Resources at Bates

The Multifaith Chaplaincy

Multifaith Chaplain Brittany Longsdorf and Associate Multifaith Chaplain Raymond Clothier are available for conversation about questions of meaning, purpose, and faith with students of all religious traditions and no religious traditions. Bates students are also served by volunteer associated chaplains representing the following traditions: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Unitarian Universalist, Buddhist. Representatives of other religious traditions may be contacted through the Multifaith Chaplaincy. The Multifaith Chaplaincy supports campus religious organizations embracing diverse spiritual traditions and is eager to support people interested in developing new organizations.  Learn more!

Center for Global Education

Students from all backgrounds, interests, and majors study abroad while at Bates.  There is no need to get into the details of this now since study abroad usually occurs during junior year.  However, entering students should be aware that prior language study at Bates is required to study in settings where the host language is taught at Bates.  These languages are French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.  Most approved programs require the equivalent of two years of college-level study of French, German, or Spanish, and the equivalent of one year of college-level study of Chinese, Japanese, or Russian.  (Students often use their high school language skills to skip over first-year language courses and go straight to second year courses.) Learn More!

Office of Student Affairs

They’re responsible for the welfare of the student body and for a wide range of services. Among other responsibilities, offices within this division are responsible for student support, campus life, health services, campus safety, accessible education, residential life and health education, student conduct,  and first-year programs such as Orientation. Consider the deans your first stop for questions about virtually any facet of the Bates experience. Meet the deans!

Academic Resources Commons

Students at Bates College have access to a rich system of academic support, designed to support every student to navigate the curriculum and to excel in their courses. Within the Academic Resource Commons, students work with peer tutors (outstanding Bates students who have received intensive pedagogical training) in workshops, tutoring sessions, and other venues to develop strategies for academic success. Students can refine and develop their writing in the Writing Center, work to excel in challenging courses in the Peer Assisted Learning program, or receive support for any of a number of curricular areas (chemistry, biology, economics, languages, and much more) in ARC drop-in labs. Helping new Bates students with the transition to college (including mastery of new techniques for time management, studying, taking notes, and other aspects of academic life) is an important aspect of ARC programming, and new students are invited to stop by the center early and often. The Academic Resource Commons is located within Ladd Library. More information can be found here.

The Mathematics and Statistics Workshop

The Mathematics and Statistics Workshop offers assistance to students in introductory level courses that have a mathematical component. Students take advantage of regular drop-in hours, peer-tutoring services, and private appointments with Workshop staff. The afternoon drop-in hours are open to all students requiring assistance with quantitative, mathematical, or statistical skills–most often students of mathematics, economics, environmental studies, geology, physics, astronomy, and statistics courses. The evening drop-in hours are devoted to calculus help sessions only. Additional information may be found at the Math Workshop website. Learn more!

Writing at Bates

Bates offers a number of resources especially attuned to the needs of first-year students becoming college-level writers and speakers. Writing is a major focus of the First-Year Seminar that every Bates student takes in their first semester. Attached to every section of this course is a Peer Writing and Speaking Assistant, an advanced student who works closely with the instructor of the course to support writing and speaking for students in the course. Writing Specialists, the professional staff of the Writing at Bates program located on the 2nd floor of Coram Library, are available to meet by appointment to meet with students to support their development as writers throughout their time at Bates. Support for writing and speaking is also available through the Writing Center (Academic Resource Commons, see above). Read more about these and other resources here.