steve Engel, Professor of Politics and Faculty Fellow, Student Affairs